100 percent. . .GIVE

My rewards are not meted out according to the number of gifts and the strength of a man, but according to your faithfulness, yieldedness, and humility. So you see, the rewards do not gauge how much or how little I love a person, for once again, My love is unchanging and constant. I love each […]

Captain America Winter Soldier Illuminati Notes

Some great scenes in this movie, and some great Illuminati exposes too! 1. “It’s called Compartmentalization”   says Dr. Fury, explaining how military are separated and don’t know what the other arm is doing, and why the CIA can have wicked elements working in it alongside good. This is something that occurs in our governments today […]

You almost get used to it

  <JESUS> On Earth you suffer tribulation in many forms.  You almost get used to it.  I have allowed you to feel the heat of the battle and to go through many things.   But here you are always home, always fresh, always near to Me.  Never feel distant, for in the Spirit you are […]

No Impossibilities. . . RELOADED!

WITH GOD THERE IS NOTHING THAT SHALL BE IMPOSSIBLE. I had a good talk with my brother the other day, about many of the recent developments in the World, and spirituality.  It occurred to me that the Witches and the New Age people get a lot of visitations and ‘proof’ that they are in touch […]

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Need to Wake Up?  GIT YER WAKE-UP JUICE!  (Edge AM Full Broadcast List!) 4/6/2012 7:10:27 PM Download and Listen and Awake! Here is our complete alphabetical list of interviews 911_debate.mp3 Aaron_Kaplan_02.13.10.mp3 Aaron_Kaplan_08.01.09.mp3 Aaron_McCollum_03.06.10.mp3 Adam_Miller_05.30.09.mp3 Al_Cuppett_02.03.07.mp3 Al_Cuppett_07.03.04_1st.mp3 Al_Cuppett_07.03.04_2nd.mp3 Al_Cuppett_09.17.05.mp3 Al_Cuppett_10.09.04_1st.mp3 Al_Cuppett_10.09.04_2nd.mp3 Alan_Watt_02.11.06.mp3 Alan_Watt_04.01.06.mp3 Alan_Watt_10.14.06.mp3 Alien_interview.mp3 Alison_Kruse_12.04.10.mp3 Allen_Gross_08.09.08.mp3 Andrew_Catt_02.28.09.mp3 Andrew_Feder_04.14.07.mp3 Andrew_Wingate_12.18.04.mp3 Andy_and_Daniel_23_06_07.mp3 Ann_Andrews_10.20.07.mp3 Ann_Druffel_10.23.10.mp3 Ann_Eller_07.02.11.mp3 Anthony_Hilder_08.23.08.mp3 Anthony_Hilder_09.04.04_1st.mp3 […]