Testimonies of The Name of Jesus stopping Alien Abductions

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Online Testimonies that Alien Abductions Stop
And Can Be Terminated as a Life Pattern
In the Name and Authority of Jesus Christ
(taken from Joe Jordan’s Website… http://www.alienresistance.org/ce4testimonies.htm )
Kathy L. Lindsey Michael Mark Karen
Nicole Max Kelly Nick Christopher
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“Strange Encounters with Another World”
Testimony of Kathy Land by Andy Butcher
for Charisma Magazine,
April 2001
The pieces started to fit together the night they dropped her. For years Cathy Land had been by the sense that something wasn’t quite right. There were periods of unaccounted missing time, mornings when she felt heavy and lethargic despite a full night’s sleep, an unsettling sense of somehow having been visited.
Then she woke up with an alien’s face inches from hers.
“He had dropped me. I could feel his breath on my face. It startled him that I woke up. He had this confused- ‘That’s not supposed to happen’- look on his face. The second one still had hold of my legs. I rolled over into a fetal position and went right back to sleep.”
In the morning she told her son what had happened. Usually the family dismissed her recollections as a joke. This time he told her: “Those were not aliens; those were demons.”
“It finally made sense,” she recalls.
Her son’s comment propelled her to the Internet, where she found some Christians who didn’t dismiss her experiences as nonsense. Her faith was enriched and deepened by as she discovered that God’s power could free her from her years of torment.
“I stopped being so scared, and I got mad,” she says. “I finally understood. These things were trying to get the world’s attention away from God, and how better to do that than make people think they are being invaded from outer space? These are not benevolent little E.T.’s come to clean up the environment, fix the hole in the ozone layer. They are not from a distant galaxy. They are raping women, they are murdering animals, they are terrifying children.”
An office manager for a medical supply company, and one-time stock-car racer and singer-musician, Land began to read all she could to learn more about what she had trouble learning for so long. She had been fascinated by UFOs since early childhood, one time reporting a seashore sighting to the police.
“Many times I would have a strange feeling just before going to bed,” she says, by adding that precise memories were hazy when she awoke. “I would feel like something had happened during the night- but nothing I could put my finger on.”
One time her son told her of a frightening encounter he’d had with “a tall man.” She admits that his account had scared her.
But she continued to devour books and TV shows on alien phenomena. She told family members about her experiences and talked about UFOs with friends, though most laughed her off.
“Sometimes it made me feel like I was losing my mind. Maybe I did dream this all up. But there were too many things over and over and over again,” she says.
As she read all the Christian material she could find on the subject after her spiritual awakening, she began to see how she had been so deceived for so long. “Everything started to make sense,” she says, “I realized that everything I had read had probably been happening to me all along, and it scared me. Then it made me mad. How dare they mess with me and my children?!”
Land’s anger over the years her life was “held” spurred her to tell her story to other’s caught in the UFO mesh.
“This is war. It’s the most ingenious hoax there is. It’s a plan to get the world’s attention away from the gospel of Christ, and it’s working.”
She says many exploring the UFO world are, as she was, “searching for love.”
“That’s what they are looking for, really, in their beliefs about aliens. But there’s only one place they will find unconditional love, and they’re looking in the wrong place.”
An active part of her local Baptist church in Jacksonville, Florida, Land says that she now has a peace she never knew before. “I didn’t know it for years,” she says. “It was a miserable existence from day to day. Nobody should be victimized like that. If I can save only one person from being harmed, then I have to do this for God. It’s my offering to Him.
“It’s not the mission field I would choose for myself, she adds. “I would rather be feeding hungry people in India because people wouldn’t laugh at me. [But] who else is going to go and tell them, ‘You all are being deceived?’”
“And I Used to Think They Were Friendly…”
Testimony of Lindsey
Hello, may God be with us always,
My name is Lindsey and I have had some experiences that may interest you greatly. I will try to be as brief as possible. This is the skinny:
It began five years ago with strange things happening in my house. I had presently been involved with Tarot on a high level and ALWAYS could predict events for people. I look back in sadness. Anyway, the point is I didn’t believe in anything really. Flashlights would fall off the table, my dog would growl at nothing, I had bad dreams. Things were scary. Then one night it all came down on me. I “awoke” in bed without being able to move at all, not even an eyebrow. Some “thing” was in my room with me. It disguised itself to my sleeping mind (I still don’t know how I could see it without my eyes open) as a little girl. I was so scared because I was paralyzed but when I realized a little girl was in my room I relaxed for some reason. Then it began to come toward me, which made me a little nervous….At the VERY LAST moment I heard the faintest plead in my mind “It just wants you to think it’s a little girl” and RIGHT then the thing jumped at my chest, but not before I screamed in my mind, “Jesus help me, God help me!” And the “thing” was thrown back in utterly agonizing pain and the sound it made was as close to hell as any human ears could ever hear….I am sure. So, I found some very devoted Christians and I still didn’t believe it was a demon but someone (thank you Jesus) led me to their arms. They explained to me and I was so terrified….but I began to believe, I asked Jesus into my life and heart and ONLY THEN did my terror subside, in fact, I felt better than I ever thought possible. My faith had arrived.
Now the part that must interest you.
I was devoted to God for only about three months. After that, I began to question, maybe I was just dreaming, how could I know? I forgot the bliss Jesus brought me upon entrance into my life. I forgot all important things. I began to see lights in the sky. I began to read books that supported the idea of aliens being messengers of god and such…..I began to believe them. After all, these books would literally show up in my life at the most bizarre times and it was all so synchronistic….When I would see lights in the sky, they seemed to be directly responding to my “spiritual” thoughts and this too was synchronistic. I began to believe that I was special and that I would be a messenger for God and that the whole paralyzation night was a pre-test, if you will, to test my mettle. Only today, this very day, did I realize how wrong I have been. I don’t even know how it happened but I am so grateful it did. I was surfing the internet and I saw something about “Could aliens be demons?” And I scoffed and then I read it and it made all too much sense. I cried and have been talking to God, not lights in the sky, all night long. I love him even more, if that’s possible because he still loves me, and now I know the meaning of forgiveness.
I am a testament to how deceptive and tricky they are. They will not stop until, as it was aptly put in one of the articles I read today, the sheep are separated from the goats. And being a sheep really is the only way to stop them. One example of just how tricky they get, I don’t even understand how but, one night, I was walking and I saw the lights, as I almost always did, and something happened that made me run all the way home thinking fervently, over and over, “Remember this, they are not your friends, remember this…” But by the next morning I could not even remember why I had thought this. I believe they erased my memory somehow. I went on to believe they were, indeed my friends once again. I look back and shiver, I still can’t remember what made me run home. I thank God I no longer believe they are benevolent. I thank Jesus that I can once again share in his love. I hope this story will help someone out there to not have to experience what I have. Thank you for your time.
In love and peace,
“My Dreams Became Nightmares”
Testimony of “Michael”
I really enjoyed your website, actually I really didn’t, spiritual warfare is not something that is much fun. I thank you for having this site, and I will keep you in my prayers, you are doing an excellent job.
I am terrified by these types of events, literally. I am a born again Christian (age of 13, and repented several times since). I have had reoccurring nightmares of paralysis that seemed so life, exhausting and frustrating. To the point, I did not want to even go to sleep. It started when I was 20(actually in High School), when I moved in with my girlfriend at the time. Even though I knew this was wrong. Several months after this, I began to have nightmares of not being able to move, which I just thought were because of stress. She would mention that in the middle of sleeping, sometimes I would raise up (and it would be during these dreams where I would feel trapped but I would try to move). I figured that this was just the beginning of sleep walking.
I don’t have any occult pasts, however, I have some Family from Pt. Pleasant West Virginia, which is the scariest place in the world. And I have an Aunt who claims to have seen many UFOs. And another Aunt whose house is haunted (her houses, it follows her).
My girlfriend moved away after that year. I moved to another place, and don’t remember having too many more of the dreams. Actually I should digress, I remember having some of these dreams during high school, most of the time, when I would be ‘back sliding’. Always the same, dream within a dream feeling, that included paralysis. One thing that was constant about the dreams, was that I knew I was asleep even in my dreams, but something was telling me to get up, get up, something is here, its in the house you have to get up. I would use my mind to try to wake myself up, and move my body. eventually waking up . I was so afraid evening in the dream like state, that I would be forced to be ‘awake’ but unable to move forever. Still am. I had a water bed at the time, and would notice when I had these dreams that were probably related to me getting pinned against the head board or tangled in the covers. I would tell people that, and they would agree.
After College I moved into an apt. with my best friend. Mind you, I am and always will be the biggest chicken in the world. So before I move in anywhere, I go into each room and closet by myself to see how it feels. At this point I was back in line, and reading my bible daily. The first night in that room, I was awakened in the middle of the night by something kicking my mattress, not the box spring but the mattress. I knew enough then, about spiritual warfare, to read my bible, and pray in the name of Jesus. I figured who ever lived there before was into something they should not be. No problem whatsoever from that point on. My mom, was always a very spiritual Christian woman. She prayed and prayed. I had an older brother who was into Heavy Metal rock, and his room just felt different. I stayed in that room when I moved back home for awhile after college. And I never slept in there without the light on. My mom always teased me, because she said, there was nothing there. In that room, I had those same nightmares though. I had that in here, because I know I am a big chicken, and that the mind can be very powerful. My mother would tell me, if you didn’t do anything wrong during the day you would not have to worry at night.
So I go stay with my Aunt in Florida, whose houses were haunted. I was only there a week. At this point in my life, I always sleep with the light on, always, no matter what. I had the same can’t move dream 2-3 times in her house that week. But I was under a lot of stress with the move, so I blew it off.
Several years go by, have the dreams every now and then, but try to map them all back to stress related incidents, or just getting wrapped up in my blankets. However, they are so terrifying, that some nights I would not even go back to sleep. I would rather just be tired, than have to endure that dream, or the thought of it.
I moved into a one bedroom apt. Around 1995. Dreams came and went, but more frequently. I was a full time member of a church, going to singles activities, really try to witness to others. Then I met a young lady, I became engaged to, however we did not behave as we should have. It ended. But during that time, the dreams were very strong. In fact, I got so fed up with it, I really began to pray and read my bible. And one night while working out (since I felt that the paralysis could be overcome by being stronger, mentally and physically, I worked out a lot, I really felt like my mind could move my body in my dream and that would bring me out), I heard a voice in my head say, why do you not depend on ME for strength during those dreams. I felt like hitting myself on the head, I cannot believe I had not thought of that. After all, these were all stress related, but God can do anything. So that very night, I was determined to use the name of Jesus. Also, I always fought like crazy in these dreams, although my body was stiff as a board, my mind was working overtime (very strenuous, always very mentally taxing to say the least). But this night, I was not going to fight back instead of using my power I was going to call on Jesus.
As I went to bed that night, I was so confident and relieved. I went to bed, and sure enough, the dream came. But this time, in my mind, I said I am not fighting back. And for the first time (even though my mom always said it was the devil), this force said you better fight, you know who this is, kind of like you don’t know what you are dealing with. Immediately I felt like I was curled up into a ball, and this force went around me like a box that got tighter and tighter, I though I was done for sure, but did not fight it. This was all happening very fast. But in my mind, I just said, I am not fighting this battle, it is Jesus Battle.
At that point (in my dream still), I felt my body shoot up from the bed at something faster than light speed for a second I thought I had been killed, but as soon as I hit the ceiling, I came back down, and woke up. Ever since that night, those dreams have come and gone, unfortunately, I still try to fight it with my mind and body, before calling on the Lord at times(it’s like I forget, and want to do it myself). I am a very independent person, so I feel like God has used this to make me realize there are something’s you can not fight on your own.
I read my bible every day, but I still sleep with a light on. Even though I know that Jesus will always save me from these dreams, I dread the thought of having them, if I knew for sure I was going to have one. I would stay up all night to avoid it. If I had enough money, I would pay to have someone watch me sleep at night so they could wake me up, if it looked like I was struggling.
Oh, sorry for being all over the place. But I worked with a lady during my engagement time, who was into Chinese Astrology, although she proclaimed to be a Christian. Nicest lady in the world, and I would always try to witness to her, and that is when the dreams came back really strong. One night, I did read through one of her books, just as a joke. I didn’t have a dream that night, but I sure felt something in my apt. But like I said I am a big chicken, and I immediately told her to never tell me anything else about me, using that stuff again. We are still friends, but I know better than to mess around with anything like that.
When I was 2, A snake was coming up our sidewalk towards my sister and I, our dog Rex was in its way. My Mom had gone to a psychic the week before. She always said that is what that was from . As crazy as it sounds, I believe her. I do not like to even mess with that stuff. I never allow friend or co workers to even tell me a horoscope out of the newspaper, and warn them of what I consider to be very dangerous. I believe those are the channels the devil uses to get into our lives, because most people think they are harmless. I was also very lucky, as a middle school, my pastor told me that drugs were the way the devil could easily gain control of you, he painted the picture so well it scared me away from drugs.
I don’t believe I was every abducted by aliens, but I will say this, the dreams I have/had sure are very similar to what they describe. And I do believe my dreams not to be from God, I believe he uses them to strengthen me, and make sure I am depending on him, and not myself. However, I don’t wish anything like that on anyone. My prayers will go out to everyone who endures this, it is so frustrating and it feels so real I can not completely describe it in words. I have many many dreams, most of which are wonderful, but these are so completely different. And I always wake feeling exhausted, like I never went to sleep at all, I really, really hate them.
God Bless your website, and I will keep these people in my prayers. I can not begin to imagine how they can cope with this without Christ, my experiences with the dreams are frustrating enough, to imagine some of the things they have had to endure makes me cry, it is a very helpless feeling.
Testimony of Mark
My name is Mark and for more than 20 years now I have believed that the UFO phenomenon represents a deception. The author Jacque Valee has been reporting this for a long time and I have read most of his books. Until recently found your website though, I had never read that the ‘Name of Jesus’ could stop an abduction. I suspected as much for many years, but now I have read the testimonies of your website and these add confirmation to my own thoughts. I am the adult Sunday school teacher at Christian Lighthouse Church in Mount Clemons Michigan and I recently taught on ‘spiritual warfare’ on Sunday morning January 24th, 2004. I cited many scriptures on the power of Jesus’ name on controlling and defeating demonic activity. (Ephesians 6:12 comes to mind, among many other scriptures) I also included my thoughts on your website, using it to reinforce the idea that demons are still with us and are masquerading as aliens.
After my lesson, a newer member of our congregation came up to me and related that she had awoke one night to find herself paralyzed and even unable to talk. She felt something applying pressure to her upper torso as if some invisible ‘thing or person’ was sitting on her chest. She called out to Jesus in her mind and immediately found herself free. She then began to pray out loud in Jesus name. This just seems to me to be further confirmation that this is a wide spread problem and that only true Christian believers have the power, through Jesus name, to combat these attacks.
We are a small, but very devout Bible believing church and there is freedom within our assembly to believe what many larger main line churches would not teach to their congregations. This is perhaps just one more sign that Christ’s return is very near. I thank you for your courage to present this topic to the masses of people currently looking for answers on the web.
The Story of Karen
After almost 4 years of searching God word for the answers to what I had been through I compelled to share my testimony. ev 12:11 and they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony and they loved not their lives unto the death.? Supernatural activity seems to have occurred throughout the history of this world. Fallen angels have appeared in many ways as gods to be worshipped by man. Satan, a fallen angel, and his dominions (demons) have used many different disguises to deceive mankind from worshipping the one true God. Many civilizations, religions and beliefs are founded upon the knowledge that the allen angels?have imparted to man to keep us separated from God. They always lead man to death and destruction. As Stephan quoted in Acts 7:42-43, God turned and gave them up to worship the host of heaven. I believe the warnings are being sounded throughout the world that it time to decide whom you serve. Joshua 24:14,15.
I have asked the Lord to guide over what I write and that nothing but what actually took place to be written down. Acts 4:20, Habakkuk 2:2,3.
This is not easy to explain, so Il start where things were almost normal. Understand that I was raised un-churched and spent my life as an alcoholic &/ or drug user. I had gone into the military when I was 17years old. The next 16 years was fairly normal. At 33 (May 93) I returned to Oklahoma. I bought the little town bar and business was real good. It was just my daughter Erika and me and we were renting a house in the country.
I was offered another bar business in a town 40 miles north and jumped at the opportunity (this one had gambling machines in the back room). I began doing rank?to help keep the long hours. This is where it began, Aug 1994(approx.). I started having trouble with the police, city department, postal service, and I just knew that I must have been missing something. (I had multiple disturbing the peace charges, natural gas leaks, withholding my mail.) From what I gathered I was running off some of their drug dealers and this was their way a getting the point across. Then the car following began; everywhere I went I was being tailed. It was very obvious and anyone who rode with me noticed. I could do 80, they would do 80. I could slow down to 40 and so would they. They always set off my radar detector with the laser squeal. I could go and park in the middle of nowhere and one of those cars would show up (set off my radar detector). It seemed like I was being bugged. One night Kerry (a friend of mine) and I decided to check the house for bugs. Kerry found something that looked like an in line fuse in the fluorescent light wiring. I was looking through my purse and noticed that the duck emblem on the side had been sewn on but I was able to pull it off and back behind it was a glob of glue with a piece of metal in the middle of it with spider looking wires extending out from it. We headed to my sister Lisa house a 7:00am on a Sunday morning with what we had found. I wanted someone who was straight to tell me what we had found. She confirmed what we thought they were. Kerry had the bright idea to wrap them up and use bailing wire and tied them under the hood of my truck. We didn want them in the truck with us and didn know what else to do with them. We headed to my house and I was going to pack a few things and just get away from there. Less than an hour later we were ready to go. I popped the hood to make sure my company was still there, bailing wire and all was gone. Somehow in the broad daylight someone (thing) had removed them from under my hood. My truck had been locked and I was the only one with any keys. I can only remember feeling totally lost at this point. Where do you take this kind of stuff? I just wanted to know what they wanted from me? I wasn a big drug dealer or anything that would bring on these extensive measures. I just kept on in my same lifestyle and tried to figure out what was going on. I didn know what else to do. Everyone always called this stuff tweaking, not really happening except in the mind.
