Alex Jones InfoWars Studios Dream

I had this incredibly vivid dream of being at InfoWars Studios and watching the production of the live show.   There were all these places for people to come and sit and watch, and the studio itself was built beautifully with high wooden ceilings and logos rising up higher even than the real professional studio […]

More Dreams of Exposing Evil!

This dream was also long and had various scenes but as usual the most disturbing parts stick with you. . . We were in a castled city and I kept thinking how it was like Jerusalem, protected with walls all around.  I was living there at the time and had a bed and was dealing with […]


This comes on the 29th of August, just as AJ is having been banned for over 2 weeks now and is actually getting in touch with more mainstream speakers like Ann Coulter.  I detected some weariness in yesterday’s show and was thinking about how praying for him is so important and that we may have […]

Daniel Ott interviews Chris McCleary

Chris McCleary The National Dream Center Chris McCleary (MBA in Finance & MA in Transpersonal Studies) is an author, philosopher, spiritual mentor, life coach, public speaker, and peace activist. He made a surprising transition from being a Top Gun aviator in the F-15E Strike Eagle to working directly with hundreds of dreams on a daily basis. […]

The Deep Dark Caves of Treasures Dream!

I awoke this morning with an incredible feeling of exileration, Praise God, as I had had an amazing dream. . . There were these tremendous caves under an old mansion which I had gone through before, and I was once more looking for the entrances to.  The caves were massive and full of treasures, but […]