Tall White “Demonic” Aliens Photo on L.A. Marzulli Show

On LA Marzulli’s show: an anonymous gentleman presents a photo of 3 “Tall Whites.” Pretty evocative! His father took this between the late 40’s-early 50’s. They were described as “demonic.”

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  1. I believe it’s a hoax. If you look at aliens #2 and #3, it appears their arms are in exactly the same positions. Further, it looks like Alien #1 has been positioned to hide his arms appropriately, since his arms are in the same position as well. Further, I find it highly coincidental that this is the only remaining copy of the photo. How convenient the negatives were destroyed in a fire. I believe they are some kind of mannequin that was either multiple-exposed photographically, or three identical mannequins were posed to look like three different aliens.

    The ONLY thing that makes me think it might be authentic is the shape of the heads. When I was a kid living at my parents’ ranch house, I was plagued by a demonic entity that frosted the appearance of a face into a window at about seven feet high. The face frosted into the window looked like a cross between a “gray” and a “skull.” Several people saw it and remarked on it.

    The “aliens” in the photo have a similar shaped head.

    Other than that I think the photo is a hoax.


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