Difference Between Astral Travel and Christian Spirit Travel Explored by Praying Medic!

​ Podcast 060: Are Christian Spiritual Travel and Astral Projection Different? Sep 12, 2016  Audio Player 00:00 00:00 Download file | Play in new window |Duration: 43:23 | Size: 39.72M | Recorded on September 10, 2016 There is much debate about whether there is a difference between “Christian Spiritual travel” and astral projection. In this message I provide testimonies of both and […]

This week on Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval Dr. Stephen Duncan is back to dialogue about organs and what they can reveal about our spiritual issues. He goes deep in his conversation, bringing out how certain issues such as abandonment, rejection, or feeling like we have no voice will create direct links to our […]

Thoughts on Identity—Part One

What is our identity in Christ? Many Christian speakers and writers have discussed the topic of our identity in Christ. There are differing opinions on what the definition is of our identity in Jesus. Most seem to conclude that our spiritual identity is everything that is promised to us when we receive Him. However, because […]

SpiritWars000000191: Michelle Carmela Saldana of Once Upon An Eden!

Michelle Carmela is a survivor of various crimes against children’ s and humanitarian rights. The list is as follows: *Child labor slavery in the United States, *Incest, *Forced prostitution/under aged porn/deviancies *Satanic Ritual Abuse (Cerimonial deviancies) *Religious Sexual Abuse involving ( but not limited to) the Catholic church, the Protestant and other denominational religions *Other […]