Adam Starseed Bey – Lucifer the second SUN of God!

Adam Starseed Bey talks about the misunderstanding of The Bright Morning Star talked about in the bible and astrology. is Christ really Lucifer? Lucifer translates “Bearer of light” and Christ is known for holding the Light of I Am. Christ is called “the bright morning star” in Revelation 22:16″I, Christ, have sent My Messenger to […]

Eyes Wide Open#Who is Alfred Kinsey#JudithReisman

On this episode I interviewed Dr. Judith Reisman of we talked about Alfred Kinsey and his research on sex, how it has affected the 20th and the 21st century. Listen to "EyesWideOpen#Dr.JudithReisman" on Spreaker. Play in new window | Download


EYES WIDE OPEN! Me, Matthew Miller and friends talk about entry into the 3 decade of the new millennia Listen to "EYES WIDE OPEN LIVE! 2020 VISION - Matthew Miller and Friends" on Spreaker. Play in new window | Download

EyesWideOpen#Occult Hollywood #William Ramsey

On this episode i interviewed William Ramsey and talked about the occult in Hollywood. Listen to "Eyes Wide Open #Occult Hollywood #William Ramsey" on Spreaker. Play in new window | Download