The Case for the Loving Jesus Revelation

Remember this Revelation?  Anyone out there still practicing it?  If you do not know what it is, it’s a very graphic, very intimate way of becoming one with Jesus.  The whole manual on how to do it is miles long and posted on this site under “Loving Jesus” but it is for those who are […]

No Impossibilities. . . RELOADED!

WITH GOD THERE IS NOTHING THAT SHALL BE IMPOSSIBLE. I had a good talk with my brother the other day, about many of the recent developments in the World, and spirituality.  It occurred to me that the Witches and the New Age people get a lot of visitations and ‘proof’ that they are in touch […]

The Future of the Human Race: Deep Space Exploration

As reported by such prophets as Neville Johnson, David Brant Berg and Jerry Lee, once Jesus comes back this Earth is set to become the capitol of the Universe and be a launching pad for a giant campaign to spread the “Good News” of the Gospel far and wide, all throughout the Universe! Who is […]

Heaven is a Storehouse

  ARE YOU A SOLDIER OF THE SPIRIT?  THEN CALL DOWN YOUR OWN SPIRITUAL BATTLEMENTS TODAY!  CLAIM THE PROMISES OF THE KEYS: Nothing is impossible to those who call upon the power of the keys of the Kingdom. You will heal the sick, cast out devils, command miracles, reverse the times and seasons, change hearts‚ […]

100 percent. . .GIVE

My rewards are not meted out according to the number of gifts and the strength of a man, but according to your faithfulness, yieldedness, and humility. So you see, the rewards do not gauge how much or how little I love a person, for once again, My love is unchanging and constant. I love each […]

Career Plan 生涯規劃

我的生涯規劃沒有改變了。2004年我在WACO市,德克薩斯州的時候我的朋友給我一個面試了。他問我:你的未來的規劃是什麼?那個時候我剛剛變成一個傳教士。 我剛剛發現很多"靈世界的新武器。"當一個普通的教會的基督教徒,這些新武器好像超高等的科技。所以我的回答是 '求上帝和促進靈世界的新武器!' 我相信我們快要進入地球的歷史上的新時代。在那個時代, 超自然還有關靈世界的東西都會變成特別重要。這些東西會越來越變成我們的生命和每日的生活的大一部分。雖然我也相信做生意還有用你的手大工作也是很重要的事,可是這個普通的工作的方法也要改變。 有特別大的災難的時,奇跡是非常重要!在這個世界的下一個步中,每個人會有越來越多困難,可是我們可以用這些困難當一個機會靠近上帝,受到他的幫助和愛!在聖經離,相信上帝的人都有很多問題,可是有很多奇跡!我們快有很多機會看到更多的超大的奇跡。所以,不要害怕未來! Hasn’t changed much!  I answered this question back in 2004 in WACO, Texas when first becoming  an FD Family Member.  “Follow God and use and promote the New Weapons.”  I believe that we are entering into a new era in Earth’s history, where the paranormal and the supernatural will be more and […]

Sexy Prayer!

I think the beginning of Art of War 4 is an important read to anyone who needs to get their prayer habits going.  I have a new vision of prayer:  not just requests and constant asking the Lord for things, but more like our soul’s daily position with God and the substance which allows us […]