Talkin With Jesus about 2012, Golgotha and AntiChrist Identity

Posted by seerfax 12/12/2010
<me>  Lord, hi.  I’m in a crowded Taipei bus station.  Ah, you know, Lord!
<Jesus> Yes, I do know.  I was crucified at one of those places.  Golgotha is now nothing but a bus station.  Any ideas of what we should do with it when we take it over?
<me>  WOW Jesus, amazing. . .  and thanks for including me on your great and mighty conquest.  Yes, of course-  Golgotha is a bus station now.  Is it also the center of the earth?
<Jesus>  And the center of the entire Universe.
<me>  Holy Moly!
<Jesus>  Well, that’s what all the ancients believed.  It was only till the scientists started clouding everything with their “knowledge”  that men ever began to believe otherwise!
<me>  If you said it, I believe it.  I did read a bit on the whole “our-solar-system-is-the-center-of-the-galaxy-which-is-the-center-of-the-universe-theory.”  Well how is the Earth going to be the center of the Solar System?  Isn’t it constantly spinning?  Around the Sun, I mean.
<Jesus> It’s not always “dead-center” as you say- pretty close though!  The stars really are created for signs in teh sky. . . how about that?  And how about this?:  On the Mayan date set in 2012 when the planets align, this will also place the Earth in the very middle of the Universe.  This is important!  Then will great amounts of spirits be released, and it is imperative that you and all the rest of the Children of David and any who are ready and willing to carry My Mighty Banner of the Endtime Church of Love are in their positions!  Things admittedly have been out of whack–  and this crowning place of the Earth being in the center will be the time it is put back.   Satan thinks he can win because the stars are all aligning for him, and he can annoint his chosen- (un) holy one.  However he discounts My ability to move the Heavens as I see fit.  I am allowing him a short time to try and defeat Me.  He will lose, and I am going to use you and any who wish to be used of Me in those dark and trying days to defeat his purposes.  Call on the keys of Monkey Wrenches to thwart the Enemy’s carefully crafted plans!
<MAN>!!  Wow….
<Jesus>  Part of what has kept him from totally manifesting since ancient times is this barrier which was set in place ever since the “wobble” of the Earth being unalligned with the rest of the universe.  Now that the whole of Creation is coming to re-allignment he will be able to re-enter.  And guess who he is going to inhabit when this occurs?  One man. . .
<me>  The A.C.!!!!
<Jesus>  Yup!
<me>  This’s amazing!
<Jesus>  All has been prepared for this moment.  Don’t get distracted from your primary duty, ok?   Witness!  This is actually what the Offensive is all about.  And actually one of the Family’s main jobs is to be My witnesses against the Antichrist when he arises.  I am giving you this Word now, because I know you are itnerested.  Do not be troubled, but keep your eyes on Me and WATCH.  You’re with the right God and the right Messiah and you have the faith to sit down and talk with Me even in this noisy bus station, over coffee.  So I am happy to share My secrets with you!
<me>  Well Lord I am speechless, and if I can talk to you I should never fear any man, for You are the King of Kings but You stooped low enough to not only chat with me but You came low enough to DIE for me!  PYL!  So can I share this prophecy for others?  I mean, for others to see?  Man I am so excited I can’t even use correct grammer!
<Jesus> Yes, sure!  And hey- I am not done talking with you yet, My silly bride!  SO how about that other bus station?  Should we keep it a bus station just for old times’ sake?  You’re supposed to be My Wife.  I went to prepare a house 4U, but you get to do the interior decorating.
<me>  Indeed yes.  Reporting for duty, Captain!  OK let me think about this.  You’re asking a lot.  I always figured that kind of place would have truckloads of prophecy concerning every detail about its ministrations and architecture and everything.  Actually I can’t think of any prophecies about Golgotha, even though it should be all over the Bible.  I know there was quite a bit about it written in “The Cave of Treasures,”  but. . . well maybe there is.  I know Shem went there with little Melchizedek and set him a priest over that spot, since it was the place Adam was buried and you also originally made him and crowned him over creation.  [After the Flood they went there, the earth opened in four directions over “the place of the skull” and they placed the body of Adam inside]
And. . . then that Melchisedek built “Salem” there, in order to offer sacrafices.  It was all about the body of Adam in those days, I guess. [incredible. . . Jerusalem was built to watch over the place where Jesus was crucified!]
Then later on according to Ron Wyatt the Ark of the Covenant was buried in a cave in that exact spot.  How was it nobody ever knew Adam was buried there?  I suppose it was a secret!  Shem apparently even lied to Melchizedek’s parents and family and said he was eaten by animals or something.  So maybe Jeremiah knew and kept that secret safe (about Adam’s body’s location) And then of course You were crucified above that cave (Praise Your Wonderful Name, King Jesus!)  and the Earth was opened and Your blood mixed with water (Your Precious Blood!) flowed down, a precious fountain, down and down to the cave and onto the Ark of the Covenant.  And also somehow, this blood entered Adam’s body’s open mouth, if you include the Cave-O-Treasures’ prophecy!  So Adam was resurrected, the Old Law was fulfilled, and the World was saved!  Hallellujah!  So apparently then in the 80′s just before Spielberg releases Raiders this guy Ron Wyatt gets a tip from an angel to go digging down there, figures out where your Cross-holes were (An early Church built over the site had placed the round stone from the nearby tomb which You were resurrected out of over those 3 cross post-holes).  Then after some time they discovered your Ark Chamber and saw that it was perfectly underneath where You had been crucified.  There was a crack in the ceiling (and also in the middle cross post hole) and Your blood was identified as having poured down all the way from the hole in the top down through who knows how much rock and generations of burned-and-rebuilt-Jerusalem’s layers of rubble and limestone to come directly into that ark, exactly as the priests in the Old Testament used to pour the blood sacrafice annually (right?)  of the unspotted red heifer.  The blood was tested and found to only possess 1 Chromosome from the Father.  (Oh, and it CAME BACK TO LIFE IN THE TEST TUBE!!)  And this is definately possible to be cloned, too, right?
Enter the Israeli Government.  They tried sending a bunch of priests (after fasting 2 weeks)  to extract the ark.  All of them died.  Who knows how they eventually took that ark.  I don’t know how, but apparently it has been removed by someone.  Perhaps they held guns at Christians to do it!  Ha!  And here’s where Arizona Wilder’s testimony comes in.  THey say that there were private viewings of the Ark for the Royal Family.   All kinds of weird hanky-satanic-panky was bgoing on at the time, like human sacrafice, people turnign into lizards, you name it!  (Hey there is that proverb about a lizard hanging out in King’s Courts!)  And the key here is that some dude named Pindar impregnated Diana. . . with Prince William.  (He had also gotten Arizona Wilder- that dear soul, bless her in the Power of the Keys- pregnant, but she siad she had an abortion.  Something about being the Satanic Mother Goddess).
So if you look at the dates, it would make sense that in 1982- no- 1981 William was put into Princess Diana and viola- a clone of Jesus was made!  I mean, otherwise they got some genetic material from the Shroud of Turin, right?  Well all that to say– big big big things are indeed planned for Mr. WillIAm at London’s 2012 Olympics and, of course, thsi sounds crazier than a Dan Brown novel written on steroids and espresso and crack, but MAYBE. . .  JUST MAYBE. . .   this is. . . .  the AntiChrist?
So I’m willing to ask You, Jesus, since I haven’t really seen anybody else do it. . .
Is Prince William the AntiChrist?!
<Jesus>  He is the very one you speak of.
<me>  OK!  TYL.  I’m willing to put my channel on the line for this one.  PYL.

