Sodobrating “Love!”

// This footage was taken from the “Color Party” in Taiwan a couple years ago during the celebration of the gay marriage passage…  I thought about how everyone is celebrating the whole gay marriage thing and how anyone who even thought about a connection to Sodom and Gomorrah was instantly vilified.   After discussing the […]

Make Everything Great Again!

MAKE ART GREAT AGAIN With the populist uprising, what about the awakening of the rest of the spheres of culture?  Let’s pray the CIA-induced ugly art gets tackled and flushed down the toilet finally! I infiltrated a Taiwanese art university filled with modern monster marvels, and went on a long ramble on the nature of […]

A Wise Fringe Christian Once Told Me

I feel like commander data when he’s laying on the floor with this head cover popped open all sparking and clicking with his positronic brain showing after he’s been hit with a Klingon disruptor array Ever feel like that?   After the past few days of missionarying that’s exactly how I feel!   But hopefully […]

Prophetic Dreams and Spirit-Travels!

Some times dreams are obviously missions that we are engaging.  I like how the Lord calls some of these “scoping” or “sniping.”   Don’t ever doubt that the Lord doesn’t use you when you dream! Dream 1: I was in a great big hall with a bunch of other Christians and the enemy was lining […]

SpiritWars On Air with Douglas Dietrich!

SpiritWars000000008: Douglas Dietrich on Secret Space Program and Untold Satanic American History This first interview with Mr. Douglas Dietrich touches upon Chinese Communist dictator Mao Tse Dong’s Yale/ Skull and Bones connections as well as the Secret Space Program!   Mr. Dietrich’s Life events: 2011 Started Working at Revolution Radio on Left Job at […]

White Terror Era Prison Infiltrated by Solid Spirit Metal Gear Snake There are some great lessons to be learned from this museum dedicated to political prisoners during the martial law era in Taiwan.  Join Solid Metal Spirit Gear Snake as he infiltrates the prison and finds out the truth that the establishment doesn’t want you to know!