SpiritWars000000102: Richard Dalton

I speak with a man who has literally been through nearly every major move of God until today. . . and now he joins the FRINGE. . .   RICHARD DALTON!

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Spirit Wars Credo (for now):

This is the end.  The end of all we know, my brother.  Time to be the Bride of Christ, to receive Him intimately and to know the things unknown and to stretch our faith!  My name is Michael Basham and I’ve been broadcasting on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/user/KeysTurnedToSwords) for several years while traveling the Earth by faith. Through miraculous leadings I was able to recently enter into the Christian Fringe through Johnny Iron who invited me to the Fringe Radio Network (www.fringeradionetwork.com) where I started the show SPIRITWARS.

SpiritWars Fire Brigade on Spreaker has been established for daily broadcasts and shows  that are not edited yet for the Fringe Christian community just yet (https://www.spreaker.com/show/spiritwars-fire-brigade).

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