Every time I pulled in my driveway at night my motion detector light always messed with me. Sometimes it would come on and let me get to the door and then go off. Other times it wouldn’t come on till I was trying to get the key in the door. I could imagine someone across the road in the field really having a good laugh at my expense. It always felt like they were out in the woods around my house. When I would go look around my yard during the day I would find footprints, candy wrappers, and stuff. Strange considering that my nearest neighbor was approx. 1/10th of a mile north of me.
One afternoon my daughter and me were leaving the house to go shopping, and she told me to look at her bedroom window screen (her window was about 5?up from the ground). It had dog paw prints all over it like it had been down on the ground and our dog had walked on it and then someone had put it back up on the window. One night I was closing the bar in Prague and was sitting down before I left and when I glanced at the phone the light was flashing that I had a message. It was my daughter asking when I was coming home. So I called home and asked her, ?what was up,?she said that she hadn’t called me. Everywhere I went the phone would ring and when I answered there wasn anyone there. It was definitely driving me crazy so I had a private detective try and find out what was going on. I called him on a Saturday (at his home) to find out why he hadn called to let me know what was going on. He told me that he had tried to call me at my home number (918 area code), the bar I had in Drumright (918), the bar I had in Prague (405), and everyone of them had the same recording, hat this line is temporarily disconnected.?He suggested that I get out of there and that he didn know what was going on. I guess it scared him off.
We moved into town with my boyfriend Stan. I pulled out of Drumright thinking that if I got out of there it would stop. (July 95) And it seemed like it worked, whatever was stalking me had stopped. I had found another bar to operate in Chandler (about 30 miles NW). Then it started again one afternoon when a lady named Robin came in the bar in Chandler and wanted a deck of cards. She started laying the cards out on the bar and began telling about my past (I had never met her before). She told me about my going into the military when I was young and the reason why I had went in. No one else knew any of these things about my past that she knew. She specifically detailed things in my boyfriend house that I was remodeling and she told me that the things I thought he was doing were true. I thought he was seeing someone else and lying to me about it. I was scared to leave him; somehow I knew that they would come back if I was alone again. Then she started telling me about my future (I really have a hard time telling the rest of this). She told me that my dog was going to get ran over and I was going to have an abortion. I must have been looking at her funny because then she said to confirm it for me to concentrate on a subject. I had been worried about the income tax that I had filed the previous year that was being held by the IRS and I couldn find out the reason why. My bookkeeper had contacted them and I was expecting a letter from them. I was worried that I was going to be audited. She said that I was expecting something in the mail and I would receive it in 5 days and that it wasn what I thought it was. She left and I forgot all about it until a couple days later when the letter came. There had been a friend staying with me that had used my PO box number to file his income tax that made my claim to be invalid, so no audit. I was relieved and I didn want to think about the rest of what she had said.
Everything went downhill from the moment Robin came by that first time. I really don think she even understood what was going on. I did end up pregnant and had an abortion. We split up and my daughter and me moved out to my parents till we could find a place. We had a Golden Retriever named Misty that decided one day to follow me as I left for work. She followed me out into the road and I pulled over to the edge of the dirt road and was telling her to get back to the house when I seen a truck coming over the hill and they ran over her and kept going. At this point it all came flooding back, everything had happened just like Robin had said it would.
The place I use to rent came open and we moved back out there. (May 96 approx.) Funny things happened every day, like things being moved around, nuts and bolts in the floorboard of my car like it was being tampered with. At this time I became a full-fledged crankster. Nothing mattered but the dope and being around people who did it. I hated to be alone or to go to sleep. One night as I sat out on my porch alone the stars started to move. I watched 5 of them; they would move. I must have lain out on the porch all night watching them because next thing I remembered was the sun coming up and those 5 stars all gathered around the moon and then they disappeared. The cars started following me again and the radar detector started going off again and the motion detector light stared the same stuff, but it didn scare me like it used to. This time I was curious about what it all meant. My boyfriend MG and my friend Kerry that stayed with me were both cranksters. One night we were coming home from the bar in Chandler and was almost to my house when we were encompassed within a bright white light. It spread out the whole road over into the pasture. It was blinding and we were in it somehow. MG hit the brakes and we stopped to look at what it was. There was no sound whatsoever. Almost as soon as we stopped to look at it, it was gone. None of us even brought this up for a long time.
Some nights we would walk around outside looking for whoever it was out there watching my house. One time I was in the house and walked outside in time to see Kerry running down the fence line with a flashlight. About the time she stopped, I seen something shine a flashlight back in her face. She turned and looked at me and asked if I had seen what had just happened. We were fascinated by the things that were happening, yet I distrusted both of them; one of them had to know what was really going on. One time I even heard the sound of a keyed mike like a Police radio come from Kerry room. It also happened at a later time.
It was about 3:00am one morning when Kerry and me went in town to the store. On the way there I ran over a big raccoon and I made the comment that I was glad it wasn any of my relatives; my last name being Coon (ha ha). The next morning when I went out to get out in my car there was a dead raccoon right by my car door, like it had been put there.
On night I had went to pick up MG from work and when we pulled in the drive at my house there was a fire in the back yard (just a intense concentrated flame burning and pieces of fire rolling up towards my house). I went in to check on my daughter and she was asleep. MG said he put out the fire and it was nothing more than a Field and Stream Magazine. Someone had used the guts of a Zippo lighter to start it. I am pretty sure that the lighter had came from inside my house. I was afraid for my daughter safety. I sent her to my sister Lisa house and gave them very little information about what was going on except that I was being followed and possibly still bugged. My sister told me about some strange vehicles coming down her road (very obvious because it a secluded road).
The nights became an obsession to me. The stars began to be moving a lot more and moving closer. One would come down and back up; then the next one would do the same. I spent most of my time watching them.
I could be inside my house and look out my windows and one would drop down so I could see it. I would run across the house and look out and another one would do the same thing. It became entertaining to be outside and run and duck under a tree and see how long before one would drop down where I could see it. This was happening when MG was around too. Needless to say this all drove me to be reclusive. I couldn explain what was happening and everyone I tried to tell thought I was going off the deep end or thought I was just kidding. I was in constant fear and had no idea where to find any answers. I got evicted from my house and moved to the apartment in the back of my bar in Chandler. (Sept 96)
If there was ever a place that you could literally feel evil, it was there. Robin came back around to let me know that I needed to get rid of my friends, that they were going to get me busted. I tried to even keep them closer. Couldn tell you why, but I guess I figured if I didn believe her maybe it wouldn happen. At this point I sent my daughter to stay with her dad in Georgia. I couldn deal with any part of real life at this point. Robin had stopped by again and I wanted to find out what she knew. This time I asked her what was going on around me. The only thing she said to me was that something really important was going on and that it started with an ? When I questioned place, thing, or what, all she would say was that it started with a big ?
I finally closed the bar in Chandler down and just lived there (I didn want anyone around). I stayed strung out. No matter how much crank I did I would still fall asleep and that what I was trying to avoid. I felt things were happening to me while I was asleep. The apartment and the bar were built half way like a dock underneath for support over a pond. At different times we heard voices and laughing come from underneath. One morning when I woke up, there at the end of the bed was what appeared to be a handprint. It looked wet but it wouldn dry, like it was an oily substance.
MG stayed around and still was able to work; he worked swing shift. Most of the time I thought MG had to have something to do with all the crazy stuff happening or at least knew more than he was letting on.
One night I had had enough and decided we had to get out of there, hoping that it would all quit. So MG and me went and stayed at a motel for a few days. We were trying to get cleaned up. We decided to get a small apartment in Shawnee and went to go pick-up some of our things from the bar apartment. When we had left a couple of days earlier I had packed in a hurry and had thrown a bunch of my clothes over a barstool in my room and left them there. The t-shirt that was on top I had never seen before and it had to have been put there while we were gone. The front of the shirt was a normal o fear?shirt. But the back said, or many are called, but few are chosen? The only thing I knew was that it meant something important, I didn know what it meant, but I just knew it did. So I kept running hoping it would just go away. But it didn, it kept following me and getting stranger and more far out there that I realized that it wasn people doing this to me.
At the apartment in Shawnee all I could do was sleep and I had bad dreams. MG couldn understand it when I would tell him that they were still out there. I didn understand what I meant. It was at this point I went to my parent place and tried to stay clean. I was staying clean but all the crazy stuff was still happening. When I went outside at night to leave for work and the stars were still out there. They would follow me real close now. I would look away and try to ignore them. One of them followed me all the way to a Travis house and when I pulled in his driveway he was standing outside looking up and asked me if that light had followed me there? I couldn believe that he had seen it too. It wasn long until I fell back in to the crank and caused major problems within my family and I couldn explain to them what was happening to me it cause it wasn making any sense to me. I had walked off from everything and gave up on a real life and lost it all during this time.
I still had my problem following me. This time MG and me moved south to Seminole. (Jan 97). It was secluded area with a lot of black jack trees. One day in January when it was unseasonably warm I decided to go out and rake the yard. I bagged the leaves up I threw the bags off to the east side of the house. There was no breeze blowing whatsoever, but at the southeast corner fence line there was a leaf devil circling around. I wouldn have thought any more about except it started moving up towards me coming through the trees. I just stood there at the edge of the patio watching it maneuver up towards the patio. After a couple of seconds it was up on the edge of the patio 10? feet from me at stopped there, still spinning. I remember thinking to myself, ou don scare me,?and then it took off down the hill where I had thrown the bags of leaves and just dropped right there. MG and I still seen each other, but it was a messed up relationship of n one day and off the next.?Due to my distrust of everybody around me. Everyday something strange happened. One time I was taking MG up to Gail with me and we were tag watchers due to the tailing that happened all the time. While we stopped a couple of miles from Gail at a convenience store I seen a tag that was XXX045 and I cracked a joke that he wasn a 007…Ha ha! As we left there to Gail house I decided that I would have MG drive by my old house where I used to live and show him where I had grew up. Last time I had been by there the house was empty and had been gutted. This time it was restored and in the driveway there was parked a maroon mini-van with the license plate of XXX007. Real strange. Another one of those things that I knew that meant something. After that I seen 007 license plates all the time.
I put everything I owned in storage and moved up to OKC with my friend Gail. (Mar 97). One day I tried to tell her about the lights that followed me and she cracked a joke, re you gonna tell me there is little green men in there??I hadn even considered that at all, I never considered the UFO stuff to be real anyway. I didn even consider that that was what they were. I could believe that they were some kind of Government Conspiracy. You know, pick out the cranksters cause no one will believe them anyhow. So I never brought them up to her again. I did tell her that when I found out what was going on I would tell her. I was being driven; by I don know what at this time, to find out what was going on, cause I always knew it meant something important.
Gail and me learned the ooking crank trade? Actually, I was the cook and Gail was the dealer. It suited me just fine because I stayed secluded most of the night. My friend Laura lived south of OKC in Newcastle and I spent time there with her cooking dope. They both thought I was a little crazy. Gail picked me up a pager so she could keep up with me cause I seemed to disappear all the time. When she told me the number I knew something was wrong, XXX-2666, it was my last name if you dial the numbers on the phone, COON.
I never tried to show them the lights. I tried to ignore the lights when I was out cause I wanted them to leave me alone, but they never went away. The cars still followed me and set off my radar detector. I went from OKC to Newcastle all the time and never really thought it took me very long. The drive should have only been 30-40 minutes top. A lot of times Laura would find me parked and asleep in her driveway in the morning when her boyfriend was heading off to work. That would be 5-6 hours after I had left Gail house.
The fear and the crank kept me moving around and I found myself back in Prague living with a friend east of town on a ranch. I had contacted Robin after I had moved out to Prague and she kept stressing that they were going to bust me in that County that I was in. She said I needed to get out of there. I ignored her and stayed. I spent most of the time alone except when I drove to the city to see Gail or Laura. I was really trying to make some sense out of the whole mess. I picked up one of Laura old running friends (Sherry#1) and took her with me to Newcastle one evening. Around 1:00am she drove us back to her house in Meeker. I was too sleepy to drive cause I was coming clean off the crank. (Trying to anyhow). After Sherry stopped at her house I got over in the driver seat and headed east to Prague. All that I remember is I was not able to drive very well, matter of fact I thought at one time I was driving on a dirt road cause it was so bumpy. I vaguely remember driving through Prague, but I do remember looking out my rear view mirror and seeing headlights and thinking that I was fixing to get pulled over (busted). Then I remember driving down a street and then I looked up and my car was driving on a winding dirt road through some trees. Then when I opened my eyes I was pulling up to a garage door and two guys were standing in front of my car, one at the right and one directly in front of me. The one in front of me was signaling for me to stop right there. You know the stop signal of the hand up and palm out? That was it, so I set my brake and rolled down my window and asked the one in front of me why didn they open the garage door? The guy (?) on the right looked at the one in front of me and then I don remember anything else until I woke up about dawn. My head was hanging out the window and it was misting lightly and I wasn even cold. I knew something really strange had happened and I headed on out of there not even knowing exactly where I was. As I came to the main road I realized where I was staying was only a couple miles east. When I got in the house I called Laura in Newcastle to tell her that I had just got in and what had happened to me.
Sherry#2, another crankster friend that hung out with me once in a while. I always knew that there was something that she had I needed. I could not tell you what it was but I used to tell her that. One night I decided to show her the lights. I took Boyd farm truck and we headed out to a secluded road to a high elevation area. As I looked up it was cloudy and it seemed like a scene right out of a horror movie, you know the rolling clouds. Something told me to tell her to shine the spotlight up and one of those lights would come down. Even to my amazement the clouds all just rolled back like a scroll and there was a full moon and those 5 stars were all around it. Sherry watched them through a pair of binoculars and the stars moved for her. They would take turns moving forward, change the pattern of the face, she said it looked similar to what an etch-a-sketch done. I was trying not to look at them but this was different than what I was used to. After a while Sherry asked me what I thought they were and I told her,  didn know.?I just wanted them to leave me alone. As she was looking at them again through the binoculars she started telling me that they were evil and not to conform to what they represented. Then she threw the binoculars down and yelled that they had burned her eyes and her legs. They followed as we headed back to the ranch. After we went in Sherry was squinting her eyes against the inside light. Five minutes later I looked outside and it was fully overcast, like it had never happened. Funny thing happened after that, Sherry found her Bible and started telling me about Jesus.
I told her about the license plates (007) and all the other things that were going on. She became obsessed with the lights and everywhere we went the 007 tags were there. Everybody we told about the lights began to see them too. I just wanted it all to go away…. Laura called one day to tell me that she had something in her attic and something in her house and they were running around her house trying to drive her crazy. (She had previously thought I was crazy when I had told her about the stuff I was seeing) But she had taking a 357 and put it to her head and pulled the trigger and missed and shot the wall. She knows that she should be dead right now. I went to see her and told her what I felt was happening. That those things were evil and I believed it meant something important was happening and I was trying to find out what it was.
I was pretty straight at this time and really wanted to get the answers to what was happening. I was living in the twilight zone and wanted out. During these last few years I had heard of others who were seeing the lights. One in Carney had been picked up by the Police for wandering through the ally yelling up to the sky, eam me up.?I heard he was sent to be mentally evaluated. Another one in Drumright had tried to shoot himself too.
I decided to go and see my family and tell them what was going on and that I believed it meant something. After telling my sister Lisa, I wanted to show her the lights. I tried to get them to move and even shined a light up there to no avail. She told me that it was her understanding that people coming off of crank were apt to see illusions. This was what they teach the counselors in prison. (That where she worked). In other words she didn believe me.
I was going to make a trip to Georgia to bring my daughter home for the holidays and after that admit myself into a treatment program. It didn quiet work out like that. I needed money to make the trip to Georgia and Kerry was there when I was making one last cook (so I thought). It was about 3:00am when I seen them coming up the driveway, about 15 police cars. Kerry had set me up.
Off to jail I went and I had no bond. Other people with serious crimes like assault with deadly weapons had a bond. Funny thing was, I wasn afraid any more. I spent 10 months locked down in a 1010?cell. The first 8 months I was only let out for court. I had a bad attitude and was very vocal with my opinion. After I settled my case, I became a trustee and jail cook…. Long way from where I had started.
