SpiritWars Journeys with Tony Floyd! (ARCHIVE!)

We are live now with Tony!  Scroll down for the full list of shows we have done. Tony Floyd shares with us:   -Recent Spirit Wars “stories.” -Getting ripped from your body -cloaks in the spirit to hide your light -Annunaki slave dungeons -Horror of underground child mutilation -A tunnel that opened up into space […]

Hawaiian Volcanic Marriage of Jennifer Basham and Michael Rimel!

https://www.spreaker.com/user/mxpw/hawaiian-volcanic-marriage-of-jennifer-b Help us get this volcano shut down before it destroys the power plant! Come and join the Basham-Rimel Volcanic Merging of Missionary Marriage and let’s change the world together! We are using our paypal if you would like to sow into this directly: PAYPAL:  [email protected] Gofundme link is here, please do share: https://www.gofundme.com/mission-volcanic-marraige-eruption Basic […]

SpiritWars000000191: Michelle Carmela Saldana of Once Upon An Eden!

Michelle Carmela is a survivor of various crimes against children’ s and humanitarian rights. The list is as follows: *Child labor slavery in the United States, *Incest, *Forced prostitution/under aged porn/deviancies *Satanic Ritual Abuse (Cerimonial deviancies) *Religious Sexual Abuse involving ( but not limited to) the Catholic church, the Protestant and other denominational religions *Other […]

A Call to Ian Clayton from the FRINGE!

I am personally, in my spirit and in prayer and with my whole heart reaching out to Ian Clayton to come and speak out to the fringe!  Why has he not yet come on a show like Coast to Coast AM or Edge Radio AM (with Radio Host Daniel Ott)?   There is a tremendous […]