SpiritWars000000191: Michelle Carmela Saldana of Once Upon An Eden!

Michelle Carmela is a survivor of various crimes against children’ s and humanitarian rights.

The list is as follows:
*Child labor slavery in the United States,
*Forced prostitution/under aged porn/deviancies
*Satanic Ritual Abuse (Cerimonial deviancies)
*Religious Sexual Abuse involving ( but not limited to) the Catholic church, the Protestant and other denominational religions
*Other types of severe abuse(s) and non combative tortures within the categories (including but not limited to) of spiritual, emotional, physical, mental and financial abuses, including malnurishment and neglect.

*Was born into both the Irish and Italian organized crime cultures within the United States, which has led to interesting experiences with the Hell’s Angels and with the Chinese Mafia human slave trade.
*Has been from birth part of generational social and military experiments of which a great deal of her abuses and tortures including the RSA and SRA and “servicing” entertainers, politicians, civic and religious leaders both local and of of renown were/are intertwined.
  (Having just recently made the full connection gradually  accepting the fact of the military’s crimes against her from birth, Michelle Carmela  is still coming to terms with and trying to understand the impact of this generational entrapment of her self and family line(s). As a result there will be quite a bit more than was previously posted about human military/governmental experiments on this site. A topic we before addressed only in relation to our work with the elderly in nursing homes who were remembering the child abuse and tortures they endured from WWI and WWII.  And as well with aiding families and individuals to over come  tortures of children and teens via CPS around the world.)


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