The Lord had answered my cry for help. (Not exactly my choice of a treatment center.) I sought the Lord with all my heart. I wanted to know the hy?of what had happened. On Friday nights a biker looking guy from a local church used to come by, his name was Pete. At first I didn really want to talk to him. After I learned a basic knowledge of the Bible then I began questioning him. Something had made me realize that all my answers to what I went through and more were in the Bible. With what little knowledge that I had I knew there was something missing. I wrote Pete a letter to ask what it was. The following Friday he showed up and asked me if I was ready to make Jesus Lord of my life. I was definitely ready. He laid his hand on my head and led me in the sinner prayer. I repented and asked the Lord to come into my heart. Pete was commanding that Satan and his demons had to go and that I belonged to the Lord now. I felt a strange feeling deep in my stomach like a stirring of a thousand butterflies and I felt it come up out of me. Then came the flood of uncontrollable crying (good feeling). Then I felt overwhelming peace come in. I had been set free. The Bible says in Mark 16:17, And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name they shall cast out devils…….I believe I proof of that, Jesus is still sitting the captives free. I a prime example of Satan doing everything possible to keep me from getting busted which in turn led to my salvation.
Ie been out of prison for over two years, free from the fear and terror. I have a burden to help those who are still suffering in the drug world. Those who still don know that the things they are seeing and experiencing are of another dimension (demonic). The world doesn know how to treat the drug epidemic it is much bigger than just a bad habit, it is one of Satan’s areas of expertise. Ie seen many drug users go through one drug rehabilitation after another and come out un-changed. There is no cure through the world, only through Jesus can this battle be won. I know that that we are to comfort others as God has comforted us. (2 Corinthians 1:3,4). That is where my calling and my life are directed now.
Through the whole time of my ordeal, I knew something beyond what I could understand was going on. (It pretty bad when other drug addicts are afraid to come around you.) Even in my ignorance about God, all of this drew me to want to know the truth. I believe the Lord is raising up a people for this time and has allowed us to see the deception coming so we will sound the alarm. (Joel 2:1) All this demonic activity does mean something,
Jesus is coming soon. In Christ,
Nicole’s Testimony
Here is my testimony for you.
When I was age 5 I saw small gray in bedroom in house, daytime, woke up from nap with my Mom and looked in a full length mirror and saw gray on floor looking out from under the bed, could not process what I was seeing, thought it was a child, or an old bald man, then could not categorize and thought it was a monster. Was not having a dream, noted at the time this was not a dream. Thought of touching it, but was scared it might bite me or have teeth. Was scared, curled up by Mom and went back to sleep. Remember asking her if she saw anything after I woke and nap was over.
My Mother remembers me asking her if she had seen anything strange after the nap.
I remember telling my parents a year later, after seeing ET at the movies, that I had seen an ET in the bedroom.
My mother remembers me telling them this about age 6. My feeling at the time was essentially “Darn, I could have had a fun adventure with the ET but I was too scared, I am so dumb, I missed my opportunity.”
Had night terrors some as a young child, around this age, remember woke up at least 1 time dreaming about a multitude of bugs, looked at the wall and thought I saw bugs crawling on it, lots of screaming and it woke my parents up. Also was insistent on checking under the bed and in closet for monsters.
skip to age 12-14 liked my bed mattresses on the floor with no frame, skip to age 16-18 had frame again and memory of this event when I was 5, still checking under bed for monsters/aliens. Habitual routine every night or I could not sleep.
There were no “alien abduction” events from ages 5-20, that I remember, though many other supernatural/paranormal events which could not be classified as “alien abduction”.
I became a born-again Christian Age 20.
In trying to understand many paranormal things that happened to me, while reading the Bible, asking God for understanding, the Holy Spirit seemed to tell me that the alien experience I remembered from when I was 5 tied into the Bible in the verse “And I saw 3 evil spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon and the beast and the false prophet.” So I realized this alien was a demon/fallen angel. I have done much thinking and research on understanding how the “alien” phenomena fits into that verse since then.
Age 20 noted weird bump on my face under the skin. It never went away. Age 21 second bump inch or so away from first bump, slightly bigger, it appeared seemingly overnight and I noticed this acutely. Age 21-23 very concerned that I had some sort of tumors or mouth cancer, from smoking (had been smoking for 10 years by age 23). Had great amount of stress worrying about this. Though I had insurance I did want want this to get checked out because I was hopeful if I kept praying about it and kept faith that God would heal it, that it would heal without medical intervention, or at least if tumors they would stay benign and not get bigger. Age 23 quit smoking for many reasons, one of which was trying to meet God half way on the tumor/mouth cancer issue.
Age 23-24 one day noticed I was habitually tounging this hard bump inside my mouth, and realized I never used to do that, and realized this bump was something new. It was a hard under flesh spot on the jaw bone, could not be a flesh growth like a tumor, and I could not figure out what it was.
About 4 months later I was watching the Karla Turner DVD I got from Alien Resistance, along with many Ancient of Days conference DVDs, and the Holy Spirit really seemed to make Turner’s statements on automatic or nonvoluntary repression of abduction memories (ie fallen angels have control over the repression and there is no personal choice in this repression), and also the ability for later recovery of these memories. This struck a chord, and at this point I started having memories come back of an “alien abduction” experience. Some of the memories were more body/sensory, and some were visual, some was pieces of conversation. Altogether, what happened went something like this:
My eyes were shut and I was paralyzed and felt drugged, sorta like one might feel when very drunk but without any burning or nausea or dizziness. I felt like I was lying in bed on my back, I thought I must be in my bed, I looked to the left, open my eyes, expected to see my significant other there, he was not, I didn’t see my bedroom, instead I saw a concrete gray room, the light extended out a little ways, but most everything was in shadow, I could move my head and looked around, I saw three grays standing over me, 2 were kinda holding me, another was moving around some. I was intrigued watching all this. They were not causing pain… but then they molested me some, And then there was some telepathic conversation…
for the most part it was really annoying/irritating and also it was hard to focus. I tried to move, but I was paralyzed… eventually they got out a big drill and stuck it in my mouth, it hurt, I tried to ignore the pain and think about something else, but it really really hurt, and I think I eventually blacked out from the pain.
Anyway, once I remembered this, I placed the event to having happened in late Dec of 2006. And looking back, I remembered I had been reading on AR somewhere about ‘seeing things out of the corner of your eyes moving’ preceding an abduction, and remembered I had been experiencing that happen within a week of this abduction event.
I am thinking it was May or June I started experiencing ‘seeing things move out of the corner of my eyes’ again one night. And I realized I might soon have to deal with another abduction experience, even though I knew what it was… I knew it was evil spirits… so I got on the AR and then your CE4 website right then and read the guide to self-deliverance on there, and verbally rebuked outloud in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. Just what is written in the guide to self-deliverance, “The Lord Jesus Christ Rebuke You, The Lord Adonai Rebuke You! …” And I stopped seeing things move out of the corner of my eyes.
I haven’t had an abduction experience since, that was May/June of 2007.
Also about 2 months ago I had a very real-seeming dream. In the dream I woke up and my husband was there sleeping, and there was a decapitated alien gray head in between us in the bed. And I felt like I couldn’t talk, but I kept trying until I rebuked it in the name and authority of Jesus Christ in the dream. “The Lord Jesus Christ Rebuke You!” Then I dreamed I woke up, and was telling my husband about the dream (still dreaming though) and when he was acting weird I realized I was still dreaming, and finally really woke up! And then I really told my husband about it. Real-seeming dream within a dream within a dream, I have no doubt demons were attacking me that night. I know this is part of what I have heard you talk about with the 8 R’s, the 6th R is Resist, “when it tries to come back, resist it” this is because it will try to come back, this is typical and normal, they do try to come back and you need to show your resolution to continue resisting them.
I also vaguely remember a couple other abduction experiences, both are fuzzy on details, they are probably from when I got the other 2 bumps in my face.
I still don’t know whether these bumps are growths the fallen angels caused to happen, or foreign objects, but I have no doubt they caused them or put them there. I am sure they are like most foreign objects found in abductees, little pieces of metal or ceramic, with no apparent technological function. I don’t believe they are technology, they don’t do anything, more just like a pebble in your shoe, they are annoying. I believe these fallen angels cause these in abductees to strengthen the belief paradigm that these are real ETs from another place, biological entities of some kind, its all just part of the deception to get people to think they are “aliens” instead of the fallen angels that they are.
I know I no longer need to be afraid of them, or worry about these bumps, as the bumps are harmless, and Jesus Christ protects me from them harassing me or violating me in that way anymore. Jesus makes it so I don’t have to deal with them anymore, He keeps me safe, and I trust Him in that, I have Faith in Him to do that, He has done that, and He is so Good!
Thank you so much for doing all the work you do to let others know that they don’t have to keep suffering from abductions, that Jesus Christ wants to help them be set free from these attacks. God Bless You.
Testimony of Max
I wasn’t always a born again Christian, actually I remember thinking “I have become what I hate the most”. Though I was raised catholic and accepted Jesus Christ as the Most High at the age of 6, it hadn’t really been a big part of my life up until mid-May 2000, 17 years later. Growing up in Canada and moving from Quebec to Vancouver and then to Toronto I would see things that others didn’t seem to, “paranormal things”, demons, ghosts and goblins. I wouldn’t tell anyone because I just figured we didn’t talk about this stuff or it was all in my imagination. I would also see angels or golden light-balls too, when I accepted Christ as a lifestyle I was 6 and a golden light-ball came to me and asked me what I wanted to do when I got old ? My answer was this, ” I wanna be just like Jesus and walk amongst my people in peace”! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I ANSWERED AT THE AGE OF 6 TO THAT BALL OF LIGHT THAT ONLY I WAS ABLE TOO SEE. Right away I was convicted of my own sin, I remember thinking how I could be a better child for my parents and a better brother to my older sister and not tease her as much as I did. I had a pretty normal childhood, aside from seeing that stuff and having strong lustful thought at an early age, which again I thought was normal.
At the age of 12, I saw two golden angels help me over a car that I was hit by while riding my bike, that same year I saw what I thought was my deceased grand-mothers ghost, these as well I never told anybody until a few years after. As a family, we never really went to church, prayed and gave thanks at meals nor did we observed the Sabbath, we celebrated Christmas though ! In my childhood I had always been fascinated by ghosts and aliens, I had read a few books here and there, I would also read about Bigfoot, werewolves and the Loch Ness monster. At the age of 14 I started drinking and smoking cigarettes, really rebelling.
By 16 drinking wasn’t fun anymore, I had never really likes drinking, I found something I did like, hash and marijuana. By that time I had already experienced alien abductions and had been anal probed, years later South Park the cartoon mentions it and I laughed when I heard them mention anal probes because, laugh was all I was able to do. One weekend a friend and I were so bored we mad a Ouija board and summoned the dead, that led in some people getting possessed. The high school I attended was catholic, we wore uniforms and said Our Lords Prayer every morning.
At about 17 I fought with a spirit in my room, it named itself Jacob and flung me to the wall where I would be paralyzed in mid-air for about 5 minutes or so, it was a classical old hag attack. In grade twelve I started to go to raves and do ecstasy, what’s funny is that I started to care more about my grades, especially in the great religions course we were all forced to take. I developed an interest in the religions around the world and started to study some, especially the ones with many gods and demigods. After high school, I quit doing ecstasy, I had thought of going to art school to get into animation, but that changed as I wanted more real life experience before I deciding what to do. The supernatural was all around me by then, I was casting magik circles and spells, had a relationship with a succuci, was studying the occult and metaphysical I had become some sort of new age shaman. Communication with spirits and astral/soul projections were a daily thing, I was led to believe all this was training for my spiritual growth, to raise my consciousness to the next level sort of Babel, but the abductions were really out of hand by then, I had awakened during one, naked I got off the cold metal table, cursing and swearing, waving my hands in the air and pointing to one of them as I approached it I punched a gray guy in the head, my fist stayed stuck in there and I could feel the goo that it had for brains, the skull cracked like an egg and I saw colors in there and a bad smell came out. It just dropped dead like a puppet and stayed hanging off my hand, that was all I could remember from that event.
This drove me to a shrink where all he could was ” a thousand people are experiencing this, some guy from Harvard wrote a book about it, want pills “? So I took his pills and then found myself getting up one morning leaving a perfectly beautiful relationship with this girl, family and friends, hopped on a greyhound bus and headed for Vancouver to end up living on the streets with crack addicts and prostitutes. Two weeks there another abduction happened and this time there on the ship were reptilians and strapped to the walls were some of my friends from back home Toronto. That morning I realized I couldn’t run nor hide from whatever this was, so I headed home for Toronto, after seeing my friends in comas strapped to the walls I missed them, this was in February 98.
On my return home from Vancouver things were more confusing than ever, the girl whom I had left, her and I tried to continue our relationship but to no avail. Her dad had left the faith and become a Buddhist, she had even told him that God would be pissed off because of it. I am pretty sure that our relationship was the result of witchcraft. Whether or not I learned a lot about what it means to be in a serious relationship. I was still involved in talking with spirits and doing meditations, this is when I started kriya yoga. Spirits led me to some guru from India who taught it. Truly this is the time I discovered that I was searching for something, that my whole life I had been searching but for what I still didn’t know. Starting from my high school years spirits had been given scenes from my certain so-called past lives as to make me believe that they would help me along my spiritual journey, none of this really helped all it really did was make me yearn for more. I was searching for truth, the truth. Then spirits said that because of my stage in my development the hierarchy had decided to link me with another being that was on another planet or some other dimension so that both I and this being could evolve at a quicker rate and benefit from the merge in consciousness, this is what they termed the “walk in” experience and that I had to agree with it, I was very doubtful and unsure I wanted to do this but they insist and offered me all kinds of reason why I should, they even had dead relatives come and reassure me it was alright that it would also help the whole which is God evolve as well.
Then about 5 1/2 months after that my life was really going into darkness, I was experiencing blood lust for human blood, I was looking for a host who would be willing to let me drink their blood, my perversion was worst than ever before and hidden memories of the abductions were flooding my mind at all times of the day and night. There was nothing I could do, it was only getting worse by the minute. All my so-called spirit guides had disappeared and none were responding, I was already bi-sexual since late high school and now I was being drawn into the S & M realm of bondage and torture, meanwhile at work I was playing it pretty cool so that no one would notice, but some did. I had summed up that all of this was due to the abductions and the rapes and other things that had gone on up there in the crafts with those reptilians, I would draw them and I in the most perverted scenes imaginable, they wanted me to keep drawing and paint some of these drawings which were pretty much reptilian & human pornography and then get them posted on the world wide web. I was frantic, peers at worked found out of my abductions because I no longer could hide my paranoia, they are great people, most didn’t judge me or mock me, some even believed me and shared some of their experiences. But I couldn’t sit around and have this continue, I was losing sleep, I was terrified of going to bed, I drank just to escape the reality I was living in. I remember my mom asking me what she could do to help me she said something like ” what can I do, give you a pill? give me a pill? give you a gun? give me a gun? what, what will help you”? My mom is an extremely loving and compassionate lady with a lot of patience. I was also fearful because I had remembered my nephew telling us when he was about 2 that at night “the moon would come into his room and take him away”! Many times I wondered why this was going on and how could I end it, suicide was always a good option.
I don’t know how it happened, but as much as I was anti-Christ the Lord led me to www.ce4.org and this site helped me come to terms with whatever is going on these end days. It all ended and started one night in mid-May of the year 2000 at the age of 23, I was lying in bed and I started praying to the Lord Jesus Christ, I said something to the likes of ” Lord whatever it takes, I’ll do it just stop these abductions, whatever you want is yours, my life is in your hands, it belongs to you. And this is where I prayed the sinners prayer, it was 4 easy steps.
Testimony of Kelly
A beautiful testimony showing the power
and authority of Jesus Christ
In some ways my testimony is different than the others I have read here, and in other ways they are very similar! But I hope that my testimony can be used to help someone else. I accepted Christ when I was 13 laying in a hospital bed. I was to have an operation to remove a tumor that took away my hearing in my right ear, and almost took my life. There was nothing on TV. except a movie about Jesus. At that time in life I had nothing but hatred for God, and Christians. But I was too tired to live and too tired to hate anymore. So I left the TV. on. When it showed Jesus dying on the cross, I began to weep, for the first time since I could remember. And I prayed, “God if your as good and as kind as I see here now. Then please, let me die.” And I heard a Voice, “First give me your life.” I felt no fear, but I looked around the room and out the door down the hospital corridor to see where the Voice was coming from. I saw no one and got back into bed. I whispered, “What?” And it said again, “First give me your life.” And I knew it was Jesus. So I said, “Take it! I don’t want it anymore!”
I still thought that I was going to die in the operation, but I didn’t. Though there was a peace and a love I never felt before, I was still tired of life. But I knew that I would die soon anyways, because my grandfather told me that if I ever betrayed him, if I ever became a Christian he would kill me. I waited for the spirit guides to tell him what I had done. But three months later, while he was at one of his satanic conventions, he died. When I realized that I was not going to die anytime soon, I fell into a deep despair. When my grandfather died, so did my connections, it seemed, with his occultic group. And I don’t know how to explain how awkward I felt in this world. I didn’t feel comfortable with other Christians, or anyone really. I couldn’t fit the world that I once knew with the “real” world. I told myself I had made it all up, and I believed for awhile that I did make it up. I told myself, forget it, it never happened. And so I made myself forget the world I had known for 13 years. But it haunted me in my nightmares. I had nightmares of being put on a table and being tortured. I had nightmares of demons telling me that I was crazy and that if I ever told anyone about them, I would be locked up and they would never let me wake up again. I would wake up with bruises, sometimes bleeding, and gasping for breath. I would wake up to people standing around my bed, speaking to me in another language, that I knew. Or my bed shaking violently even though there was no earthquake. And the thing that bothered me the most was my clock on the nightstand turning into a slithering snake, with the time in it’s eyes. And so many more bizarre things that I thought I was losing my mind. I knew I gave my life to God, but I wondered what kind of a Christian I was.
