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This episode is an introduction from me to you, though the format may change The Energy will be here forever… I Love You and I look forward to us growing together into ALL that we were meant to be. https://api.spreaker.com/v2/episodes/19181093/download.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download


On this episode we go back to 2017 and listen to Tim & guest Pastor Chips Ross as they discuss Spiritual Warfare part 1. What does it look like and how do we battle sin and spiritual warfare? Then later, Jack and Tim discuss what sin is and how do we beat habitual sin? Enjoy, […]

Prophetic Dreams and Spirit-Travels!

Some times dreams are obviously missions that we are engaging.  I like how the Lord calls some of these “scoping” or “sniping.”   Don’t ever doubt that the Lord doesn’t use you when you dream! Dream 1: I was in a great big hall with a bunch of other Christians and the enemy was lining […]