Live with Doug Wentz!

Join our live broadcast with a brilliant brother 10 PM Est! Quote from his latest post: That which deconstructs the old you, will oppress the new you. Once the methods of your sect have dissolved old patterns, and then fortified the new you, this new creation will gradually be weakened if the same principles are […]

Words of Love from the Bride to the Lord

10. (To Jesus:) Baby‚ You’ve turned my world upside down and inside out, and I love it. It’s crazy, because You also give me stability, and I feel totally secure in Your love, but at the same time‚ You keep things changing and moving. You keep me on my toes and challenged in our relationship. […]

Request Free Prophecy. . . Abandoned Mantles Taken Up!

I listened to a few broadcasts of this lovely young prophetess named Lenora, full of conviction just going on internet radio, using blogtalkradio (the equivalent of youtube for audio and live radio podcasting)  to put herself out there and answer people’s requests for prophecy LIVE on the air!  Talk about being brave and using the […]

Cloud Phoenix School

Welcome to this Spirit School!  We have assembled a mighty array of teachers and counselors both terrestrial and non-terrestrial, and their classes are seen here: Dr. Jerry Lee, Manifester Seer Prophet Blog and Radio Podcast Show Moses David, Endtime Prophet  — New Weapons! G.k. Chesterton, the man who influenced C.S. Lewis and Tolkien and whose […]

Further Investigations into The Urantia Book Cult

These are the continued voyages of the Starship Bashamprize, boldly investigating unknown spiritual civilizations.  As my fathers went before me, so I continue into this quest! Thus far, some quick notes on the latest discovery. . . The URANTIA!  Probably you have never heard of this interesting book, but I have had it confirmed to […]


FOOD FOR THE SOUL IS IMPORTANT TOO & YOU’VE GOT TO FEED IT OR YOUR SOUL IS GOING TO DIE!  Absorb these Words and feel the Raw, Naked, Sexy, Powerful White Hot Energy of the Heavenly Power coursing through your spiritual man!  Don’t stop there, though.  Use it in battle! I’ll try and post some […]

What's Up These Days

January 5 2013 Having meetings with different Christians, regarding future events.  The purpose of this site, is to quietly put out there a lot of secret Christian material that perhaps you have never heard of, and I certainly never did.  It is only fair that it exists in a reachable place for that wandering lost […]

14 points of the Endtime

An overview of Endtime Bible Prophecy (from Compiled by Joseph Candel from the writings of David Brandt Berg The Bible not only tells us about yesterday, it also tells us about tomorrow. It is full of thousands of detailed prophecies that describe specific people, places, times, situations, and events. Many of these prophecies are […]