Do You FAST to get closer to God, the right way?

  by Power Point Paradise    Many Christians skip meals or even three days of meals to get more “spiritual” or “closer to God!” –presumably. But is food fasting really the way to get closer to God? God’s Word via His prophet Isaiah (ch.58) puts forth a different picture of fasting than many preachers do. […]

Request Free Prophecy. . . Abandoned Mantles Taken Up!

I listened to a few broadcasts of this lovely young prophetess named Lenora, full of conviction just going on internet radio, using blogtalkradio (the equivalent of youtube for audio and live radio podcasting)  to put herself out there and answer people’s requests for prophecy LIVE on the air!  Talk about being brave and using the […]

Cloud Phoenix School

Welcome to this Spirit School!  We have assembled a mighty array of teachers and counselors both terrestrial and non-terrestrial, and their classes are seen here: Dr. Jerry Lee, Manifester Seer Prophet Blog and Radio Podcast Show Moses David, Endtime Prophet  — New Weapons! G.k. Chesterton, the man who influenced C.S. Lewis and Tolkien and whose […]