SpiritWars On Air with Douglas Dietrich!

SpiritWars000000008: Douglas Dietrich on Secret Space Program and Untold Satanic American History This first interview with Mr. Douglas Dietrich touches upon Chinese Communist dictator Mao Tse Dong’s Yale/ Skull and Bones connections as well as the Secret Space Program!   Mr. Dietrich’s Life events: 2011 Started Working at Revolution Radio on Freedomslips.com Left Job at […]

Mother Brain. . . REAL!? (Under Fort Knox!)

According to the Edge Radio AM talk I heard the other day, MOTHER BRAIN. . .   REAL. . .   And look at Japan:  they have a Mother Brain (in game) “Motherbrain is the final boss in PSU: Ambition of the Illuminus. But she had a bit of a make over she now has […]