I had heard stories of people who said they were abducted and tortured by aliens, whose experiences sounded so similar to mine. But then I read a book, mentioning my grandfather and the dowsers, and the witchcraft he practiced, and I starting thinking, maybe I’m not crazy. Then things started coming back to me, the evil things that I was taught, like dowsing, sacred geometry, alchemy, witchcraft, black magic, etc. I remember clearly being held down on a table and feeling like my body was being pulled apart. Then one day, from a dare I jumped off a high place into a pool and dislocated my jaw. When I popped it back into place I blacked out. And I remembered that same pain as a little girl when I was being held down on the table. My grandfather was there, and so were the others. One man held me down while he dislocated my hip. I screamed, he said “Don’t cry. You do want to help us? You do want to help your people?” Then he dislocated my jaw. And after that jump, I realized that’s probably why I felt like my body was being torn apart. That’s how it would feel to a child having their joints dislocated. And I remembered I was told that I was a “star-seed”, a descendent of the Nephilim. I even remember being told there were other children like me, who were being taken from their families and being taught in the “old ways”. And that is was my grandfathers plan to take me “there” when I turned 14. He bragged about Hitler and Himmler, who were taught the ancient mysteries and of dowsing by his group, the Thule Gesselschaft as they were known at that time. And bragged about how many “star” children were being taken from their families now, as Hitler did with the “special” camps and Lebensborn program. And that their people were still doing these things today. So I started doing research and found some twisted truth in the lies I was told and I was mad. I begged God to show me what aliens really were. I was told that I was one of them, and part of me still wanted to believe it, to belong and feel special, even though being special also meant being tortured. And I asked if it was true, why didn’t God warn us? Then I read Genesis and Daniel. I knew that demons and aliens were the same thing. And I knew I wasn’t one of them. I read how Daniel was taken from his family, taught another language, and taught in the mysteries and sciences of the occult, but still kept his faith in God.
I read in Genesis that there really were beings called the Nephilim, and what they really are. And then one night I saw an alien, (and it seemed as if I knew him), at the side of my bed and I said, “I know what you are! Go away! Jesus is my Lord!” And it got angry and it was as if it was being suctioned out of my room right through the wall. I never saw it again. My faith in God and my desire to know Him grew. I even went to China to smuggle in bibles, for the adventure of it. But when I saw the man who was giving his life for his people to have the bible, I prayed, God show me what’s the big deal about this little book. And the more I read, the more I realized the Power that was in the Word, and how much demons hated to hear them. I still had demonic nightmares for many years, and over time they ceased. I repeated verses from the bible, and sang praises to God. In one dream, a demon tortured me and said, “Fine, be one of them, just stop praying! And we’ll leave you alone!” Of course I knew it was a lie, so I kept praying. And finally it all stopped. Once in awhile memories will come back to me, but they don’t have the same power over me. Now instead of longing for the aliens to come and “take me home”, I wait for Heaven, my real home.
When I found this site, I praised God that there were other people who knew about the true identity of aliens, and I wonder how many people who visit, can identify with me. I was shocked to see the page comparing those whose who’ve suffered satanic ritual abuse, and alien abductees. I thought I was the only one who made the connection! But I think God is revealing His truth in these last days to us all. I encourage everyone to know the Bible, like they know the back of their hand! My grandfather knew the bible better than most Christians I know, even taught Sunday school, and STILL told me “God is evil, Lucifer is good.” But like when Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness, using God’s own words to lie and to tempt Him, so he does today with people willing to listen to him.
Here are some verses that God used to help deliver me from the lies, and I hope will encourage you:
2 Timothy 1:7 “But God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”—I really believe the battle is for our minds. I once heard a quote from somewhere, “If you can control a man’s mind, you can control the world”. The devil wants us to think we’re crazy, to make us afraid, but God has given us a sound mind!
Job 38:31-33 “Can you bind the beautiful Pleiades? Can you loose the cords of Orion? Can you bring forth the constellations in their seasons or lead out the Bear with its cubs? Do you know the laws of the heavens? Can you set up God’s dominion over the earth?” For so long I was afraid. I was so afraid of the power that evil people, and the Nephilim, and the devil had. But everywhere in Scripture, it says Who has the power over the earth. In Daniel 7:25 it says that the fourth king will try to change the set times and laws, not the ones created by people, but the times and laws created by God. The devil knows his time is short. And ever since the time of Noah, he’s been trying. And I can tell you from the things I’ve seen and experienced that he’s making the way for the fourth king to be able to change those times that were prophesied and the natural laws that God has set up. But the key word is “try” because he won’t succeed! God is still in control! All those weird and unexplainable things that have happened to SRA victims and abductees are a part of his attempt to change the times and laws what God has set up!
1 John 4:4 “Greater is He who is in us, than he that is in the world”, I have seen people, and spirits, do some pretty amazing, powerful things, but God is much more powerful than the one who gives them the power to do these things.
And to all Christians, I encourage you with this, KNOW your bible! Hebrews 4:12-13 “For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. . Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give account!”
PS. I mentioned a group of people known as dowsers. I am not claiming that all who dowse are a part of the group my family was in. My grandfather said there were “dabblers” and “adepts”, but only the “illumined ones” know the secrets. All you have to do is look in the American Society of Dowsers book store to see what they teach and believe, and see some authors Hitler kept in his own personal library that helped influence his belief in the “super race”. Or take a look at what they offer at their yearly conventions. And I do claim this, that dowsing/divination is wrong, and goes against the word of God.
Testimony of Nick
The Power of the Most High Authority
Hi, I have a story that is similar to what many others are saying on your web site, only I just heard waves of voices wash over me. I could move and speak if I so desired. I’m not sure why I wasn’t paralyzed like so many others were. Before I was born my parents were very slightly into some occultist things. When my sister and I were born they got rid of their divining rods and occult books and such. They tell me that after this, my sister and I would experience what are scientifically documented as “night terrors”. There is no scientific explanation for night terrors. We would sit up and scream in the middle of the night, eyes wide open, calling for our parents. They were new Christians and they didn’t know what to do. I don’t remember any of that, I was too young, but I do remember the voices. What sounded like thousands of voices that would come to me almost every night. At that time I was probably about 10, and figured I must be crazy. My parents told me it was my imagination. These experiences happened a long time ago. I am now 21 and a devout Christian and have had no experiences since. I don’t really remember when I first started hearing the voices and when they finally left me. I remember I used to call for Jesus to help me. The voices would slowly fade whenever I did. I now recognize this as most likely a demonic attack. I figure the demons were upset with my parents for rejecting the occult and hung around me for a long time afterwards to maybe punish them. I don’t really remember when the voices stopped coming, but I know that it was because of the grace of God. I know you guys get a lot of stories about these attacks, and I wasn’t originally going to say anything, but I reconsidered because I was never paralyzed or silenced during these attacks. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced these types of things without the paralyzation. Every account I read about says that they became paralyzed and felt intense pressure bearing down on them. Is my case odd? Or have you heard other stories like this one? What is your opinion on what I have described?
Thank you for your time……”Nick”
Full Testimony of Christopher
What I am about to tell you in this article is probably going to be disturbing, controversial and for some, ludicrous and unbelievable. But everything that you are going to read is the truth to the best of my knowledge as I remember it.
I want to make it clear now from the start to those who refuse to believe this: You have a right to believe what you want and have your opinion. But remember this, you are a Christian a child of the living God, and you have an enemy. His name is Satan, he will do all in his power to drag this world to hell, and he will go to the utmost lengths to achieve this. Some of the things which I have witnessed with my own eyes, are beyond a doubt, the most terrifying experiences I have had to date. They are not bad dreams, hallucinations, figments of my imagination, spiritual attack, or just outright lies. No, what I am about to share with you is most definitely, and undeniably real.
I hope that through this article, you will see UFOs in a completely different light from what they are portrayed. They are not peaceful space brothers waiting till man is ready to accept them. Rather they are demonic creatures, wishing to deceive and manipulate mankind. We must not be biased by our fanciful thinking influenced by science fiction such as Star Trek and star wars, regarding life on other universes. We must take an honest look at the true nature of UFOs. This article will be broken into five chapters: In the beginning, Personal log , Abduction, Crossover, and Bloodline pollution . The first four will be a personal testimony, whilst the last will be a theological discussion at the nature of UFOs.
My story starts when I was between three and four years old. It was late, cold and the sky was crystal clear, it was a typical cold Scottish night. The date, approx. 1975. My dad was in the navy and at that time was away at sea. My mother was driving us back from some friends. I remember looking up at the starry night sky. It was so deep and beautiful, enormous and truly awesome. My gaze then averted to an orange star. It was much, much lager than any other star, and it was a rich amber. There it was, completely still, inanimate. Yet even as a child, I remember a chilling feeling that this star was somehow watching me. From that night on, my life would never be the same again…
I have no idea what time it was, but I was awoken by a loud noise coming from outside the house. It was a noise unlike anything I had heard before. A loud swishing noise, the sound of a pan frying something, with a deep bass hum. Being so young, it scared me whitless, I knew nothing else but to hide under the bed covers and hope that it would go away. Everything went black, and I forgot of this incident until six years later when it would happen again.
That night set events in motion, that would open me up to a whole new world which I didn’t want to know about; the demonic spirit realm. They say it is unusual to have clear memories from such a young age. But due to my experiences, my childhood was snapped short. I can remember my third birthday as though it were yesterday. I can tell you what I had to eat and what I did on that day. I still remember the scent of certain trees that I was playing on. It is all so clear.
Because of my forced development, and consciousness of my surroundings. I began to see, there was more to life than what could be perceived by my natural five senses. Every night at six o’clock, I would receive a visitor in my bedroom… It would start with a quiet rhythmic banging noise. Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang. Louder and louder it would grow. To start with I used to hide under my bed clothes and then it would go away. But after a time, I became curios as to the cause of the noise. I became more brave, and thought I would face this thing, what ever it was. Again every night without fail, the banging would return. Louder and louder it grew, until a spinning object would materialise. It spun in time to its own rhythmic pulse. Larger and larger it grew, slowly spinning towards me.
One particular night, I let it spin right up to my face, before I hid under my bed clothes. Something which I thought odd, was no one else heard the banging, not even my own parents. Some would say that all this was in my mind, I would have agreed with you, except that one day, I had a witness, my mother. The banging noise came during the middle of the day, whilst I was playing with my toys. Feeling fear and panic, I screamed out for my mother. She ran upstairs, into my room and heard what I heard. She cried out to my dad, who, when he decided to come, heard nothing, as the noise had long gone.
Something I remember very clearly at this time, was the dreams I was having. They were very frightening, and beyond anything I have ever experienced. I can only describe it, as having a drug trip in your sleep. I would be in a corridor made entirely of aluminum. the floor was straight, but the walls went up a little way, then curved over into an archway. This seemed to be the shape of all the rooms in these kind of dreams. I remember walking around from room to room. Some of the rooms would have people in. ormal?people sat at a table as though they were going to be fed something. I remember seeing my mother in there once.
In these dreams, I was always taken to this one place. Where there were creatures who had a dry leathery skin. It felt like an old dried up leather handbag. The thing that always stood out in these dreams was the texture of their skin. The touch of them evoked such strong powerful imagery, I cannot describe it. I would then be subjected to tests. I would see objects spinning in front of me, and I could comprehend everything about them in my mind. I could even feel the physical weight and dimensions of these objects in my head, as though I were holding them in my hands. A common image I was shown was the wheel of a car.
This may all sound very odd and cryptic, but two things remain true. Firstly, these are not the kind of dreams a healthy three year old boy has. Secondly, these dreams are in fact pieces of a puzzle that eventually fit together to show a frightening revelation which will be looked at in chapter three.
After some time, we moved from the naval estate to a house in Alexandria. All was relatively quiet here for about two years. Although I noticed some shocking aspects in my behaviour. I seemed to lack a conscience. I did not understand the difference between right and wrong, politeness and rudeness. My behaviour at infant school was not commendable to say the least. I was very often in trouble with the teachers and the head mistress. I would steal, bully, have teachers chase me around the room, and was quite often smacked, strapped and slapped by the teachers. Something in me would not yield to human authority, and this became more apparent the older I grew. My behaviour grew steadily worse by the day, as did my psychological health. As each year of my childhood passed, I seemed to loose my grip unreality. My state eventually grew so bad, that I had to see a psychologist on a regular basis, but this was not until I was a teenager.
After two years, we moved again, this time to Balloch. I would just like to point out, that at this current time, Scotland and Wales were having massive waves of UFO phenomenon, and unfortunately for me, all my parents relatives lived in south Wales, right in the thicket of it all. I was now attending Haldan Primary school, and had made some good friends, who stood by me, despite how weird I had become. My behaviour was still slipping, I was getting the strap at school on an average of twice a week. My attitude to the teachers was changing. What they had to say was boring me, math, English, it meant nothing to me. I knew there was more to life than what could be seen with my natural eyes.
When we first moved to Balloch in Scotland, everything was fine, I made some good friends and I was again enjoying my childhood, despite my behaviour problems. I occasionally saw some strange lights in the sky, but nothing more than that. A few of my friends also witnessed what I saw, which was good for my sanity I guess.
However, my life took a further dive-bomb, when my parents sent me down to my grandma in Pembroke, Wales for several weeks. I loved Wales when I was a child, so this was going to be an excellent holiday for me. Little did I realise what was going to happen to me on the night of my ninth birthday in Wales. It would be the night that would begin the most hideous nightmare that ruined my early life.
It was a good day, I had got lots of presents from my friends and my grandma. My favourite being a book on astronomy. It must have been quite late when I went to bed, as it was dark and the sky was lit up by multitudes of stars. I remember dreaming about being a movie director, when suddenly my dream was smashed short. I woke up suddenly, wondering what was going on. I heard a strange swishing noise with a deep resonant bass hum. Memories started flooding my mind. I had heard this several years before when I was about three, but had forgotten. I know that I had developed an insane braveness, to face anything that challenged me, and this challenged me. I sat up, resolving that this was all in my mind. I would conquer my fear.
Slowly the noise grew louder and louder. It rasped, pulsed, swished and hummed. Louder and Louder it became. The volume became so intense that the windows were rattling, by which time, I was very frightened. This was not my imagination, this was for real. I decided that now was the time for some action, hide, run, what ever, just escape. As I tried to move, a horrid realisation flooded my mind with terror. I was paralyzed. I could not move, nor speak, nor scream. The bass hum grew louder and louder and louder. My head was vibrating in the force of the sound; when suddenly everything went black.
When I came round, I was no longer in the bed, rather on it. My head was forced to one side with one eye shut. I knew with all my being, that this was a deliberate ploy to stop me seeing what was going on. I was fully conscious, and they knew it. Again I tried to scream for help, only breath came out of my lips, a mere whisper. The bass hum started to lift, the noise shifted away from the house slightly. There was a loud explosion or bang, and then the sound of jets whooshing past the house. The room went dim in darkness, and there I was alone.
I ran into my gran bedroom, woke her up and told her what happened. Well she said it was just a bad dream, but I know that it was not. I have had dreams, where you are half asleep and paralyzed. But this was no dream, this was as real as a slap in the face! This experience, haunted me through my whole childhood, little did I realise that this was my second abduction experience.
Over the next few weeks in Wales, I saw some very strange things. One night on going to bed, I looked out of my Gran bedroom window. And there in the sky was a red light and a green light. They just sat there in the sky, quite far apart, but shinning with intensity. I was perplexed, I knew it meant something, the red and the green. It reminded me of a traffic light. These lights just hung in the sky for a good five minutes. As I was about to turn away, the lights moved with smooth speed. They arced up into the sky, joined together and flew off at an incredible rate of knots.
My dreams started taking a weird turn. I kept meeting these horrid grey looking creatures, which painfully tickled me. It was horrible. I could not escape their examining. When waking up, it was quite normal to feel physical pain all over my body, where I had been touched and pushed so much. My dreams were also filled with Mannequins, especially grey ones. When I used to go shopping with my parents, they would quite often go through clothes shops filled with mannequins. These things gave me the creeps, they had the form of a human, but they lacked something, they were hollow and empty. I realise in hindsight, that this was my early recollection of my abduction experiences. Creatures which were living, yet lacked something. I could only describe them as the living dead. They are alive, but have no soul.
I guess the most offensive issue with UFO is that of abduction. It challenges all logical reason, it defies the normality of our secure, and insular life’s. Causing insecurity to ones individuality and perception of the universe as we would like to see it. What I am about to disclose is disturbing, and shocking. Its something I don t like to admit, Its most definitely something I wished I had never gone through. Only now am I coming to terms with my experiences. Only now, do I have peace and understanding. Something which many abductees will never have, unless they know the saving power of Jesus the Messiah.
