Talking TFI and Testimony with Douglas Dietrich!

We’re talkin’ about the FAMILY and a host of other things on his show at Revolution Radio: Mp3 Archive: <> HĒREBE FREE LINKAGE TO THE DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY’S 112916 (November 29th, 2016) TRANSMISSION ‘O’ “CRITICAL OMISSIONS (<>),” WHEREIN THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN EITHER SIDE ‘O’ THE PACIFIC TOSSED THE PAINKILLERS AND TALKED STRAIGHT W(ith) […]

Who is Michael Basham?

Around one year ago, I got a call from the Lord to start up a website which I did, and I called the website reptilian dimension ( The website was dedicated to providing information to truth seekers of the most alternative kind, the website dived into the information that only the weirdest of the weird […]