SpiritWars000000078: Super Plexis!

Super Plexis is a tribute to classic puzzle games like Tetris Attack, the Puzzle League series, and Meteos, set in a fantasy world designed to recapture the sights and sounds of old-school Super Nintendo games.

Featuring a cast of characters with their own unique abilities, a full world map packed with unlockables, and a robust multiplayer environment for competitive matchmaking; Super Plexisis a breath of fresh air for casual players, and a twist on the formula for veterans seeking a fast-paced, skill-based puzzle game.

Press the button to try the game for free!
Press the button to try the game for free!

As our proof-of-concept, the beta gives just a taste of all content you can expect to see in future versions of the game on all platforms. But we need your help to get there!

We’re reaching out on Kickstarter to fund the creation of a multi-platform engine that will get Super Plexis running on Android next. From there, with enough support, we’ll also be able to fund the completion of a full single player experience (Adventure mode) along with versions for the Nintendo Switch and beyond!

Click to pledge via Pay Pal instead!
Click to pledge via Pay Pal instead!


Stretch Goal Details

Full Adventure Mode

As huge fans of classic RPGs, we’ve envisioned a world full of diverse environments, characters, items, and challenges that make up our Adventure mode. This stretch goal would allow us to continue working full-time bringing this vision to life speedily at its utmost quality! (A demo of Adventure mode is currently available in the Super Plexis beta)

New Mode: Boss Rush!

More than just a string of boss battles, this mode will be set during a specific story event involving all playable characters. Fans of classic puzzle game story modes will be right at home: pick a difficulty and try to survive the onslaught! Unique rewards and unlockables will be available to players willing to challenge themselves!

Nintendo Switch Version

The Switch is proving to be a fantastic platform for indies. Not only is it a great device, but it’s affordable and multi-platform friendly. The custom engine we’re building for Android will have support for the Switch from the beginning, making this stretch goal much more achievable than your average console port (but it will still require a full design overhaul!) Super Plexis will feel right at home on a Nintendo console with an updated control scheme (for both the Joy Cons and Pro Controller), fully redesigned UI, local multiplayer, and new game modes!

Fast, free-form gameplay! Move blocks anywhere, create your own combos!
Fast, free-form gameplay! Move blocks anywhere, create your own combos!

“Match 3” gameplay might be standard for puzzle games, but Super Plexis takes things up a notch with tug-of-war style battles against an opponent. When you make large matches, or create large chains of matches, you send “deadblocks” that clutter your enemy’s board. A board full of blocks can be deadly! Players can use their “Super Plexis” ability in a pinch (but watch out, it may come with unexpected consequences!)

Play at your own pace in one of the various Single Player modes!
Play at your own pace in one of the various Single Player modes!

Take a break and chill out with the training modes: Endless and VS A.I., the perfect places to get some practice. Or hop into Adventure mode and play through the levels designed to introduce you to specific game mechanics, solve puzzles, or fulfill certain timed-based challenges. You’ll also meet a strange A.I. named “M.A.V.S” who will act as your guide (just try not to hurt his feelings).

Compete in real-time multiplayer battles and ranked matchmaking!
Compete in real-time multiplayer battles and ranked matchmaking!

When you’re ready to compete, enter matchmaking (Ranked or Unranked) to test your skill against other players online. Ranked matches count for or against your overall skill rating, so if you want to earn high-level Emblems you better practice up!

Use your hard-earned Lumina to unlock all sorts of content in the shop!
Use your hard-earned Lumina to unlock all sorts of content in the shop!

Win or lose, in any mode, all blocks cleared count toward your total “Lumina”. Use Lumina to purchase characters, portraits, and skins! As gamers first and developers second, we take a firm stance against “pay-to-win” mechanics in any game, free or not. Everything in the shop is either optional or cosmetic to your overall experience of the game, there are no unfair advantages to be gained! This keeps a healthy, competitive playing field for all.

