Mars Spirit Frontier School Trip

TARGET: Mars REASON: Because it’s awesome MISSION: Unknown, but bring new recruits, possibly.  Make a big mess, scare a bunch of people. Target Scripture of Meditation: [Isaiah 66] Background music: [Last Bible 3 OST] PRAYER: Lord we come boldly before Your throne of grace today, knowing that you are our life and hope, our only […]

Make Everything Great Again!

MAKE ART GREAT AGAIN With the populist uprising, what about the awakening of the rest of the spheres of culture?  Let’s pray the CIA-induced ugly art gets tackled and flushed down the toilet finally! I infiltrated a Taiwanese art university filled with modern monster marvels, and went on a long ramble on the nature of […]

Good Words to Rise On!

Ever notice how sometimes the Bible seems to be so violent?  That’s because our world is so tame (or so you are led to believe, by the controllers).   Once you realize there is evil out there to be destroyed, you can overlook differences with Family members and begin to focus on the outside threat! […]

We’re Taking the World Back

One need not be a genius to notice that the empire of Satan is crumbling before our very eyes.  Discipleship is on the rise everywhere, as is a revolt against the Illuminati Satanic system.  You are being called to either side, and it’s obvious now more than ever how decrepit the Dark Side is.  With […]

I'm from NJSC, where are U from?

. . .   How do we ever get caught up (or rather caught down) with stuff down here?  The endless limitlessness of the Spirit is waiting for us, and we have all the Bible and holy men speaking holy things propelling us into those Unsearchable Riches in Christ.  It says you can’t know God […]