Pictures of Night Visions…

I dreamed about timelines being cleansed through a new method of prayer… this involved directly touching individuals’ life paths in another realm through sketching and also visualizing each life choice and inviting the angelic (represented by eagles) to come in and deal with the evil demonic giants on their mountains. Listen to the podcast for […]

Angels: Our Brothers in Arms with Dan Duval

This week on Discovering the Truth, Dan Duval opens up an exploration of the angelic realm. Bringing a plethora of experience and testimonies to the table, Daniel takes time to lay out the how and why of engaging the angelic realm from a Christian perspective. This program will build faith, answer questions, and lay out […]

The Joyspiracy Theory vs Johnny Iron! 019

This week Basil and legendary podcaster Johnny Iron get together to chat about intoxicants, mental illness, psychic geese and of coarse, JOY JOY JOY! Play in new window | Download