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In response to a short clip about A.I. songstresses I recorded this morning, my dear brother Terry shared some insights:

It’s curious when you see all these things going on these days. I always seem to find myself using that phrase “these days” as I always seem to find myself thinking of that verse talking about the days of Noah where it says that God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and the imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. I suppose the world of the flesh, in one sense, seems to offer a lot of boundaries in that most people are in bondage to it but on the other hand, people try to escape the bondage of the flesh and so they get into the realms of the imagination as in our imaginations there seems to be no boundaries. The whole thing of course is dangerous, the power to the human mind can in a sense be dangerous too. I remember years and years ago before I came to Jesus, back then there was a lot of talk about astral travelling, people seriously wanted to leave their bodies and go to other planes of existence. One way of doing this was through drugs and the other way, I was informed, was that you imagined yourself out of your body and eventually you would find yourself leaving your body as in you are actually a spirit in a body and if you imagined yourself out of the body then you would eventually be able to astral travel. I used to do this practise extremely regularly as I so seriously wanted to have this spiritual experience and it would also prove to me that all this was real. Well, I would have to in all honesty say, and I call upon God to be my witness in this, that what it did teach me was the power to the mind and the imagination. What eventually happened to me was that I would go to sleep at night and I would actually wake up and be absolutely fully conscious, but not on some other astral plane or in a dream state, but I would wake up and be fully conscious, as conscious as I am now in my waking hours, I would be just as conscious, not on another astral plane but in whatever dream I was dreaming. I’m not going to say that anything I was dreaming came from God because it didn’t but seeing as I was fully awake but in my dreams, I started to learn to walk around and move around and at the same time be as conscious as I am now in my waking hours, it was absolutely no different to me. Well, in the end, the whole thing started to get out of hand as I became worried and fearful that I wouldn’t be able to wake up in the real world and I’d be trapped in this other dream world that my imagination was dreaming up. The funny thing back than was that I had a notion that I needed to say “in Jesus’ name” again and again and then I would wake up in the real world. The problem that I had is that it would reoccur and I would wake up in my dreams but I would always say “in Jesus’ name” again and again and I would always come back to this side of reality. I am saying all this because I hear a lot of people talking about astral traveling these days and a lot of talk about this Oculus Rift and holograms, and all of these things in a sense giving man a sense of having a kind of an out of body experience. The whole thing really stems from the power of man’s imagination and the power of their minds. Presently, mankind is being translated into a seriously dangerous world of their imaginations via computers etc. All this leading to an unusual relationship with the computerised image of the beast and being trapped in the realms of their imaginations and not being able to get out through the name of Jesus! If people do find themselves trapped in this world and in the realm of the imagination, then they should say “in Jesus’ name” again and again and they will get out!
My reply:
 Wow, what an amazing testimony! I just had a conversation with a sister about imagination and the Kingdom of God. I wonder what God’s version of astral travel is? The Enemy can’t make anything himself, all he can do is copy something that God has done.
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  1. Thanks for posting this Michael. I certainly don’t want to dismiss the fact that people do have outer body experiences and also people have experiences when they are asleep whereby they consciously meet an angel. Joseph did this when he was told to flee to Egypt (remember Herod wanted to kill all the babies). I can in all honesty say and speak of another time when I was asleep that I was most definitely told via what seemed to be departed saints or whoever they were, that they saw Father David in a great light and they had great respect towards him and you kinda got the feeling that they reverenced him. One of the angels (people) spoke to me and my impression was that it was a she and not a he, I won’t go into what was spoken as I think I remember telling you before. Anyway, I found this a shock at the time for though I’d read that David was the end-time prophet and in this sense was a great man, of course I would have internal conflicts about this if I’m to be honest (being human), so it was a great surprise too and even shocking so these things do happen to people and yes, on the strength of this I have read the words of Father David when he spoke of his actual outer-body experiences etc. So I do not wish to dismiss astral traveling, or in other words, outer body experiences as being unreal or consciously meeting angels when you are asleep – this is real too. Terry

    1. Thank you for reminding me of that excellent vision dear Terry as it strengthens my faith also. Off to bed now and hoping and praying to do some awesome warfare in Dreams in the Holy Spirit! Long live the Children of David! Talk to you again soon…

  2. yes.. Thanks for sharing your insight ..hmm I never really put 2 and 2 together about having a vert cloae enfinity to computurized non life objects sounds mighty like DBB idea of a computer hologram robot for the image of the beast


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