A classic experience of abductees is amnesia, or missing time. Whether this is deliberately induced or whether the brain rejects the experience is not known. I suspect its a bit of both. Many people who have experienced missing time, tend to go through hypno therapy to unlock hidden memories. I know hypnotherapy works, however I believe it opens people up to demonic/spiritual forces, as does yoga, and transcendental meditation. I have heard many stories about hypnotism, yoga and TM that would make your hair stand on end. It is quite clear that these sort of therapies are not an option to the Christian.
In trying to unlock my hidden memories from missing time experiences, I have sought God s help and revelation through prayer over the years. It has taken a long time to get where I am with my memories, but they came through without the fear, the pain and the scars. I have a very matter of fact memory of my experiences. Something which no hypnotist could achieve. My memories are short, some are vivid others are not, some are from powerful flash backs, some others are from dreams, and some I can just remember. These memories, I have pieced together, ( some are chronological some are not ) to form a whole encounter. I can only remember snippets from each abduction, however when put together, they form a complete abduction experience. Hence why I have chosen to write it in this manner. To my knowledge I have been abducted five times, but something inside tells me, it was a lot more…
It was about 10.30pm, I was staying the night around my mum’s boyfriends’ house. (My parents had now divorced, my dad married again, and I visited mum at weekends, I was about 17 years old at this time). Every one had gone to bed, so I decided to listen to some music through my headphones. The tape was a long play album, and starting playing quite happily. Bang, it was the end of the album. I had just lost about 30 minutes of time. I was sat there wide awake, listening to the first ten minutes of the album, and then suddenly, I was listening to the last two minutes of the tape. I knew immediately what happened… I put on the tape, and sat there listening.
After about ten minutes, I felt a strange sensation of being watched. Some creature appeared and forced a needle under my chest bone into my heart. My ears pounded with the sound of my pulse getting slower and slower, the room around me filled with stars as I was loosing consciousness, a black cloud filled my vision, till I saw nothing but darkness. I passed out.
I awoke in a room, it was not very large, but it was made from what looked like aluminum. It was definitely metal whatever it was. The ceiling arched down to the floor on one side, as though I were in a room on the side of a semi dome. I knew that I had been here before. There were times previous when I was not alone. I can remember shrieks of pain and terror, coming from another room somewhere, it was a female scream. There was no hiding in this place, no corners where one could conceal themselves. They knew where you were, they could sense your presence. Nothing was hidden from them , they could get whatever they wanted out of you. Even if it took a while.
My emotions about this place were unusual. In one sense I felt obliged to be there, I knew it was my duty, and that I must endure my treatments. I felt affection from them , like a master loves a pet. I knew that I was important to them in some way, yet what they did terrified me. I was always nervous as hell about being tested and treated. I tried to be helpful to them, but that was never enough. They were cruel and merciless. I knew that I was free to walk around the craft as I pleased. There were some places where you could not go, but you never knew what they were. I remember walking into one of the examining rooms. It had white polished steel flooring, the walls curved up to the ceiling as in all the other rooms. Some strange bright light illuminated the room from over head, but it had no distinct source. Near the door way was a metal looking bin which was moulded onto the wall. I walked over to it and looked inside. There at the bottom, in a small puddle of blood, was a heart.
On the far side of the room, stood the examining table. The bottom half came waist high, on which the abductee would be examined. The upper half came down from the ceiling. It was filled with dials and displays amidst other things that I cannot describe. One thing is for sure, it was very advanced technology. Other than the examining table, the rooms were all the same, very bland and no obvious hint of technology. When they came to get me, it was always suddenly. It was as though they just appeared. There were two types of creatures, one type had brown leathery skin, with deepest black eyes. Whilst the other was grey, a face like a skull with huge black angled eyes. They too were deepest black. Their eyes hinted no emotion, no feeling, just blackness, infinite, non-emotional blackness.
These creatures lacked something, it were as though they were lifeless bodies somehow animated from within. They seemed to be alive, yet lacked life. They were intelligent, yet lacked a soul. They were puppets with no strings. To meet a creature like this, has to be the most horrific experience I know. I can only describe the feeling like this… Imagine a friend of yours has died, or a relation. Imagine if that person was resurrected but without a soul or a spirit. They would just be an animated dead body, with hollow lifeless eyes. That’s as close as you could get.
When they took me to be examined, I was not always co-operative. I was quite rebellious from time to time, playing them at their own game. It was fear and terror which made me do this. I remember kicking and screaming, drooling, running, panicking. The more I screamed and kicked, the more angry they became. They had a power of force beyond any natural strength. Once they caught you, you were caught, and there was no escaping. But I always thought it was worth a try. Quite often they forced me to eat this stuff, which tasted of flavourless water melon. I don’t know what it was supposed to achieve or why they fed it me, but they made me eat it from time to time.
They would grab me and force me onto the examining table. I would writhe and kick all the way. But they could hold me tighter than any vice. When they touched me, it was a strange tingling sensation that burned into my fear and often paralysis. It was a nightmare, but I knew it would end soon. They only ever took me for short spaces of time.
Bang!!! they would ask me questions with their mind, their hollow black eyes boring into my soul. Forcing me to tell them things. Asking me questions in some three dimensional way. Oh it wearied me when they did this. It made me so, so, tired. I cannot remember what they asked, but it felt like an interrogation.
My behaviour and attitude became worse by the day now. Anxiety attacks would be common place for me, as was delusional paranoia. Suspicion was my middle name. I had no respect for those in authority, and deliberately defied them. As far as I was concerned, there was a greater authority than man, and that was the aliens. But that would soon change. The day was coming when I would have authority over them. As a teenager, I was very mixed up. The question Why Me? was forever my tormentor. I could only conclude that I was special in some way. An attitude which caused me and others much grief.
The only good thing that came from my abduction experiences was that it gave me a thirst and hunger to discover the meaning of life. This thirst became my obsession. I studied any book that I could get my hands on which would lead me on the right path. I read about eastern religions and cults, trying to find an answer. But my search led me into a cult called the Rosicrucians, into the occult, and then into witchcraft itself.
My bedroom was a den for devils. On every corner of the walls were occultic symbols hidden over by posters. I made a several mile wide pentangle, using my parents house which I lived in as the centre point. Each end of the pentangle was a piece of metal, enchanted over and then buried. I practised brown and Runic magic. Runes made by my own hand and with each creative stroke I enchanted the relevant words over them. I astral projected, did Ouija boards, Transcendental Meditation, practised psychic abilities, and quite often allowed a familiar spirit to take over my mind and body. ( i.e. become a medium ) What ever was going in the world of the occult, I was there to use it. One day, when out in a local Coppice, my life was about to be turned around forever.
I had just finished a ritual in the woods and decided to head home. The weather was getting very moody and a storm looked set to come. I slung my Runic wand, spell book and incense sticks into my back pack and started home. As I cleared the edge of the wood, a voice spoke to me.
It was a voice beyond description, it had authority and creative power. Every spoken letter and syllable reacted with my whole soul and spirit. No voice has ever made me feel this way before. The uncanny thing, was that I knew who was speaking to me, He didn need to introduce Himself. I just , knew that the creator of the universe, Jesus Christ, was speaking to me directly.
“Stop what you are doing and come to know Me,” He said. My mind was confused and baffled. God had just spoken, yet I didn understand what He was talking about. Come to know Me? What could that possibly mean? After pondering for a few seconds, I decided that this had gone completely over my head, and so it was decided that I was going to ignore it.
A week later, I was in my bedroom, drawing up some more occult symbols to add to my collection, when Jesus spoke again. He spoke the same words as last time. “Stop what you are doing and come to know Me.” Yet again I rejected Him, and decided to carry on as normal; down my slippery road to hell.
Another week had passed, and I was carrying on with the occult as normal. It was my life, it was my answer to the question of my existence.
SLAP!!! SLAP!!! SLAP!!! hard across my cheeks each side. I was stunned and felt as though I had been waken from some half awake state. Again Jesus spoke to me, but this time He was shouting, and His voice was desperate and urgent. ( I can only assume, that if I did not answer the call this time, that my life would be taken by the very forces which afflicted my childhood)
“Please stop this, and come to know Me. You can be forgiven for all this.”
Suddenly I understood. My consciousness of sin had long gone, but I had a faint inkling, that witchcraft was evil and wrong. I fell to my knees and repented. But deep inside, I knew that I was not going to yield just yet, and so continued my practices the next day.
I know now that my life was months away from being terminated by demonic forces. A few weeks prior to hearing the voice of Jesus, I had a demonic vision…
It was mid evening, and I was sat reading a book. I shut my eyes, to rest them from a prolonged reading session, when suddenly I was not in my room. I saw a book case, full of books. One of the books fell out and I slid through the gap into a huge black chamber. In the middle was a winged creature lit up by a white shining light.
It turned around, facing me and said, “You young man are about to be killed.” A vision crossed my mind of where and how it would happen. Being a defiant pain in the neck, I told the demon that there was no way I was going to die. Bang!! I opened my eyes and found myself back in the bedroom. A few weeks later after committing my life to Jesus the vision came to pass, except I survived…
After hearing the voice of Jesus three times, my interest in Christianity grew somewhat. About a week later, a friend from school asked me if I would like to go to church. I jumped at the idea, I could now go see what all this God stuff was about. The night I went, was another life changing one.
After the service was over, I was invited to a youth group. Being arrogant as I was, I proceeded to tell these Christians what I thought about God, how He was an alien from another civilisation. The Christians listened to me, but somehow I knew that what I was saying was a load of garbage.
In looking around the room, I sensed a powerful force, which I recognise now as the person of the Holy Spirit. These people all seemed complete, they had that missing link which I had been searching for. The hunger and thirst for the meaning of life was answered, and it was here. Jesus is the answer to the meaning of life. He is our creator, and we were made for Him.
I continued going to the group for a few more weeks, got an understanding of what Jesus did on the cross. How He bore my sins, took my mental, spiritual and physical sicknesses upon Himself, that I may be free from the power of sin which leads to death and Hell.
A few weeks later, the demonic vision I had earlier came to pass. I was riding my bike down the road which was the same in the vision. A friend of mine, shouted to me from across the road. I turned round, greeted her, then turned back. I noticed that I had veered a little too far to the middle of the road. Then from nowhere this black Carlton car, with black windscreens, black lights, black everything, swerved out from the right side of the road, to the wrong side, heading straight at me.
I don care what anybody thinks, I knew that who ever was driving that car, had only one intention: killing me. By some miracle, the car never hit me, and what was even more weird, my friend did not even see the car. As far as I remember, the car came from nowhere, and vanished as quickly as it appeared.
Something I know from hindsight, was that I was being conditioned by these so called aliens. They made me lose my ability to know right from wrong. I literally had no conscience. When I did things that were wrong, it confused me when I was told it was so. I was being used and manipulated. God knows what I would have become had Jesus not intervened.
The only reason why I was going to be terminated, was because God was interfering. There was a time, about a year or two previous from my conversion, when I took gas, passed out and had a vision of Satan and God. God was telling me to quit this stuff, whilst the devil was telling me to continue. The so called Aliens have a master plan for their abductees. I don know what it is, but I know the abductees have been conditioned to do some atrocious things. I can only describe it as brainwashed. Let me tell you now, there is nothing peace loving , about these creatures. They have one primary goal. Bring havoc to humanity.
The question to be asked, is how did I come to the realisation that Aliens were in themselves demonic. Well there is another story behind that revelation….
I was due to fly to Guernsey to meet a Christian friend. But the plane was delayed till the next day. I had no way of getting home, so prayed that someone would put me up for the night. Well a few minutes later, a Christian family asked if I would like to stay with them for the night. I jumped at the opportunity.
That night whilst in bed, I was awake thinking. It was about three in the morning. I noticed that the ceiling of the room seemed unusually dark. I looked up, to find a black cloud floating above me. I immediately became transfixed by fear. I knew what this was, it was a demonic spirit. I wanted to shout to it to go in the Name of Jesus, but my fear caught the better of me. The more scared I became, the stronger this spirit grew. This went on and on, till I got to the place of terror. Eventually the Name Jesus, came out of my lips. In the bat of an eyelid, Jesus appeared, the demon left, and then Jesus left. I felt immediate peace sweep over me, then came the voice of God.
“That terror and oppressive feeling that just went through you then, was the same as that which happened to you when you were abducted.”
I replied, “Yes, that right.”
“Chris,” He said, “Satan can disguise himself as an angel of light.”
Suddenly I understood. Aliens were not peace loving space brothers, no, on the contrary, they are the very agents of Satan. But I want to point something out here which is very important. Christians think that every thing Satan does is just spiritual. Not so. Flying saucers are as real as your car. The technology they use, is as real as your home computer. Alien looking creatures and their craft are not illusions, or spiritual manipulations. No, they are absolutely real. That what makes the deception so real and powerful.
If I were to take today technology back to an ancient backward tribe, and told them I were a god because of my technology. Its very likely they would believe me. Its the same with UFO. The technology is very real, the creatures are very real. But they lie about their true identity. They are not from another planet on the other side of the cosmos, looking for a nice planet to live on. They are demonic beings, with a purpose. They serve Satan, and like him, they are creatures of deception and lies. In actual fact they have been on planet earth with mankind for a long, long time… This will be discussed in the next and last chapter.
To say life became a bed of roses when I turned Christian would be a lie indeed. If anything life got harder. There was now a war waging for mastery of my spirit. Satan wanted me back big time, and God was not prepared to let me go. Meanwhile, I had to decide what to do, one way or another. I had to decide to one last time, who I was going to serve. Satan or Jesus.
I knew the consequences of my actions were simple: follow Satan, be used by him for a short period of time, and then die and burn in hell. Or I could follow Jesus, be used by Him and live for eternity in heaven. It was very black and white. But I ultimately chose Jesus. However Satan started using a different approach. On several occasions I tried to take my own life, by overdose and driving my car off a cliff. Both times God saved my life, the second time He sent an angel to protect me from the crash. After some prayer, God healed me of depression and the anxiety attacks. I was literally a new man. I went into a room depressed and suicidal, and came out completely healed. I have never since been afflicted by that problem.
I still had abduction experiences after becoming a Christian, but there were very clear reasons for that. One night in a dream, Satan appeared in my room. He was taunting and teasing me. I told him to go in the name of Jesus, but it didn work. He would then touch me, just to show, that the name of Jesus had little effect on him. I woke up, knowing that Satan still had legal rights to me which had not been handed over to God. Within a few months of prayer, the devil had very little left to call his own. I know this shocks people. Some just assume that when you become a Christian that all is ok. Not so! You have to apply the power of the cross into your life, and yield it to Jesus to know true freedom. That which does not belong to Jesus belongs to someone or something else.
So here I am, many years later from my conversion to Christianity, healed, well and set free from the power of Satan. I no longer get abducted, and have not done so since I yielded those areas of my life to Jesus. Is it not strange how the so called peace loving space aliens now no longer want to come near me, since I have turned to Jesus? Now, it high time we looked to the Bible to discover the reality of UFO and Satan master deception.
It started a long, long time ago, when Satan tried to pollute the blood line of Adam, from which would come the Messiah. (the Christ ). The first prophecy given in the Bible regarding the coming Messiah, is found in Genesis chapter three, verse fifteen…
nd I (God) will put enmity between you (Satan) and the woman (Eve), and between your seed and her seed; He (Jesus) shall crush your head, (Satan) and you shall bruise His (Jesus) heel.?Here God foretells to Satan, that from the bloodline of Adam, a mere man, would come, One, so powerful that He would destroy Satan and all his kingdom.
Satan knows, when God speaks, He means business. So Satan came up with a clever plan. Infiltrate the blood line of Adam, so that the Christ (the Messiah ) could not come. Satan wanted to pollute mans genetic code with that of his own. The combination would be lethal and deadly. Nothing good could ever come from such a union.
The bible speaks of this Union is Genesis 6:1-9…
nd it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, that the SONS OF GOD saw the daughters of men, that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. And the LORD said, My Spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh; yet his days shall be a hundred and twenty years. There were NEPHILIM (GIANTS) in the earth in those days; AND ALSO AFTERWARD (i.e. the flood), when the SONS OF GOD came unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men (Nephilim) which were of old, men of renown. And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented (grieved) the Lord that He had made man on the earth and it grieved Him at His heart…….?/font>
Vs9 …Noah was a just man and PERFECT in his generations.
Now I know that this passage is a real hot potato amidst Christian circles, but we have to take the Bible in the FULL context. In a moment, I will show how the New Testament backs up this point in Genesis 6. Before that, I want to look at the titles, Sons of God, and Daughters of Men. Firstly the wording used in the Hebrew for Sons of God, which is also used in the book of Job, in chapters 1:6 & 2:1, are only EVER used in relation to angelic beings.
People have said that the Sons of God were the righteous men, whilst the daughters of man, were the little heathen girlies of the day. Well that are several obvious flaws here…
These sons of God took many wives, the verse implies that they all had more than one wife. This is not something a Godly man would do. (exception of course for Jacob etc )
How many marriages are there where Christians are married to non-Christian partners. Well, when they have children, they most definitely do not produce budding Nephilim’s, they have normal kids like the rest of us.