Super Plexis began its life as an RPG with a fully developed world and story. In this world, blocks aren’t an abstraction or a metaphor for physical battles, they actually exist in Len and its inhabitants depend on them as a source of power and energy. The “Lumina” energy released from the blocks is part of their daily lives: used in cooking, to power technology, as currency, and especially as a means to settle conflict through dueling. Skilled masters can summon Lumina boards out of thin air, controlling their blocks with sound frequencies.

Adventure mode is just a small taste of a much larger story we want to tell about the origin and ultimate fate of Len. Each of the 8 playable characters have a unique purpose in the overall story that will reveal itself overtime, but it’ll be up to the player how that story is revealed. A mysterious A.I. named M.A.V.S. is your first link to the world, but he may not be telling you everything…


Unique Ability: Resonance – clears all of one selected color from the board.

Backstory: Aria comes from a small forest village in Loftwood. Being from a farming family, she uses hand bells (normally meant for cattle) to control her board. Aria is one of two characters available at the start of the game.


Unique Ability: Canon Barrage – sends a barrage of musical notes to the enemy board, dealing direct damage.

Backstory: Cleff, born in the city Azure but living in Loftwood, comes from a very musical family. His control method of choice is a harp that was made specifically for him using wood from ancient Loftwood trees. Cleff is the other character available from the start of the game.


Unique Ability: Hourglass – activates a slow-motion effect where blocks fall slowly and the board doesn’t raise as fast.

Backstory: Wromp is an ancient creature rumored to roam the Loftwood forests. He surrounds himself with objects from his environment, hiding his true form. His board control technique involves blasting air out of a hollow trunk on his head like a brass instrument.


Unique Ability: Bombs – Lumina-powered explosives that can be drag-and-dropped onto the board to clear large portions of blocks.

Backstory: Vulmir is a quirky inventor and entrepreneur in the highly commercialized Azure city. He uses a harmonic rotating device around his neck to generate unique tones for board control.


Unique Ability: Freeze – Sends a deadly frost to the opponents board, temporarily freezing random blocks which cant be swapped or matched.

Backstory: A mysterious creature spotted near the sea-side town of Starport, Macktooth prefers to lay low and submerge himself in water up to this head. That leaves his mouth and deep bellowing voice as his primary method of board control.




… and many more tunes are on the way! Check out our Soundcloud for more: https://soundcloud.com/gabe-basham

Adventure Mode Expansion on Mobile

Explore the world of Len by unlocking the Adventure Mode expansion on mobile devices without spending Lumina. Your heroic journey begins!

Nintendo Switch Copy

Acquire a Nintendo Switch digital copy of Super Plexis and experience a revamped and feature complete version of the game with local multiplayer and additional game modes. Includes a rework of Adventure Mode specialized for the Switch at no additional cost.

Acknowledgment in the Credits

Your name will be in the credits for all to see how you helped make Super Plexis the best game it could be. (Effective on all platforms)

Shop Tokens

Unlock any item from the shop without spending Lumina by using a shop token. This goes for characters, skins, block sets, portraits, and more. You name it and it’s yours. (Effective on all platforms)

Lumina Master: Cleff

Cleff exists as one of the main characters in the Super Plexis story line. He offers an aggressive style of gameplay, and now with this Kickstarter exclusive character skin your opponents will cower at the sight of a true veteran. (Effective on all platforms)

Infinite Lumina

Any unlockable item or feature in the game that requires Lumina will be unlocked for you immediately. It’s just that simple, and it’s infinitely worth it. (Effective on all platforms)

Digital HD Wallpaper

The world of Len is beautiful and bright, and your desktop computer wants to feel that way too. This is your chance to acquire an exclusive high resolution wallpaper of Super Plexis (don’t worry, it’ll be bigger than the thumbnail!).

Digital Original Soundtrack

The original tunes of Super Plexis inspire the game’s happy and motivating personality. Listen to the original soundtrack created by the lead artist, animator, and sound designer of Super Plexis, Gabe Basham.

