SpiritWars000000200: As Much Bible As Possible

Time to be the Bride of Christ, to receive Him intimately and to know the things unknown and to stretch our faith! My name is Michael Basham and I’ve been broadcasting on youtube for several years while traveling the Earth by faith. Through miraculous leadings I was able to recently enter into the Christian Fringe […]

SpiritWars000000206: The Fringianity Fellowship of the Brethrens

BUY MY BOOK, “KINGDOM ROMANCE” (basically the Shack on Crack!) https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/396127 SPIRIT WARS is a full-time discipleship-focused deep-space offensive operation.  I, Michael Basham, was raised upon the ashes of Covenant, learned how to live off the grid with the remainder of TFI, have spent 12 years in China Japan and Taiwan, and then joined the […]

Alien COVENANT Illuminati Notes!

Amy Axby of Lady The Fearless asked me to explain whether this movie had a good message to it.  I promised to write some thoughts on it and so here I go while the movie is fresh in my mind: If you want to understand the way the Elite of this planet are, you’ll have to […]


Why do we have Artificial Intelligence at all? This is not a natural thought — hence, the use of the term “artificial”. Why aim to produce any Artificial Intelligence whatsoever? THE ONLY POSSIBLE ANSWER TO THE QUESTION OF WHY ANYONE WOULD WANT TO CREATE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IS THAT THE CREATOR OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE PLANS FOR […]