Ok, let see what the New Testament says about Genesis chapter six… Jude verses 6 & 7…
And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, He (God) has reserved in ever lasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day. (Judgment Day) EVEN as Sodom and Gomorra and the cities about them IN LIKE MANNER (to the angels), giving themselves over to fornication and going after STRANGE FLESH, are set forth as an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire. Here, Jude shows how the angels of long ago were like Sodom & Gomorra. They left their natural abode, and went after strange flesh. i.e. human flesh. As to how angels had intercourse with woman, I have no idea. But scripture seems quite clear that it happened.
2 PETER 2: 4 – 6
or if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to Hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment; AND spared not the old world…?/font>
Here again, we have another reference to angels who did something to the old world (old world, i.e. pre-flood ). There is no other reference in the whole Bible which would reveal what the sin was which they committed in the Old world, except in Genesis chapter six. The quote I have given from Jude, is actually taken from the book of Enoch. This book also tells of angelic beings leaving their heavenly abode, infiltrating mankind and teaching man about science, agriculture etc. So it seems, that the first century church new of this story and how angels infiltrated the bloodline of Adam. Jude knew it, Enoch knew it, Peter knew it, and probably most Jews of the time.
So what are the Nephilim? They are a hybrid of celestial and terrestrial bodies. i.e. demon and man. The word Nephilim means giant. The word giant does not just refer to size, but also to their reputation, their strength and their ruthless might. From Genesis narrative, they corrupted mankind to such a degree, that every thought of man was evil.
Noah, was said to be a man “perfect” in his generation. The Hebrew word for perfect here is not used in regards to moral perfection, rather physical perfection. i.e. He was without physical blemish and imperfection. Noah was not corrupted by nephilimic blood. He was of the pure Adamic line. Thus God chose him and his family to carry on the blood line, from which would come Jesus. The rest of humanity which was corrupted either in their lifestyle or their physical makeup were destroyed by a cataclysmic world flood.
Gen. 6:9… There were Nephilim in the earth in those days, and also after….
It seems from the above verse, that although the Nephilim were destroyed in the flood, they somehow existed after the great flood. Now what I am about to say, is just my personal opinion, it is not a Biblical point. I believe that the aliens I have encountered are Nephilim, they are not giant in size, but they are ruthless creatures with tremendous powers. I have seen demons, and how they can filter between the physical and the metaphysical. Yet UFO do not seem to operate in the same way. The creatures I encountered were limited by their bodies, and did not on any occasion that I can remember, do anything typical of a spirit. They have spiritual power to manipulate, but not in the usual manner for a typical demon.
Now whether you agree on this point or not, one thing is true: These creatures are evil, and demonic. Whether they are Nephilim or not, they most definitely are agents of Satan, and that as far as I am concerned is that.
A Response to the Charisma article
“Aliens Among Us”
The article was printed in the April 2001 issue
Greetings Mr. Jordan
I am writing because of what I read in Charisma, April 2001 issue, “Aliens Among Us,” which I subscribe to.
I experienced a strange thing in February/March 1990 which I have shared with my wife several times, which I am describing to you in this letter.
I was by myself (alone) at the time these events occurred, and I was asleep. In my sleep (lying flat on my back) I saw a brilliant blue-white light which came out of a bouquet of light pale-blue flowers above the mirror on my wife’s dresser which is located at the foot of the bed.
The light beam made a complete circle like a light beam rotating from right to left (clockwise) then went back into the center then shot a beam of light right at my forehead. I felt it hit my forehead and something snapped. I sat up in bed, wide awake! For a long time trying to figure out what happened. (There has never been a bouquet of flowers on top of the dresser.)
I saw that beam of light come at me, felt it strike my forehead, and felt something snap in my forehead. I thought about this for a long time and then went back to sleep.
Then I saw (in my sleep, dream, or awake, I don’t really know) 2 creatures that looked just like the picture on page 49 of the Charisma, looking at me from outside the bedroom window. They were peeping over the lower left-hand corner of the window sill. This took place after the light beam. ( All of these events took place early in the morning just before daylight.)
I never felt the same after that event. I have experienced a lot of crying and at times I just break down and cry. For some reason I say, “my soul is crying.”
Anything can start the crying, usually something seen on TV but it is never the same thing. It is always different. I have experienced a lot of fears, which I cannot explain and have no reason to be afraid.
I have been a Christian since I was 11 years old. I have never regretted my decision for following Christ.
Thanks for reading this letter. I do not look upon this as being good as nothing good has come out of it.
Testimony of Sue
Hi here’s a condensed version of the happenings in my life. Feel free to use all or part, but please use only my first name to protect my custody of my children. I mention a lot of dreams and other stuff because I feel strongly that they somehow tie in together. About age 3 or 4 the lucid nightmares and OBE’S started. In half the nightmares I was being chased by 2ft. demons, the other half I’m standing off to the side watching people going into a lake of lava while someone is standing next to me saying I’m responsible for figuring out how to stop them. These nightmares were unusual because I didn’t believe in God or demons and of the terrifying reality and frequency and that I have always felt watched. They continued for several years then stopped for a couple of decades until they started in similar form a year ago. About age 14 I woke up in the middle of an OBE and found myself on a stone alter naked being ceremoniously oiled up in what seemed to be a dungeon or cave. Surprise, shock, and fear brought me back awake in my bed right away. I still don’t what to think about this because I was raised to believe in math and science, not God and demons or anything supernatural. In ’93 the night before my public alter call I finished nursing my baby and started to roll over when on my back I was held down by what felt like a heavy blanket, I couldn’t scream or move and the room was too black; then I heard a male voice speak next to my ear in another language. I finally croaked out “Jesus Christ” and it was over. I was so scared that I don’t think I’m the one that came up with that idea. In the summer of ’00 lucid nightmares and dreams started again that blurred the line between them and OBE’S. In Nov.of’00 I was fasting a little for a few weeks when I started seeing silhouettes of people around me even seeing features of the room and they’re faces. I would sometimes feel them touching me or moving my hand or leg while wide awake. I got so scared I quit fasting and started drinking and smoking again and the visions stopped for awhile. Apr.13,’01 I started having OBE’S day and night. Something was trying very hard to separate me from my body. Sometimes I would feel and hear a buzzing right before it would start. Once while doing housework I felt like I was hit on the head with a sledgehammer that separated my spirit from my body by a couple of inches. These were happening several times a day and night. When they were able to get me away from my body I would be in a room with people standing around me. I would pray to God in the name of Jesus to help me and I would come back. It was happening so often that it was prayer or sheer force of will that would keep me here or get me back. Once I got so mad about the frequency of the intrusions that were draining my peace of mind my fear started to diminish, so did the intrusions. I still hear someone walking around my house, kicking things sometimes and the OBE’S still happen a few times a week, but only when I’m asleep and I sometimes wake up with deep black bruises on my hips and hind; too many to just be accidents. I still haven’t gotten used to the idea that my world has apparently never been what it seems. But now I’m more pissed than scared that they destroyed a loving little girl’s life and peace. I strongly believe that I’ve learned that prayer, awareness,& empowerment are great tools to help us to win. I can’t thank you enough for being an immediate friend and sharing what you know. This is the loneliest “place” I’ve ever been in and it helps more than you know to have a man of God take me seriously after the lack of help some churches were. I don’t think churches know what to do with this “stuff”. I didn’t completely believe in UFO’s until I saw the overwhelming similarities to what I’d been going through since ~3yrs.old.I would have lucid night- mares recently about aliens and abduction type experiences and then months later read almost the exact same story from an abductee. I can only hope at this point that mine were only dreams. I’m afraid to know otherwise. This really is my condensed version. I’ll keep in touch and keep you up to date on the war. Your Friend….’Sue’
Testimony of Joel
Hi Joe Jordan;
How are you doing? It was great talking with you last week and I’m glad to hear that there are Christians like yourself who are out there telling people the true about what’s really going on in the UFO/ Alien arena.
My testimony is as follows: I am from the Island nation of Trinidad and Tobago and am a preacher’s kid. So I’ve grown up in the church and seen a fare share of demonic attacks and the power of God at work against the forces of darkness.
My first experience was at a very young age; I was under ten years old and one night while I was in bed asleep, I felt myself become paralyzed with FEAR to the point that I could not move a single muscle. The only part of my body that was active was my mind. I felt a force of some kind trying to pull me towards the window of my bedroom to OUTSIDE and all I could do to try to prevent it from happening was scream for my mommy in my mind and eventually it stopped.
Well this unwelcome visit although very infrequent, went on for many years throughout my college years in Houston, TX. and even during my professional career in San Francisco, CA.. During this time I was old enough to know that when I had a visit, instead of calling for my mom in my mind, I called on the name of Jesus and they would leave but would still revisit me from time to time.
One night while in bed, I had a major break though. I finally realized who I was in Christ and that no evil spirit should ever be bothering me like this. You see I finally understood that it was because of FEAR in my own life that gave these evil spirits a foothold and once I realized this, I was able to do something about it. That night I had another visit and this time I was able to muster up enough strength to move my lips and say “by the blood of Jesus I rebuke you” and instantly they left me and to this day they never returned. They are not stupid.
Although my experience was similar to those who claimed to have been visited by aliens I knew from a very early age that these forces were demonic and I allowed them to take a foot hold in my life because of FEAR. When I was a child living under my parents’ roof, the forces were outside my window and were pulling me to where they were. You see I believe that no evil forces could have entered my parents?house because it was covered with the blood of Jesus and that there is something to be said for the prayers of ones parents.
My goal is to join in and tell people who are deceived the truth and also to let them know that they have no reason to FEAR any demon or Satan himself; they are the ones who should be afraid of us because we have power in Jesus’ name. Think of it like a police officer, it’s not the man himself but the authority given to him by the city he serves.
Yours truly;
Hello: My name is Wade Jones. What I have to say here is stressful and has caused me much mental anguish. This testimony is about how telling the truth is not always the easy way to go. I was a UFO researcher with 30 plus years of experience studying the UFO phenomenon. I grew up with a close family member (like my second father to me) who was and still is very active in UFO research. My uncle is the director and co founder of the local UFO organization The Round Town UFO Society www.roundtownufosociety.com. He is a State section Director for MUFON in Southern Ohio actively researching since 1951. This gives me what you might call an insider view of organizations that research UFO events. I can remember in the 1970s as a child going upstairs at my uncle house and seeing his research room. There was a big poster map of Pickaway County up with dozens of push pins in it. Each push pin represented a UFO sighting and had a corresponding date. The room was decorated with UFO pictures and a couple of air inflated alien blow up toys (probably jokes from his buddies).
My mind was primed and ready for an encounter at a very early age. I did not have a long wait. When I was 7 I saw A UFO with a cross on it. At www.nuforc.org you may see my report just as it is presented here.
Occurred : 6/5/1970 00:50 (Entered as : 06/05/70 24:50)
Reported: 3/4/1999 02:29
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: Cleveland (Lakewood), OH
Shape: Disk
I was asleep with my mom and little brother when for some weird feeling I opened my eyes .I was facing a window and looked outside to see a glowing ball in the sky. I was scared stiff and tried to awake my mother but I could not speak I screamed in my head but nothing came out. I guess by motherly instinct she got up and saw me looking outside.
My family was in Cleveland for a wedding, staying at my aunt house in Lakewood. I was sleeping in a bedroom with my mom and little 4 year old brother. While sleeping I got a weird feeling and opened my eyes, facing the window I looked out and saw a glowing ball in the distance. It was a bright white light, like no light I have seen since. Scared stiff I tried to call to my mother but nothing came out I screamed mom, mom in my head but my ears did not hear me say it. Then after 1 minute of so she got up by motherly instinct I guess. Mother looked outside and saw it coming closer by now we could see it was a disc shape. My mom than got my two aunts up and my little brother. She tried to wake up my uncle but could not. We all went out on the back porch to get a better look, now the disc was getting real close and we were all scared yet we just stood there watching the disc. The disc was bright white light and in the middle there was reflections all the way across and right in the center it looked like a plus font [+]or a cross maybe, it was real hard to focus. The disc stopped about 20 to 30 feet above the ground right over a tree and just hovered there size was 40 feet across. No sound no tree leaves moving total silence. Now please understand the whole time I should have been wide awake yet it was all I could do to stay awake. My aunt walked under the tree and threw a stick up and that all I remember .The next thing I recall is standing outside and the disc is gone. My mom called my uncle in Circleville Ohio during this event. He remembers the call. What funny is after all these years we are just now starting to talk about it again.
This event left me with bits and pieces of abduction memories. I am not going to get into all the details of that encounter let just say that they are not pleasant to recall. That encounter launched me into the realm of UFO research. From that day forward a yearning to understand was implanted into my life. I wanted to know more about what happened to me and why. It was like a secret obsession that had to be fulfilled. After 30 plus years of searching for the truth of that night God intervened and began to allow me to see things in a different light in late 2006.
I began to read the Holy Bible and look for alien encounters in it. My motivation for Bible reading was to pick it apart and use it to prove aliens did exist. This action enraged my wife (my wife was born and raised a southern Baptist). Usually a gentle and loving woman she yelled at me hat the hell are you doing this is blasphemy and if you do not stop I will divorce you and take the kids and leave you? This made me furious with anger. My wife said that even though I looked at her like I was possessed God rose up a fireball in her soul and told her to throw a bible at me. So?Bang straight across my face I got her dad big old heavy King James Bible. Man did it hurt! But most of all it got my attention. The Bible landed on my lap and opened up. It felt weird. It felt warm. Instead of throwing it back at her I just sit there and looked down at it. Right where it had opened up was some writing on paper it was a bible study on II Thessalonians that her Dad had done years before (my wife father died in a car accident years before I had the honor of meeting him). The Bible was on my lap opened up to a page, the beginning of II Thessalonians. This chapter of the Holy Bible foretells of an End Time Strong Delusion that will fall upon man in the last generation. This Strong Delusion will be a big lie presented to man by the working of the powers of the devil. It says that these powers will present lying signs and wonders. Like a sudden revelation I realized the truth. No one can read the Holy Bible and not be touched by its truth. I began to read the Bible in a different way from that day forward.
I got into bible prophecy and realized how this whole UFO thing fits right into the prophecy as The End Time Delusion. I began to see connections between local UFO events and church events coinciding. One small example is a famous UFO sighting in Circleville Ohio the Bruce Stevenson case and the fact that it occurred the same time as the new local Ohio Christian University opened its doors to receive students. I saw many connections between local church revivals and local UFO events. Even between local church openings and local UFO events. After further study these connections where found to be happening in other communities as well. Then on a larger scale the connection between Jewish prophetic events (like the formation of Israel 1948, Jerusalem reclaimed 1967) and UFO sighting spikes coincided. It seemed that the whole UFO phenomenon coincided with religious events like something was trying to counter the efforts of the Christian Community and prophecy being fulfilled.
I began emailing these connections and GODs truth on this subject to fellow UFO researchers like MUFON members and the local club members. As a member of the round town UFO Society I approached my uncle with this information with eagerness to present the connections at the next meeting of the club. I was told NO! They did not like it at all. In fact the response was hostile. WHY? Later on that night, I started having health problems this went on for days. Chest pains, diarrhea, headaches, gums bleeding, nightmares, could not focus or concentrate, work was tough because of my lack of concentration, people around me acting overly aggressive, I even had thoughts of killing myself. I felt as though I was under attack by something. It felt like hell had descended upon my head. One morning I woke up and went out my front door to find a rat with its neck slit from ear to ear ( the suspected parties for this will remain unnamed). There was a satanic symbol drew in the street in front of my house. My wife saw these things and it worried her. I felt horrible fear, I prayed?. And prayed?. I went to my brother church a few times before all this went down. Seeing the people of that church and there kindness gave me a safe haven. Sunday morning of the next day I was in church and under attack again. This time it felt like a panic attack my heart was racing out of control and I felt intense fear. I got up and ran to the alter 10 minutes into (interrupted) the service. I begged Jesus to stop my mental anguish and torment I told him that I loved him and to please forgive me for worshiping UFOs and not him. I asked for his forgiveness and thanked him for giving his life for my sins. I spoke out loud and said n the name of Jesus satan leave me alone !?INSTANTLY THE TORRMENT STOPPED. Instantly I felt incredible peace and joy. I accepted GOD into my heart. At that moment I felt total peace and all the searching and yearning was replaced with a feeling of warmth and fullness.
In the bible there is no reference to the creation of life anywhere but on earth, this creation of life includes only angels, and us. UFOs can only be one of the aforementioned. Feel special and very much loved because God did create all this just for you. How wonderful to be loved that much by God it does feel good! Just like there are good and bad people (because we have free will) the same goes for angels. There are evil fallen angels who are pawns of satan. These evil fallen angels are pretending to be aliens. Their plan and agenda is deception and misdirection. Only the future will tell what they are up to but many highly suspect it is to make a cover for the rapture of believers in Christ and unite (under a anti-christ) the world under one leader to protect ourselves and preserve or survival against an alien threat. Within a few days of my salvation I preformed an internet search on words from II Thessalonians that my wife father had highlighted many years before(remember he died in a auto accident years before I could have the honor of meeting him). The search resulted in hundreds of hits but at the top was a bible study done by a man named Glen Hamer. Glen told it in a way like no other and completely explained what the bible has to say about the UFO phenomenon. I am inserting this in my testimony now because of its importance and ease at telling us the biblical truth.
by Glen Hamer
Text: I Thessalonians 2:9-12
Unexplained things:
There are many things on this earth (megaliths, pyramids, the heads on Easter Island, perfectly round stones some bigger than man is tall, iron poles that never rust, the drawing at Nazacas in Peru, etc.) And off this earth (Alleged Moon structures, Mars face and city) that are unusual and unexplainable by our normal way of thinking. Yet, these things demand an answer that fits very well into what the Bible records. Always remember that there is much we don’t understand and most probably never will be able to explain with all certainty. However, as a Christian, I feel a need to explain to the best of my ability with help from God’s Word what these unusual things are. For my own faith and belief I need to be able to place such unusual unexplained things on earth as well as in space with some logic into the order of God’s things. To simply say, “I don’t believe such things exist is foolish.” Because some thing is there, These things are real physical objects, we can often see them, feel them, and even see their remains. And the world tries to explain these things in ways that leaves God completely out of it, which is unacceptable.
