Peering into the Supernatural #Millennials 5

So there I was, in that old Japanese dormitory that has since been torn down.  There were stories among the residents of ghosts seen there, in the showers especially.  You’d see someone’s feet taking a shower yards away and then walk around there and find there was no one.  I myself experienced a different kind […]

Spiritual Warfare Video Gamer Testimony!

  Man!! I was just thinking how in the game you are a Dark Knight named Cecil… the sword of baron!!! a pawn for baron… The start of the game you go to a town and release a demon upon the land. It ends up killing a little girl’s(Rydia) mom. And after Cecil sees what […]

Interview with "Aspen" #1

4-26-2012 1. My interview with a guy who goes by the name of “Aspen” who has quite a tale to be told on the subject of Illuminati Mind Control and his own very dramatic experiences.  More to come!   Click here to download it!