INFOSTORE Complete Prog This giant collection of prophecies and art is only going to work if you open the individual libraries after installing the program on a Windows computer… might need to use an older OS. All the Family Children of God publications included up through around 2008… important part of history in the Church! I want […]

SpiritWars000000030: Interview With A Disciple

Recently had the chance to speak with a true warrior and disciple of Jesus, Emmy Lovechild.  She has really laid down her whole life to follow the Lord and until today continues to sacrifice daily.  Emmy was part of the controversial “Children of God/Family International” Missionary group and although no longer supports their current vision, […]


With the dream I had this morning (see last post) I thought I should share this.  Also just went live on the subject of the Bride and the Keys.  With CERN and other stuff, we’re definitely going to be seeing a lot of spiritual manifestations soon. –MO October 7, 1973 NO.275A–DFO –Another Spirit Trip! 1. […]

Keys Revelation and Power Stones of Marvel

What kind of Bride are you gonna be?  The Lord needs sexy brides in His Army!  Let’s leave the old decrepit church system and get moving with what God is doing today! Recently I have been meditating on distinct similarities between the so called Power Stones in the MARVEL franchise and the teachings I was […]


This original MO Letter really captures the spirit of what was happening during the beginning of the formation of the whole Revolution for Jesus!  Lots of glory to be found in these words: (On occasion of Hosea wanting to take a team into Austin, Texas for several days witnessing.) THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS LISTENING […]

SpiritWars Episode 000000001

The first of millions of SpiritWars broadcasts. . . Tonight, I, Michael Basham, was joined by one Ginny Brooks. . .  to go into realms undiscovered by most mortal kin.   Join us IF YOU DARE! Thanks to all who made this possible!   Producer Rick and Mentor Johnny!   Love to all ye brethren […]