The question is “what?” To say , “Such things are from hundreds of millions of years ago ” blows the Word of God away. The Bible records only about 6,000 years since Adam and Eve were created. I believe that God’s Word, if it is to be believed, must allow some kind of explanation.
The question is “when?” To say, “I don’t understand” and leave it at that is to close one’s mind to new ways of glorifying God.
The question is “how?” God never intended for us to stop thinking, but to think with a view towards faith and with a spiritual end in mind.
The “what’s”, “when’s”, and “how’s” can be answered if we will look into God’s Word with a new openness. And through it all our faith will not be shaken, but fortified and made ready to endure the never ending questions of an unbelieving world.
Satan’s great civilization of angels:
Satan’s original name was Lucifer (Isaiah 14:12) which means “O shining star, son of morning “. We know that Lucifer was the most beautiful and greatest angel that God ever created. He “sealed the measure” of perfection and beauty of all creation (Ezekiel 28:12). His nature reflected the glory of God, thus his name “shining”.
The actual Hebrew words “O shining star” mean “bright, clear sounding or shining” and “boastful and pride”. And the Hebrew words “son of morning” means “son of dawning, or earliest, of first”. So the correct interpretation of Lucifer is “O clear sounding, boasting son from the beginning”. Or what we all understand Lucifer and Satan to be – the boasting angel. This portrays a much clearer picture of this rebellious angel whose realm was destroyed by God.
Jeremiah’s (4:23-26) description must be of the world before Adam. He looked into the ages before Adam and described the destruction of the earth and heavens. “There were no men, (descendants of Adam), yet there were cities which had been obliterated.” The inhabitants of these cities were in fact the angelic host and their leader was Satan, before this rebellion. Could remnants (Ruins) of these cities still remain within our solar system or even on other planetary bodies?
Present fallen angel activity:
Satan and his fallen angels still have dominion over the earth and the planet areas. Satan is called: Lord of the High Places, Lord of those who quickly fly (in high places), Prince of the Powers of the Air, and obviously Prince of the Powers behind flying phenomenon in the high places. The Bible explains where Satan currently resides and connects him with forces in the atmosphere. Paul tells us “we wrestle with wicked spirits in high places”, literally “in the heavens” or “in the aerial regions” (Ephesians 6:12). He is also called “the prince of the power of the air” which literally means “the prince of the aerial host”. The Satanic confederation has its seat in the atmosphere heaven in the spaces above around our world.
Many of the strange things that happen are caused by these fallen angelic intelligents. The creation of crop circle, the UFO sighting, alleged alien abductions, etc.
Satan’s deception and lie:
After the rapture God will permit a huge deception (lie) to come upon the world. All people everywhere will believe this deception with all their hearts. There will be a manifestation of the powers of darkness on this earth as Satan, the fallen angels, and the demons perform “signs and lying wonders (miracles)” with the goal of deceiving mankind. Will they guise themselves as extraterrestrials? (Revelations chap 16: 13-14)
Satan and his host of fallen angels are subverting creation by twisting the truth in their attempt “to be like the Most High”. Which has always been Satan’s goal (Isaiah 14:12-14). There will be open contact with extra-dimensional beings (fallen angels and demons). The revelation that such ancient civilizations, like the discovered Mars face, will prove that intelligent life, other than man, really do exists in the universe.
They will make many godless claims and have the false miracles and technology to back them up. It will be claimed that these extraterrestrials and other advanced beings (aliens) evolved long ago. They (not God) are the ones that created us through genetic engineering (manipulation). They are the ones responsible not only for our design (seeded earth with life), but also have guided our species through history by giving us our great religious leaders (Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed). That in fact, they are the god of the Bible! They will tell us that we are now ready for the next evolutionary leap to become equal with them and to be as gods. To attain a higher plane of existence, a higher level of consciousness.
There will be all kinds of evidence to proof their claim. Proof of some kind that there is life in space. With the so-called discovery of Martian life in the form of alleged three billion year old microbes the ground work has been laid. It is only a very small logical leap from those that subscribe to the theory of evolution that three billion years would be plenty of time for intelligence to evolve from these germs and plenty of time for them to be far past us on the evolutionary scale.
The world has been setup to receive this lie of UFO’s and beings from other worlds:
1. The academic world has already removed God from the scene with it’s many theories on evolution.
2. Television and movies have popularized space themes and contact with other races for years (Star Wars, Star Trek etc).
3. The unceasing reports of UFO sightings and alien abductions.
4. Erik Von Danicken’s many books concerning alien gods (Chariots of the gods, etc.).
5. The occultists (psychics, mediums, etc.) Frequently speaking about our friendly space brothers who wish to help mankind with their superior knowledge and technology.
6. The spiritism (channeling) of ancient spirits.
7. The supposed discovery of microscopic bacteria (life) on a rock from Mars.
8. The discovery of ice on the moon and mars and the possibility of life on one of Jupiter’s moons.
9. The supposed discoveries of other planet systems in far away galaxies.
The whole idea of the existence of extra-terrestrial life has been steadily gaining credence. Recent polls report that as many as half the population of the United States believe there to be other intelligent life out in space. In the 2007 polls 14 percent of American citizens admitted seeing a UFO! That’s 14 percent! In the same survey 6,000,000 million Americans admitted being abducted by alleged aliens! U.S. News & World Report
What will not be understood is that these extraterrestrials (extra-dimensional) and the rebellious sons of God (fallen angels) are one and the same. They are not creators of the human race, but perverts of God’s creations. This coming deception will literally be doctrines of devils openly presented to the world. Such miracles and lies will bring the anti-christ to power. But the power that brings him to light will be the power of Satan and hell.
The lie will work and mankind will be totally deceived (II Thessalonians 2:11). Please understand that Satan will not deny the existence of other “gods”. He will admit they exist (he can’t deny the truth that God does exist), but he will declare himself the greatest among them all.
As in Noah’s days:
Satan’s influence was so great that one-third of the created angels sided with him in the rebellion (Revelation 12:4). Many years after Satan’s kingdoms were devastated, during the days of Noah, many of these same rebellious angels co-inhabited with women to try and pollute the human race and stop the Messiah from coming (Genesis 6:4). “And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of Man” (Luke 17:26). According to Genesis (6:2) the “sons of God ” or fallen angels took wives of the “daughter of men” and gave birth to “giants” or Nephilim (Genesis 6:4). Naphal (to fall) or the fallen ones was rendered “earth-born” in the Greek Septuagint. Jesus told us that “angels don’t marry in heaven” (Matthew 22:30), but apparently fallen angels are capable of much mischief with earthlings. Take the time and search for the book of Enoch. Enoch tells us that fallen angels came down in the days of Noah and began physically messing with women. That sounds like the Alien Abduction phenomenon of today! Evil can become physical! The bible gives us examples of this like when satan manifested in the garden of Eden as a snake, when Jesus was tempted by the devil for 40 days, Job tells us that satan was walking upon the earth, the antichrist will be a physical manifestation of evil etc..
This effort to co-inhabit with humans was part of Satan’s strategy to corrupt the line of Adam in order to prevent the fulfillment of the Messianic redemption. Noah was apparently unique in that his genealogy was still uncorrupted. This act by the fallen angels was so terrible that God consigned them (those involved) to the pit of darkness in the unseen world (Tartarus) bound and held in chains until the day God will gather them for judgment (II Peter 2:4 and Jude 6-7). Other factions of the rebellious angels continue to exist with the ability to traveling in the atmosphere (UFO’s) of the earth and among the terrestrial planets.
God’s prophecy:
The increased sightings of UFO’s and aliens speak of an increase in demonic involvement with mankind and a precursor to the end-times? The Holy Spirit is presently withholding the revealing of the man of sin and is holding back the evil in this world. With the rapture the church will be removed and the working of the Holy Spirit through the church will also be removed. The restraining influence of the Spirit filled, praying, interceding Church will not longer be here. The Restrainer (Holy Spirit) may be restraining far more than we have any suspicion of (II Thessalonians 2:7-8).
Along with all the deceptions and satanic miracles, God will send a strong delusion so that the lost will believe the lie. The purpose of the great delusion that will come upon the world will be to allow the lost to be deceived and perish. Since the lost have rejected the truth they will be given a lie to believe with all their hearts.
This is only a possible scenario. I don’t claim any special knowledge, wisdom, or anything. But given the current attitudes and trends in society as a whole, right now this seems to make the best sense. Look up and be prepared – Jesus is coming soon
The real truth is being covered up about the UFO phenomenon. This is because evil forces are keeping the truth subdued. A cover up within a cover up exists because UFO researchers have been deceived by the greatest deceiver of all time. This deceiver then keeps the truth out of the light by using harassment (fear) and attacks to keep it under wraps. What can we do? Look at all sides of the UFO phenomena always showing love and empathy for others no matter what they believe. Accept God into your heart. He will fill you with love, peace, and wisdom he will also protect you.
Please be alert to this deception God says it will be a strong one.
So if you hear talk of aliens in the Bible, or aliens created us, or aliens are responsible for miracles in the Bible, or Jesus was a alien, or the Bible is a history book about aliens. KEEP YOUR FAITH because you are under attack from the father of lies.
The truth is not out there, the truth is still where it has always been.
If you feel the need to explore more into this area of the truth you may visit this web site www.gtoufo.com
May God bless you and your family with divine wisdom,
Wade Jones
Testimony of Jason
When I first saw the cover of Whitley Strieber’s Communion, I was eight years old. The image sent all of the heat of life out of me; seeing that face, I felt as though my mind were pierced by a syringe. The attendant terror choked out all rational thought, and I became an animal desperate to get away from the image. However, something compelled me to read that book, and then many like it, until I couldn’t go to bed at night without moving my bedclothes and pillows under my bed. I slept under my bed for at least five years, and most nights I could not go to sleep for hours because I could not stop thinking about aliens.
One night I woke to a silent house; my mom and brother were asleep. A strange green light filled the house, like super-luminous moonlight. I tried to rouse my mom, but my voice was paralyzed, and I felt very exposed standing in the upstairs hallway trying to midwife my voice out into the world. When crying out failed, I decided to sprint downstairs. I took seven stairs in one leap, like a deer. Landing in my house’s entryway, my next stride took me into the living room. No sooner did I come around the wall dividing living room from entryway than I noticed something out of the corner of my eye–a wide, pale, bald head at the bottom of my field of vision… the head was wider than a human head, and its top curvature flatter than a human being’s. I fainted before seeing anything more of this presence.
In college, while experimenting with mind-altering substances, I began hearing supernatural thrummings–even and especially when sober. This sound has been linked to UFOs, aliens, poltergeist, and ghost activity, so I won’t belabor the point…
The point is this: one night, shortly after a couple tokes on a joint, I began to feel very vulnerable… not bodily, but mentally. What threatened me? Somehow I knew that the threat was demonic. As a sensation of the world collapsing in on me began to unnerve me, I thought to pray for God’s protection. The collapsing sensation lifted immediately. I then asked God, “How am I supposed to handle the end of the world, these evil realities, if not with these drugs?” His answer was precious to me: “It’s OK to feel sad, you know.” Sad as opposed to terrified, desperate, hopeless, cynical, reality-denying, ignorance-embracing. I learned to call upon Christ that night. I learned that I’d rather weep for the world than fear it… after all, sadness is something you can feel WITH someone else, even WITH God.
Terror, dread, and despair are things that, by definition, you can only feel alone.
PRAISE JESUS! Demons and aliens are real. Without Christ, we are like infants crawling around on the floor of a demolition derby.
Testimony of Lynda
Dear Joe,
I must let you know how your caring and unselfish sharing of your time and knowledge has helped my family. About this time last year I talked with you at your home on the telephone about a tremendously disturbing occurrence with my granddaughter. She was 6 and shared with me over the telephone (we have an amazing connection) from Littleton, CO to my 2nd home in Sun City, AZ. She shared that she had visits from a helicopter outside her bedroom window. There was a sign on it that said, Hey you down there, come up here! She also had trouble sleeping, was frightened and many times “felt” there was just something “that wasn’t right” in her bedroom and was afraid to go to bed at night. She said her little sister wasn’t sleeping well either.
I tried to reassure her without sounding alarmed. When I asked if she told her parents she said they just said it was just the moon, etc. and to just go to sleep. I immediately reassured her there was something I had learned and helped her father with when he had scary dreams when he was little. He would come into my room and we would pray together and say “In Jesus Name, go away!” (basically) then he would fall asleep on the floor by our bed. I told her anything bad has to go away and leave you alone when you call on the name of Jesus to help you.
Then I contacted you!
You so unselfishly shared your knowledge and time to educate me on the demonic relationship these things are and not “just” from another planet. I wrote down your information as quickly as I could and received confirmation from you about calling on Jesus’ name to repel these demons.
I also read everything I could about abductees and how they had stopped their abductions, what worked etc. I prayed incessantly and fervently for that precious little girl. I told only my sister and my husband about this because I didn’t want to betray my granddaughters trust in confiding in me. My sister listened, seemed to understand and believe me and said my granddaughter was lucky I was her grandmother as I was trying to help her. My husband simply said I don’t believe it that stuff.
The next time I talked to my granddaughter I casually asked if she was sleeping better and she said oh yes and went on to talk about other things. I didn’t want to bring up something bad if she was able to be happy and go on with her life but I continued to pray fervently.
I invited her to travel with me to Oklahoma for a family Indian pow-wow in June so I thought I would have lots of time to approach the subject or allow her the opportunity to talk to me while we were alone for a few days. When I flew to pick her up in CO I found she had “instinctively?” done everything I had planned to suggest to her. She had moved her bed away from her window to the other side of the bedroom, she had a metal fan that she turned on at night and over the top of her bedspread she had spread out a quilt I had made her by hand and quilted while on a trip to Calcutta, India where I worked in Mother Theresa’s orphanage for a day, saw her casket and stayed in a hotel across the street. I had many, many remarkable things happen on that trip. One of the nuns gave me some metal Madonna’s (I guess that is what you call them since I am not Catholic) that had been touched and blessed by Mother Theresa. I made a book of pictures of me with her quilt all over India and Nepal and gave her one of the medallions. Also the quilt I made….had angels all over it. I have always called my granddaughter my little angel girl.
All of these suggestions I had learned from you and reading about stopping abductions she had done without me having the time to tell her.
I have not really brought up the subject of aliens…she doesn’t know that is what they are. But she has had been scared of things “peeking” at her since she was tiny. She had a thing about doornobs when about 2 and was afraid of them turning while she was in bed…we all just tried to unsuccessfully reassure her there was nothing to fear but she knew from her own experience but was too young to express it. Once at our home she wouldn’t go into our balcony area because we have a skylight and she saw a leaf moving on it. She was panicky. This went on for weeks so finally I told her grandpa would take the leaf down but grandpa tried everything and couldn’t reach the dam leaf to get it off the steep 2 story roof. Finally months later it blew or washed off by itself I guess but she wouldn’t go near that room until she knew it was gone.
So bottom line, you, we have been successful but I will never rest and continually give gratitude to God for protecting her. Oh by the way, I called on God fervently to release his Angel Michael to battle for this child against the devil and believed it was done. I live in constant gratitude for this. I pray many times daily whenever I think of anything related to my granddaughter, Archangel Michael, Jesus, abductees etc. In July while getting ready to leave AZ to return to my home in OR I went to Sedona and had a picture of my aura taken with a short “reading”. I do this on each trip as I enjoy the feelings and the picturesque rocks in Sedona. The reader showed me the picture and said this is really unusual. There is so much light around your heart it looks like you are very spiritual and have many guides or angels right here near your heart. No, this is so big and unusual it looks like an Archangel right here over your heart! I just thank God for his blessings and confirmations.
