The Cosmic Clock with Chris Carter! Experience the Heavenly Realm:  The Cosmic Clock with Chris Carter! -Do you need to be a guru to spirit travel? -Why is spirit travel important? -The experiences that helped Chris to start believing this was real -Steps to See in the Spirit: Imagine the room you’re in. 2. Ask the Lord out loud where […]

Technological Advances These Days! –Terry Lane

In response to a short clip about A.I. songstresses I recorded this morning, my dear brother Terry shared some insights: It’s curious when you see all these things going on these days. I always seem to find myself using that phrase “these days” as I always seem to find myself thinking of that verse talking […]

Cloud Phoenix School

Welcome to this Spirit School!  We have assembled a mighty array of teachers and counselors both terrestrial and non-terrestrial, and their classes are seen here: Dr. Jerry Lee, Manifester Seer Prophet Blog and Radio Podcast Show Moses David, Endtime Prophet  — New Weapons! G.k. Chesterton, the man who influenced C.S. Lewis and Tolkien and whose […]

The Case for the Loving Jesus Revelation

Remember this Revelation?  Anyone out there still practicing it?  If you do not know what it is, it’s a very graphic, very intimate way of becoming one with Jesus.  The whole manual on how to do it is miles long and posted on this site under “Loving Jesus” but it is for those who are […]

Crazy, Awesome Dream + Miracle This Morning

Just woke up, still thrilled.  I was outside looking at the sky, and a friend of mine was out there too but somehow  ended up missing this:  a gigantic ship the size of several sky scrapers floated by, during the night over this hotel I was staying at with my family and friends.  I yelled […]

Ian Clayton and the Weapon of the Word in 2012!

I feel I have come a long way since leaving the safe fold of “MO Letters Only” taught by Family International Spiritual Shepherds in the Old Days of “FD” or Full-Time Discipleship.  Those days are gone now, and it’s every man for himself, and the question is often asked, “What do I read for my […]