Terry’s Testimony of Meeting the Children of God (TFI)

So many pearls in here and I am so honored to know Terry and his family! The thing that stands out to me though is about Father David and us being in the Bible! I mean, that either has to be the craziest thing I’ve ever heard or it might just be true!

Commented on my video the other day about TFI revival:

Last night I was having a conversation with our son who was triggered off into the spiritual realities of father David about a year ago and now he does nothing else but read the words of father David. This is all purely miraculous to us. Prior to this that is miraculous, is that me and Karen were personally born into the realities of a living God through the realities of an initiative taken by Father David.

I myself met the Children of God when I was 18 and now looking back, I was explaining to my son what a privilege it was and it is to be born into the Kingdom of God through the initiative of a highly spiritual personality such as that person being father David. I was explaining to my son last night that we are actually in the Bible. The words in the Bible that say “afterward shall the Children of God return to the Lord their God and David their king and shall fear the Lord and his goodness in the later days.” My son Daniel is 21 years old and has dramatically entered into a study of the prophecies in the book of Daniel. What also is miraculous here is that me and Karen were told to have another son through a dream. We named him Daniel because he came through a dream and here he is under his own initiative, looking into the words of Daniel as interpreted by father David. He has developed a real sense of the spiritual realities of the words of God, the living spiritual God and the only One True God, the same God that spoke to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets, every prophet being both man and prophet. Every prophet in the Bible, both getting things right and sometimes like as we do they made mistakes but still they were prophets. The disciples went on to listen to the very words of God through the very Son of God Himself. They on one occasion asked Jesus how many times we should forgive each other. It was suggested possibly seven times? Jesus’ answer was, “I say not unto thee, until seven times: but, until seventy times seven.” This, we and out son looked up last night and we counted what until seventy times seven would be and it adds up to four hundred and ninety times so we concluded that we should forgive each other no less than four hundred and ninety times. The conclusion was also that Jesus was talking forgiveness no less than four hundred and ninety times and was talking about more major sins than minor sins that people commit against ourselves personally. The conclusion is also that Jesus knows how human we all are and has made plenty of allowance for this and has also offered an extremely humble approach to this whole problem of offending each other. We also looked up the NIV of the same verse and to our surprise, they had watered this verse down to forgiving each other only seventy times and not seventy seven time seven so the conclusion out of this was: Is it any wonder that the churches are all falling apart – whoever they are. There is one great thing that we find ourselves all lacking these days, and that is the true humility that Jesus Himself offered us all when He sacrificed His very life on a cross. Jesus in all humility, was offering forgiveness to everyone who had ever wronged Him or whoever will wrong Him. He died for the very dregs and the lowest in society, He died for murderers and thieves as well as for mass murderers and massive theft that is done on a grand scale. I personally think that we should go back to the days of humility. One thing that appealed to me when I met the Children of God was the humility side to things in that they were fully aware and upfront about who and what we all are without Jesus. They were fully aware of how they faked it all those years when they though they were somebody, whereas, in reality, they were just spiritual tramps without Jesus. For someone like me, who’d come from the very drags of society and my extreme lower class background, this was interpreted to me as true discernment. It’s what me and Karen call “Beryton Road discernment.” Beryton Road is what you might call the but end of society. People down that street got to learn where society was at from a very young age, people down that street learned to eat crap and take crap all their lives and got to realise that most people were fakes. So here it was, i met the COG and they weren’t faking it like everyone else. A lot of them had come from riches and were interpreting their riches and the garb of humanity as being mere monstrous rags so for me, that was saying – welcome to my world, won’t you come on in! – and so I did and so Karen did and so my son has and here we all are. I do wonder these days if people are putting it all back on when we should all be acknowledging it all for what it is and throwing it all off and throwing off the yoke of bondage and the yoke of pride. We need to all put back on the clothes of humility, we are nothing without Jesus. Thank You Jesus!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Very powerful testimony. Good points on forgiveness also. Some people just don’t wanna forgive. You make a couple of mistakes and they hold it against you for the rest of their lives, I’ve experienced this first hand myself. People often forget that verse about how many times Jesus says to forgive.

    1. I agree completely with what you’re saying here. Too many of us are falling out with each other over something that we might have done which seemed to us to be right at the time but as the saying goes, “we are all wiser after the event” and looking back we wish we had done things differently. We all need to realise and tune into that wise saying, that we are wiser after the event. It proves to us all that we’ve all been there and God willing, we won’t go there again. The sad thing is that it all usually boils down to a misunderstanding or something you or they never quite intended. All this to say, we all have so much to learn and we should all move on and keep reaching out to out to each other and keep loving each other and in a lot of ways, we all need to grow up and follow the example that Jesus gave us – love and forgiveness for all. Terry


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