Taiwanese Sunflower Movement CIA? Or something more?

What if the Sunflower Revolution had nothing to do with the CIA but an element even deeper than that? What if there were actually some outside sources cuasing some Taiwanese to react in a certain way that were not exactly the way the CIA would have them? Well I know a number of people that have been in Taiwan for several decades quietly planting seeds of revolution, of the kind of revolution that God desires: not just revival in the churchy sense, but in the sense of all humanity. Today I walked the outskirts of the Parliament surrounded by the people and saw a poster: “Government, we’re watchin you!” Now that’s something I’d expect Alex Jones to say, or at least his followers. Well here we don’t have any people watching Alex Jones, but somehow the ideas of the Tea Party movement or the Liberty Movement implanted in the Taiwanese. I tell you, this is the start of something new, and it is not just on this island. It is a worldwide Big Idea. An Idea that shall overthrow the New World Order.

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