SpiritWars000000098: Lady The Fearless

We talk creativity, Bible, and overcoming fear! Visit Amy Axby’s website: http://ladythefearless.com/ I’m Amy, and I’m on a journey to fearless living, whatever that looks like on any given day. Trampolines. Souffles. Auditions. Blogs. I just want to say “yes” to the opportunities and possibilities without hesitating because of fear. A couple of years ago, […]

why the battles?

You ask why–why the battles, why the trials? That’s easy. It’s a simple answer: I wanted you to understand! I wanted you to be able to feel the infirmities of those that you work with, those that you serve. I wanted you to be able to feel the pain, to be able to be touched […]

Lord manifest Your kingdom to me — Bridal Log

A brother sent a message about a warning of being broken.   Still don’t know what to think of that – Lord? <Jesus> You must learn to judge what words come to you and how to face bad news, not immediately trusting anything that just comes along your way. Get used to My still small voice, […]

Captain America Winter Soldier Illuminati Notes

Some great scenes in this movie, and some great Illuminati exposes too! 1. “It’s called Compartmentalization”   says Dr. Fury, explaining how military are separated and don’t know what the other arm is doing, and why the CIA can have wicked elements working in it alongside good. This is something that occurs in our governments today […]

Description of Walking to Jesus's Castle In Heaven

Excerpt: Indeed this was the most political looking area, with many official looking people and many official looking buildings, but these were sort of outside the inner chambers.  The inner area was more like a place where the Lord appeared to dwell with His people.  Like the White House, only instead of a house it […]


FOOD FOR THE SOUL IS IMPORTANT TOO & YOU’VE GOT TO FEED IT OR YOUR SOUL IS GOING TO DIE!  Absorb these Words and feel the Raw, Naked, Sexy, Powerful White Hot Energy of the Heavenly Power coursing through your spiritual man!  Don’t stop there, though.  Use it in battle! I’ll try and post some […]

Vision of Heaven Typed (2007)

(excerpt from a spirit trip I typed out a while back, don’t ask me what it all means ! Sorry for the typoes)   It’s really amazing here, how the love transforms everything .  It makes everything normal even become wonderful- amazing!  At first glance you see things that you saw on earth and you […]

New Weapons Assembly!

GET YOUR FIGHTER OUTFITTED FOR BATTLE!  Quotes to attach to your faith in each of the 7 Major New Weapons areas: 1.The Word 2.Praise 3.Prayer 4.Loving Jesus 5.The Keys 6.Spirit Helpers 7.Prophecy   LET’S GO. . .   1. The Word 165. As long as you continue to recognize how much you need Me and […]