NOTES on the Prophets! Spirit Trippers! John Paul Jackson. Sadu Sundar Selvaraj. Paul Keith Davis. Ian Clayton!

John Paul Jackson.  Sadu Sundar Selvaraj.  Paul Keith Davis.  Ian Clayton.   The limits of our physical world and what we think is possible are being broken!  People are paving the way for many EndTime Churches around the World!  Check out these guys!!!!

Don't Harden Your Heart

Be soft hearted. . .    This is an old tape about comforting the feeble minded, and not hardening your heart.  Garsh I’m getting convicted by this right now!   It’s easy to become PTSD and ADD and FD/FM/MM and KGFG and PTL and KLJSDLKFJSDGAADF. . .  but in Jesus is a great humbling and […]