On this episode the crew discuss President Trump and Nehemiah’s Walls around boarders to protect their people from enemies. We also discuss bullying and is there anything that we can do about it? Pastor Chips has good truth for us, and Bobby has some crazy news! NOTE: We apologize for the hot microphone sound, especially […]

LET’S GET JACKED UP! with guest “Mike Bradley”

Missionary Mike Bradley visits and talks to us about serving in England and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with many! Mike shares many testimonies about people coming to The Lord. We take a phone call after the break (559) 492-9041. Mike also discusses Islamic culture entering England, and we discuss Brexit as well. All […]

LET’S GET JACKED UP! “The Doctors of DOOM”

On this live episode we are talking about pills that doctors prescribe for us. Are all of them really necessary, or is it more about money. What about Vaccines? Does the Bible say anything about health and pills? Plus we have Bobby’s Crazy news and Pastor Chips Ross doesn’t want to wake up early on […]

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This episode is an introduction from me to you, though the format may change The Energy will be here forever… I Love You and I look forward to us growing together into ALL that we were meant to be. https://api.spreaker.com/v2/episodes/19181093/download.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Let’s Get Jacked Up! “Jacked Up High”

Jack went missing, so we found a high schooler to take his place! Find out what it is like in today’s High School! Bobby’s nephew Trent is in the studio and talks about what today’s high school is really like, and gives his testimony on how God is turning his life around as we speak. […]