INFOSTORE Complete Prog This giant collection of prophecies and art is only going to work if you open the individual libraries after installing the program on a Windows computer… might need to use an older OS. All the Family Children of God publications included up through around 2008… important part of history in the Church! I want […]

SpiritWars000000102: Richard Dalton

I speak with a man who has literally been through nearly every major move of God until today. . . and now he joins the FRINGE. . .   RICHARD DALTON! Visit his websites: Home Spirit Wars Credo (for now): This is the end.  The end of all we know, my brother.  Time to […]

Who is Michael Basham?

Around one year ago, I got a call from the Lord to start up a website which I did, and I called the website reptilian dimension ( The website was dedicated to providing information to truth seekers of the most alternative kind, the website dived into the information that only the weirdest of the weird […]

Words of Love from the Bride to the Lord

10. (To Jesus:) Baby‚ You’ve turned my world upside down and inside out, and I love it. It’s crazy, because You also give me stability, and I feel totally secure in Your love, but at the same time‚ You keep things changing and moving. You keep me on my toes and challenged in our relationship. […]

How TFI Became “Just Another Church”

REMEMBER ALL THAT TALK ABOUT “X-TREME DISCIPLESHIP?” It’s time to face reality. The Formerly Revolutionary Children of God AKA Family International has now gone the way of all church, and become just another churchy denomination. I write this with sadness, but it’s something that needs to be said. In the meantime, GIVE ME YOUR BIRTHRIGHT!! […]


47. So call on the Lord, call on His promises, call on His power, call on the keys of His Kingdom! Expect miracles, and in Jesus’ Name and the power of the keys you’ll get them! (Mysterious Keys, The – Part 1 [#3472]) 52. (Jesus:) There are many barriers between Heaven and Earth, between the […]