This comes on the 29th of August, just as AJ is having been banned for over 2 weeks now and is actually getting in touch with more mainstream speakers like Ann Coulter.  I detected some weariness in yesterday’s show and was thinking about how praying for him is so important and that we may have […]

Lord manifest Your kingdom to me — Bridal Log

A brother sent a message about a warning of being broken.   Still don’t know what to think of that – Lord? <Jesus> You must learn to judge what words come to you and how to face bad news, not immediately trusting anything that just comes along your way. Get used to My still small voice, […]

The Deep Dark Caves of Treasures Dream!

I awoke this morning with an incredible feeling of exileration, Praise God, as I had had an amazing dream. . . There were these tremendous caves under an old mansion which I had gone through before, and I was once more looking for the entrances to.  The caves were massive and full of treasures, but […]

You almost get used to it

  <JESUS> On Earth you suffer tribulation in many forms.  You almost get used to it.  I have allowed you to feel the heat of the battle and to go through many things.   But here you are always home, always fresh, always near to Me.  Never feel distant, for in the Spirit you are […]

Ellya Speaks Today on The Keys. . .

<Ellya> Join us!  This class is about bringing the physical into subjection to the spiritual.  The truth of the Keys is that they will rip the veil between the two worlds so you can be in both realms at the same time — but more so this realm!  You will have to shed any weights, though.  […]

Marilyn Monroe Prophecy: Sex in Heaven!?

Sex in Heaven! By Marilyn Monroe (This message from beyond was received through Valerie Bright.) (Marilyn Monroe speaking: ) Hello, Doll! My name is Marilyn Monroe! Have you seen any of my pictures? Did you like them? I did that all for you, Honey! And I’d do more for you if I had a chance! […]