Looper with Bruce Willis: Illuminati Notes!

Time Travel is showing up everywhere these days, and this may be one of the more interesting ones.  Although these movies are very enjoyable, I think it’s also important to note that time travel technology is actually becoming a very probable reality in our present world, believe it or not. With the testimonies of several […]

Jesus on Japan Prophecy from 2008

Look at the Japanese as childlike in some ways but also great custodians and leaders of the future, for they have a tremendous future that you should recognise.  After being through China and Taiwan I want you to recognise the difference and the destiny of this great people. Be a servant to them and seek […]

Douglas Dietrich on Other Worlds

Reposted from Mr. Dietrich’s Facebook page:   John Warrington: Hi Douglas, I’m listening to your 24th July 2012 Critical omissions show. On it, around 80 minutes into the show, you talk about other universes and how they don’t have stars. Very good, but how can you be sure that there are other universes, or is […]


(Jesus speaking: ) Blessed are you, the Family, for you hear the things that many nations and kings have longed for. They have longed to hear the Words of your Father David and of the King of kings. They hunger and thirst after the things that are only given to the children of David to share. […]