Creative Rewards

The following rewards involve backer participation and also include “The Limitless Pack”

Commission a Portrait

Portraits are the key to giving your online profile that extra personalized pizzazz. Dip your toes in the portrait design process with our team and your ideas and suggestions will inspire a brand new unlockable portrait. (Effective on all platforms)

Personalized Easter Egg

Put a little bit of yourself in the game by personalizing a special secret for players to stumble upon. Communicate with the team directly to help place your Easter egg in the perfect spot, and surprise players with personalized exclusive content. (Effective on all platforms)

Customize a Block Set

Swap the blocks that YOU want to swap! Pick a custom theme or send us your ideas and we’ll use that to create a brand new set of unlockable puzzle pieces for the players to enjoy. (Effective on all platforms)

Adventure Mode Challenger

In Adventure Mode, you’ll run into challenges and solve complicated puzzles as you explore the world of Len. This is your chance to turn the tables and communicate with our team to create a unique challenge or puzzle for players to solve. No matter your idea, we’ll find a way to make it work with the story. (Effective on all platforms)

Character Creation

Join us on the riveting experience that is creating a new character in Super Plexis. We welcome your input from beginning to end of the design process, and would love to have you as we create a special ability, unique stats, and beautiful animations that fit the character’s personality. (Effective on all platforms)

VIP Status

Gain direct access to chat with the team about our future and secret plans for Super Plexis and beyond. Participate in design discussions and get sneak peaks at new content that you can have an active part in shaping.

Pledge Reward Packs

The Limitless Pack is included with any of the following “Creative Rewards”: The Portrait Commissioner, The Easter Bunny, The Block Creator, The Challenger, The Character Creator, and The VIP.

As avid gamers ourselves, our goal was to make a game we wanted to play. Looking at the current landscape of puzzle games, the stagnation of overly simple mechanics, lack of features, and greedy game design has reduced the genre to something far below it’s former glory on retro consoles. The “puzzle fighter” was a genre from the golden age of the SNES, which we believe is well overdue for a revival. Puzzle games are a perfect fit for touch controls but the expectation for mobile games to be free-to-play can lead to all those issues listed above.

With Kickstarter supporting our development, we can continue improving the game without having to resort to typical mobile game tactics, keeping a free, fair, and fun gameplay environment for everyone. Best of all, with enough support, we can take development a step further and create stand-alone releases for other platforms! And at a much faster rate than would’ve been possible on our own. We hope that our current release of Super Plexis is proof enough that we are serious about our goals and that we are equipped to deliver to our loyal backers, no matter the challenges

The lead bug fixer and gameplay enthusiast, Andrew’s role involves creating a pleasant feel to the gameplay experience and maintaining efficient code that gives Super Plexis its snappy feel and silky performance.

The unofficial director of nostalgia, Gabe’s primary responsibility involves reaching far back into the past, reconnecting with that warm Nintendo-childhood feeling, and translating it into the present. His experience at film school has only proven mildly helpful in his recently obtained pixel art and animation skills.

And lastly some shoutouts to crucial friends and family! In order from left to right, we have Emily — Gabe’s younger sister — who has contributed as a concept artist. Then comes Ed, an integral part of our behind-the-scenes vlog series we ran in the early days (which you can watch on youtube here) And last but not least, Evie and Tarra in the pivotal roles of emotional support! And a big thanks to the support of other friends and family we unfortunately do not have sprites of but you know who you are!

Stay up to date on the platform of your choice! (We also have our dev vlogs on Youtube!)
Stay up to date on the platform of your choice! (We also have our dev vlogs on Youtube!)



Risks and challenges

We know first hand that game development can be difficult and unpredictable. Getting Super Plexis to where it is today — successfully released on its first platform — was a 2 year journey of full-time dedication. Despite many ups and downs, we’ve continued to learn and grow, feeling as passionate as ever moving into this next stage of development. The major task ahead is the completion of a new multi-platform engine, but the only possible risk we face is in under-estimating how long it will take to finish that engine. With determination on our side, even in a worst case scenario, we’ll do whatever it takes to fulfill our goals and promises to backers! Regarding the Nintendo Switch, we will need to pass Nintendo’s approval and certifications to publish the game on the eShop. As for PC/Mac, with the removal of Steam Greenlight, publishing is only a matter of covering a small fee so there would be very little risk on those platforms.

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