. .
Moving on!  So about that piece of Real Estate, having said all that, why don’t we make it a Heavenly Bus Station, with Star-Portals that take you to myriads of places and unite the Whole Universe in LOVE!  And we can make it a really happy place, where all the travelers who pass by there on their way to whatever location in the galaxy, universe, or dimention, can have a chance to see what the Lord of All did for them?  And instead of people mocking when they pass by, they can be free to express their gratitude in any way that fits their culture (or species!) and it can be like a beautiful never-ending parade of praise to You!  Even animals can pass through and bow low like in Lion King!  Witness the Redemption of all Creation, where the Price was paid–  the Ultimate Price!!  Proof how much God loves you!
And maybe we can preserve that place [Golgotha] somewhere in tact, but over it make the most amazing “Bus Station” – a starport with gigantic open halls and “ticketing counters” and something as big as the Dome Arco from Sim City 2000 – which can blast off and avoid the destruction of the Earth after Gog+Magog, post-Millenium.  Whatdd’Ya think?!
<Jesus>  Thank you, My dear Bride!  I will take these ideas into consideration.  Among many things on the agenda, deciding this issue has been one of them.  You may find some of these visions to come true- if not all!  Be open to any more inspirations on Golgotha.  We gotta do it right-  it is the center of the Universe afterall!  Pay attention to what happens there in the coming months and years– you only have 2 years and 2 weeks before 2012 date comes!  Today is SUnday December 12th, 2010.  Not much time left!  Enjoy it, My Bride!
<me>  OK!  I have no clue what to do, but my eyes are on You, my Husband!

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