Pictures of Night Visions…

I dreamed about timelines being cleansed through a new method of prayer… this involved directly touching individuals’ life paths in another realm through sketching and also visualizing each life choice and inviting the angelic (represented by eagles) to come in and deal with the evil demonic giants on their mountains. Listen to the podcast for […]

Live with Doug Wentz!

Join our live broadcast with a brilliant brother 10 PM Est! Quote from his latest post: That which deconstructs the old you, will oppress the new you. Once the methods of your sect have dissolved old patterns, and then fortified the new you, this new creation will gradually be weakened if the same principles are […]

CCR 038: Matthew Miller and Biblical Mechanics

WHAT IS BIBLICAL MECHANICS? Matthew Miller is the host of End Times Tribune. His research and understanding of Biblical Scripture is compelling and fascinating. His unique perspectives and deep insights make the Scriptures come alive with a deeper understanding of God’s Word. END TIMES TRIBUNE Links Youtube: ( Blogtalkradio: ( David Flynn’s video on 888 […]

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CCR 037: Numbers

Basil and Gonz take a look at what we often take for granted; numbers. Numbers are everywhere. They are the foundation for all things. The guys take a look at numbers through philosophical, esoteric, and Biblical lenses. LINKS NUMBERS AND PROBABILITIES Dr. Dave Lehman ( Dr. William Lane Craig on Numbers as objects: [youtube=]   VORTEX […]

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