MASONIC Magic, OCCULT Numerology 11-11-18!!! What’s REALLY Happening

Dr. Pat Holliday joins Sheila on an incredible exposé on 11-11-18 and connects the dots to masonic magic and occult numerology. NOV 10, 2018. Dr. Hollidays website: Dr. Hollidays show:… Sheila’s Website: SUPPORT SHEILA: Patreon GoFundMe Paypal FOLLOW SHEILA ON SOCIAL MEDIA: FACEBOOK:… TWITTER: YouTube: BIO: […]

Alien COVENANT Illuminati Notes!

Amy Axby of Lady The Fearless asked me to explain whether this movie had a good message to it.  I promised to write some thoughts on it and so here I go while the movie is fresh in my mind: If you want to understand the way the Elite of this planet are, you’ll have to […]

SpiritWars 000000008: Douglas Dietrich on Secret Space Program Part 2

**Strong language edited by Cookie Bird! In this second part Mr. Dietrich finishes unpacking his testimony regarding the occult Michael Aquino influence on the Super Soldier program and moves into the little-known Secret Space Program. Guest site: The full unedited show with added bonus music can be found either on Youtube or Spreaker: […]

The CIA Found Mao Tse Dung!

. . . Back when they were still hidden in the bowels of Yale University before WW2! I believe this is very important information for all Chinese and Taiwanese to consider, that the Illuminati/Skull in Bones/Yale Group found and promoted Mao Tse Dung and helped bring him into power.  This article comes from yale’s own […]

StarCraft 2: Legacy Illuminati Void Notes

What of the Illuminati these days?  It seems like they’ve been set back.  In this latest StarCraft game the word “void” comes to mind when looking for something the Illuminati are trying to say in it.  Make no mistake, the Enemy will come and show his face, and there will be a time of great […]