The Flying Penguins: I Wrestled with Jesus!

While praying this morning, I ended up in wrestling match with Jesus! I’ve never done anything like this! I definitely gave Him a good run for his money…HA! Thank you to the Fringe Radio Network!! Play in new window | Download

Henry Makow: Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

What passes as spontaneous “social change” is in fact an organized process of satanic possession. This development is not an isolated or recent phenomenon. Western society is based on a rebellion against God and the natural and moral order. The so-called “Enlightenment” refers to Lucifer as the “light giver.” It was an assertion of the […]

Eschaton – 012 – Sleep Paralysis: The Waking Terror

In today’s episode we explore one of the oldest and most widely experienced unexplained phenomena in the world. Sleep paralysis has gone by many names over the centuries: “The Night Mare”, “Old Hag Syndrome”, “Being Ridden by the Witch”, etc. But when we strip away the most extravagant speculations about the nature of these surreal […]

Episode 28: Inclusivity

Why do we seek to be inclusive and tolerant? Is it human nature or a recent development? Frankly, we are a bit skeptical that anybody truly adheres to a fully coherent sense of what inclusivity means. Given that Christianity is pretty much the most inclusive thing out there because “God so loved the world he […]

Mars Spirit Frontier School Trip

TARGET: Mars REASON: Because it’s awesome MISSION: Unknown, but bring new recruits, possibly.  Make a big mess, scare a bunch of people. Target Scripture of Meditation: [Isaiah 66] Background music: [Last Bible 3 OST] PRAYER: Lord we come boldly before Your throne of grace today, knowing that you are our life and hope, our only […]

Make Everything Great Again!

MAKE ART GREAT AGAIN With the populist uprising, what about the awakening of the rest of the spheres of culture?  Let’s pray the CIA-induced ugly art gets tackled and flushed down the toilet finally! I infiltrated a Taiwanese art university filled with modern monster marvels, and went on a long ramble on the nature of […]

Good Words to Rise On!

Ever notice how sometimes the Bible seems to be so violent?  That’s because our world is so tame (or so you are led to believe, by the controllers).   Once you realize there is evil out there to be destroyed, you can overlook differences with Family members and begin to focus on the outside threat! […]