WE’RE  STARTIN’ A GO FUND US 2 GET 2 HAWAII 2 GET MARRIED AND 2 TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS!  Read below and share 4 details 4 Heaven and Earth’s sake!

UPDATE: The Lava is beginning to flow towards the power plant now, please pray!
Here is the rough outline of what we’re going to do:

Jennifer and Michael Basham’s Volcanic Missionarriage:  “Fringe Wedding 0000001”  

As a podcaster-missionary based out of Asia for over 15 years and now working with the Fringe Radio Network, Michael Basham and Jennifer Rimel are looking forward to getting married, and then heading over to the place Trump declared as a national disaster recently  where around 2,000 people have been evacuated from their homes after Kilauea started spewing lava into residential areas.

So far, 22 fissures have opened up and around 40 structures, including two dozen homes, have been burned.

If we can reach our goal, we hope  to go the Big Island as a newly wed couple to both scout out the land for our future home base, a spiritual retreat center, and also to minister to people who have just lost everything.  What a better way to inspire people than to show them we believe in them, love their island and would like to work with them in the future by introducing them to our Network? 

  This is a key time to reach people spiritually when a big disaster happens and we hope to bring hope and new life to the island and its inhabitants with our new family vision.   

We expect that God will lead us to some key people on the island who we will be able to also work with long term for our family to serve God there and begin an international mission operation between the East and the West.

In addition, we will bring several boxes of Bibles and devotional materials for victims and whoever the Lord sends us to meet and pray for.   Mainly the purpose of this trip is of course to get married, and once we are together we wish invoke the power of God’s Spirit to cleanse and prepare the entire Island chain for a fresh new start, accessing the Courts of Heaven and calling down angels- –  you know, the usual!     We believe that this marriage was preordained and found that the volcano exploded the night we announced we were going to get married on air .   

One other goal for this trip is to bring knowledge of the Fringe Radio Network wherever we go, as both the producer of the Network Johnny of the Iron Show, myself as well as countless others have found that listening to Christian podcasts during a difficult time proves to be a very healing balm.   We are going to be the first missionaries that march into a disaster situation with the Fringe Radio Network banner!  We also hope to inspire more soul mates to meet each other (like Jennifer and I did) and have a happy marriage through this miraculous network of people God has been raising up through this internet ministry.

Come and join the Basham-Rimel Volcanic Merging of Missionary Marriage and let’s change the world together!

 we are using our paypal if you would like to sow into this directly:

PAYPAL:  [email protected]
Gofundme link is here, please do share:

Basic Needs for this Operation:

-basic wedding ceremony and papers 100 dollars

-plane tickets around 1,300 dollars total from Taiwan to Hawaii, and then to the Big Island.

-air BNB for 7 days about 600 dollars

-car rental: 200 dollars

-Christian devotional books: 200 dollars

-daily necessities, flowers, scented candles and at least a few romantic honeymoon dinners: 200 dollars

-flyers for the Fringe Radio Network Christian Internet ministry: 20 dollars

-2 gas masks :40 dollars

-2 champagne bottles :50 dollars

-ring made from volcano ash :priceless

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