I have just had a realization. I remembered my notes from our talk together and my present situation began making sense. I am in extreme pain right now. I have never had health problems of any consequence but the doctors have not been able to figure what is causing my pain. My hips and legs and so painful I am immobile without pain pills. I have had so many blood tests, MRI’s , neurologists etc and no one can figure it out. I can only walk up stairs and move with pain medication and extreme fortitude to withstand the intense pain. I am no longer able to drive and have to rely on family for everything. In fact I am loosing bladder control also at night on the way to the bathroom (more than you wanted to know huh!) I am 59! I have been racking my brain trying to help the doctors with recollection of a fall, anything that would account for this problem. I was recently able to recall when it started…..about this time last year! Right when we talked about my granddaughter and you told me to be prepared because I was going to be attacked! It started very slowly with my hips and legs feeling stiff. I remember thinking was I resting too much in AZ!? I was doing a lot of sewing, watching TV etc. all alone and enjoying the quiet and peace of doing only what I wanted to do for a few months each year. I tried to start walking and exercising but found I was limited and the pain didn’t go away. I compensated and got by but when I returned home in early Aug. I knew I couldn’t stay in AZ alone any longer because I was in pain and couldn’t take care of my self and do everything alone. I was relieved when my painful plane trip home was over and I immediately started going to the doctor to find out what was wrong with me. I am still in that process to this day. My husband is very worried about me as I cant do much of anything and am pretty much housebound. Upon remembering what you said about being attacked I have told close family I am taking this out of the hands of doctors alone (continuing with the process) but now I am praying for God to release the devils grip on my health so I can be of help to my family.
Our oldest son had been “attacked” by his business partner with a hostile takeover of their company. He has tried to put the company and my son in bankruptcy with fraud and many illegal and unethical dealings. I have recently been shown this partner is possessed by Satan (sounds weird I know) to do these hateful and immoral things and I have been praying in this vein. My son and his lawyers shortly thereafter have gathered enough evidence to take him to court and stop this horrible travesty.
Satan has tried to attack us but as God has shown me what is truly happening I have prayed for intervention and guidance. Life is good and we can all have victory over Satan with God’s help. I am forever grateful God sent you into my life. I just want you to know how much you are being used and how appreciative my family is to you. I am praying for your strength, wisdom, financial success and fortitude as we battle evil together.
I know I can use it too!
Forever grateful, Lynda
The Terror That Comes in the Night
There is a book by David J. Hufford called The Terror that Comes in the Night. The sub-title of the book describes the contents: “An Experience-Centered Study of Supernatural Assault Traditions.” Dr. Hufford is a sociologist and university professor. According to his research about one sixth of the population experiences the phenomenon described in his book yet almost no one talks about it. The experience Hufford describes is similar to what has become known in our culture as the “alien abduction” phenomenon, yet differing in some aspects. According to a Roper Poll done in 1992 at least two percent of the adult population in the United States has experienced what they call “being abducted.” It is difficult to get an exact number since it is believed that many people completely repress the experience and many others just don’t talk about it.
The Roper Poll used a sample of 5,947 respondents corresponding to the equivalent number among the 185,000,000 ostensibly represented by Roper’s demographically balanced sample. The margin of error is + or – 1.4 per cent. The poll excluded everyone under 18 years of age and all residents of Hawaii and Alaska, as well as all residing in dormitories, hospitals, etc. When respondents were asked if they had ever awakened paralyzed with a sense of a strange “presence” in the room 18 per cent said “yes.” This percentage with a + or – 1.4 margin of error represents 33,300,000 people.
In 1973 my husband Coleman and I and our two baby boys lived in Virginia. Coleman was working for Christianity Today as the advertising manager and I was a stay-at-home mom doing some freelance artwork. One night I awoke with a start. My eyes flew open like a close-up in a horror movie when the dead person comes back to life. I was totally awake with the sense that something was very wrong. That sense moved very quickly to terror. I was paralyzed, unable to move anything except my eyes. To my left, over my husband’s sleeping body, I could see three figures gliding into the room. Their feet, which I couldn’t see because a monk-like robe covered them, never touched the ground. They were coming out of a walk-in closet bedroom and my first thought was, “How did they get in there?” It was communicated to me in some fashion – I don’t know how – that they had come through the large second story window in the nursery, glided down the hall, gone through the wall into the master bath, and from the bathroom had glided into the closet. I knew they were very, very angry with me for some reason, but I didn’t know why. They communicated to me, without speaking, that they were going to levitate my stiff body, slam me through the window above our bed and drop me on my head killing me. They wanted me to know that my husband would be blamed for my death.
I had no doubt that they were capable of doing this and my terror escalated. I tried to scream at Coleman to wake up but I couldn’t. My vocal cords were paralyzed. Then I began to pray. I tried to call out, “JESUS.” Again nothing would come out of my mouth other than grunts. Once more I tried to say “JESUS.” More grunts. Finally a garbled “Jesus” came out. At the name of Jesus the beings dissipated into the air into little triangles just like a visual effect.
I immediately woke Coleman and told him what had happened. After comforting me, the inevitable question came. He said, “Are you sure it wasn’t just a bad dream?” Irritated, I replied, “Yes, I’m sure. Because if it was a bad dream I’m still dreaming. I awoke before it began and I have not awakened since. Besides I just KNOW it was real.” At the time, neither one of us knew what to do with this experience, so I just filed it away and didn’t talk about it again for over 20 years.
Then over twenty years later Coleman was writing a pilot script for a television series that was supposed to be about all sorts of strange phenomena. He gave me a book on alien abduction and asked me to read it and see if there might be any story ideas in it that he could use. As I read the book it struck me how similar these people’s experiences were to mine. Then I came across a drawing of one person’s alien abductor. It was eerie. He had drawn the same beings that had come into my room.
At the same time, I was reading a book about several different missionaries who had gone to a variety of Third World countries to tell people about Jesus. The book was titled, Demon Experiences in Many Lands and it was published by Moody Bible Institute in Chicago in 1960. In the preface we find this statement by the publishers: “It has been many years since any serious study of demon experiences has been published, and possibly never before a compilation from competent observers in many parts of the world. The reason for this omission is not clear, but the result has been a feeling on the part of many Christians that these strange (to us moderns) phenomena were only valid in Bible times.” Several of the missionaries had this attitude themselves when their strange experiences began. Most were totally unprepared for the assaults that they and their new converts confronted. Several of these experiences were very similar to the ones described in Hufford’s book and countless alien abduction books. A conclusion from Hufford’s book is that people unfamiliar with any notion of what he calls an “Old Hag Tradition” describe their symptoms precisely in accordance with those aware of such a tradition. Hufford never called these experiences “demonic.” But all of the missionaries came to that conclusion. They believed that they were dealing with demons and they looked to the Bible to learn how to overcome them.
As I began to form my own opinion about my night terror experience, I went to the Internet to see if any one beside myself had had a similar experience. Was I the only person who had used the name of “Jesus” to end a night terror or alien abduction experience? I found an article from Florida Today magazine that appeared on August 17, 1997, written by Rita Elkins concerning alien abduction and it’s similarity to demonic oppression. She quotes Joe Jordan, a director for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) a clearinghouse for UFO related research. When he is not checking out UFO claims for MUFON he works in product development and engineering for Sea Ray Boats. He and his partner Wes Clark, also a member of MUFON, who is a quality control engineer at the Kennedy Space Center, have, through their work at MUFON, come across several people who have been able to stop their abduction experience by calling on the name of Jesus. He shared a taped interview with Elkins for her article in Florida Today:
Jordan punches buttons on a tape recorder. A nameless, 30-something man with an intelligent-sounding voice, slightly Southern, tells his story. Calmly at first.
“There were strange lights in a nearby woods at bedtime, barking dogs. He is up and down a few times; yelling at the dogs while his wife sleeps soundly. Then lying down again…I couldn’t move…grey fog. I couldn’t see anything, but it was like someone was here.” He felt himself lifted off the bed. “I was terrified, so helpless… screaming inside, but I couldn’t get it out.”
The voice is less calm now, but still certain, not hesitant.
“I thought I was having a satanic experience, that the devil had gotten hold of me and had shoved a pole up my rectum and was holding me up in the air…so helpless. I couldn’t do anything.”
A non-religious person, he’d been to church with his wife a few times.
“I said, ‘Jesus, Jesus, help me,’ or ‘Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!’ And when I did, there was a feeling or a sound or something. That either my words that I had thought or words that I had tried to say or whatever, hurt whatever was holding me up in the air on this pole. And I felt it was withdrawn, and I fell. I hit the bed, because it was like I was thrown back in the bed. I really can’t tell what it was. But when I did, my wife woke up and asked why I was jumping on the bed”
Elkins goes on to say, “Relentless anonymity is given in abduction research. Nobody in their right mind wants family, friends and co-workers to know they’ve had their personal space violated against their will by strange-looking creatures whose existence isn’t even proven.”
Jordan told Elkins that three other researchers had had similar cases. They had not revealed this because they felt it would hurt their credibility, especially among the folks that invite them to speak at UFO Conventions. I certainly can understand this. A number of years ago Coleman and I went to a UFO Convention in San Francisco. Most of the people there were defiantly New Agers and didn’t seem to be open to traditional religion at all. In spite of the fact that abduction experiences are described as horrible, brutal and denigrating many believe they are done by good aliens and are somehow beneficial to human kind. So my question is, “Do you really think our alien ‘space brothers’ are assaulting us or could there be a demonic connection to these experiences?
You may be wondering why I have decided to share my night terror story with the world on the Internet. I am sure that there are many who will just think I am a total wacko. Some of you who know me may think I am farther gone than you realized. But if there are people experiencing these assaults who want them to stop I can offer way out.
Few years ago, my son was taking a college class at a secular university. The teacher of this class, which was a language class and had nothing to do with what we are writing about today, began asking the same questions that were asked in the Roper Poll. After a few questions one girl raised her hand and began to tell the class about her abduction experience. When she had finished my son said to her, “There is a way to stop these experiences if you want to.” The teacher interrupted,” No, there is no way to stop them!” “Yes!” my son replied, “They can be stopped.” “No they can not.” At that point the teacher went back to the curriculum. I want people to know that my son’s teacher is wrong. There is a way to stop these experiences. Please don’t think that I am saying that the name “Jesus” is magic. It is not magic, but it does have Amazing Power. The Creator of the Universe knows his children. The Good Shepard knows his sheep. Surely if he was willing to die for our sins, He is able to protect us from the Evil Ones. If you want His protection, put your faith in Him.
If you have experienced a night terror I would like to hear from you. Please write and tell me your story.
?Carel Luck January 2006
Used by permission.
Jake’s Story
Hi there, my son (who’s seven) really wanted to share a story with you. We’ve talked about how to deal with these situations so he would know what to do and here’s what happened.
I use to have nightmares and it was like saying Jesus’ name inside of my dream. I had to say it ten times and I kept having nightmares every night. After a whole bunch of days when I became six it stopped happening because I was praying. (why don’t you try this). I also started praying every night to Jesus and still do just in case the nightmares come back.
Story Continues:
Hi there, Jake wanted to add another dream he had, had wanted to send this last time but we were out of time…..
I was walking over dangerous places and if I looked into the dark I would start falling, and when I looked into the light I would start floating in the air toward the light. There were eyes in the dark and they made me really scared, more scared than when I saw the light. The light was Jesus, I think and an angel, I saw two figures standing in the light and felt less scared. That dream was just a dream and I think that helped me in not being scared anymore. I think that I might have this dream again if I’m scared and having nightmares.
Jake:.1. I go to websites that have lots! of games.2.my favorite stuffed toy is Hobbes (e is silent).3.i like tracing. (Jake’s own typing)
This is mom here…both my husband and I grew up in a legalistic Christian church and were baptized and accepted Jesus. However, I accepted Jesus into my heart about 4 years ago. See, the church we grew up in dealt heavily in the old testament, kept Jewish holidays including day of Atonement, Feast of Tabernacles etc. and Jesus was really not fully explained: thus for a long time we did not fully understand the grace part of God. I was in constant fear that I would not make it to the kingdom not understanding that by believing upon Jesus I was already in the kingdom. Now I understand fully the grace and intercession Jesus makes for us and am trying to help my husband understand as well.
J*** (his real name, he likes to be called Jake after a favorite TV. character) is our first born son and when I was pregnant my husband had a vivid dream that we had a son who looks as he does now and his name was at the top of the dream in bold bright letters. I was a full month pregnant but did not know at the time of the dream. Shortly afterwards I discovered that I was pregnant with Jake and we decided to go with the name in the dream. We had never heard of the name but discovered it’s a rare Czechoslovakian name meaning new beginnings and January (which was when he was conceived of all things). I knew then that God was giving a special gift to us and that Jake is important for my husband for some reason.
Before having Jake I had a keen interest in aliens and books about aliens. It was short lived because I found AlienResistance.org and quickly got rid of all the alien books and stopped being interested in aliens. As Jake grew up I’ve been diligent in reading the bible, praying with him and teaching him God’s ways. We often talk about God as we come across things that are difficult in life or receive blessings. One of the things I always stressed was that if he was ever scared or saw things that were really scary to him to call upon Jesus name and pray for help. In the last year (while he was six) he had quite a round of really bad dreams and we would pray almost every night for God’s protection, I would also leave a bible open with Jesus words showing. Jake’s bad dreams were always on nights that we forgot to pray and so we got into a habit of making sure to pray every night. As he’s gotten older I’ve encouraged him to talk with God directly so that if I’m not around he still knows how to go to God directly. I should also include that Jake chose to accept Jesus into his heart at the age of 4, it was his idea and I made sure he understood what that meant.
Because we had a babysitter who was very interested in aliens and talked very favorably about them to Jake, I revisited this site with him and read some of the testimonies. I wanted him to understand what these things really are and how the name of Jesus has power and authority over these scary beings. We also showed the babysitter this site and while she doesn’t believe the stories we figure she at least has knowledge of how to deal with these things if they happen to invade into her life. As we were reading the stories Jake all of the sudden remembered these dreams he had and felt that the stories in some ways were similar to his dreams. He really wanted to share his story so that’s why you received our e-mail. So, many thanks for your time and dedication in providing the knowledge of Jesus Christ for the deliverance from aliens and knowledge about the truth of what they really are!
Jake’s Mom
*Note – Names changed to protect privacy.
Michael’s Story
Dear Joe,
I have to send you this note in response your web site.
My name is Michael Crane. I spoke to Guy today in Roswell. I told him I discovered his site yesterday whiles doing some basic research on UFO’S and the Bible. This is a topic that has been apart of my life for some time. I did not feel to the best of my knowledge that I had experienced any type of alien abduction in my life. But after reading your site tonight and equating what experiences I did have as a young Christian in my early 20′s and over the past 10 years all of the signs and symptoms were there. The fear, the paralyzing feeling, the feeling of a presence in the room, it was all there. I just didn’t think of it as an abduction experience. To me it was a demon attack . As I called out in the name of Jesus and rebuked the spirit, the fear, the paralyzing feeling and the feeling of the presence left. I realized that what I did experience was in fact demon attacks. I learned early about demon attacks and how they would try to pull me away from my JESUS. It is only now that I see and understand that the alien abduction phenomena is one more way that Satan is trying to gain a foothold in this world.
When I was in my early teens I had my one and only sitting in my hometown in N. Y. and have been consumed with UFO’S ever since. It seemed I could not get enough information and took every chance I could to watch every sci-fi show that ever came on TV or in the movies. I tried to find some way of relating aliens, UFO’S and the Bible ever since I became a Christian. I thank God for the very powerful way in which he has shown me this connection and now I have one more powerful tool against which I can fight Satan and his horde in this, GODS world.
Thank you for your’s and all of your fellow Christians commitment in the battle against the powers of darkness in this world. Many prayers to my fellow brothers in Christ and prayers to your families for health and safety.
Thank you in Christ,
Another One Sees The Truth
By Caleb
I’m 27, married , and have 3 children. I am a struggling Christian, meaning I smoke cigarettes and cuss like a sailor….yet i know with all my heart the Bible is 100% true. I try not to sin and even talk with my family commonly of scripture and the upcoming Rapture. I pray God shows me mercy.
Any Ways in 1993 me and a Friend were walking to a near by 7-11 and unexpectedly found our selves in a mass UFO sighting. This was on a major intersection and all pedestrians and drivers stopped in amazement to see the spectacle in the sky. It was about 9:00-9:30 pm and in the sky was a red ball of light or red star flying in a typical UFO flight pattern. Sporadically bouncing around , hitting 90 degree turns at high speeds, then slowing down in a moderate hovering type flight. within seconds the UFO became 2 UFOs, both flying in sporadic movement’s until one shot away at a high speed while the other slowly faded out…they both vanished, and we ran home to tell my mom what we just saw.
I grew up in Sunday school’s and was taught that Jesus is the truth. A UFO was not going to throw off what had been embedded in to my brain, but what I just saw made we realize UFOs are in fact real as well. As I got older, I found myself dwelling in 2 possibilities. 1. God created man…and many other things in the universe..we do have dinosaur bones in museums..maybe he had several projects and we were not alone in the universe. 2. GOD is a UFO, Angels are UFOs. The Bible sure dose have UFO like writings in it. Boy was I wrong!! In 1999 Both my theory’s were shattered.
In 1999 I was at a Friends house sleeping when i was struck with a demonic encounter. I could not Move nor speak and felt I was being violated or attacked by something evil. I knew what this was..Ive had a few attacks before. My mom has a history as well being attacked by demons. Naturally I began to call on Jesus…I think I even called for Jehovah..then I cracked my eyes open and saw it standing at the foot of my bed. I was Frightened and confused at the same time. What i was expecting to see was either a Bat winged , Horned demon looking thing or perhaps a black silhouette or shadow as my mom had described them. That’s not what I saw at all. It was a Alien. It looked almost identical to the ones described on TIME/LIFE and TLC or the history channel. This one how ever was not small and Grey. It was tall and white and its huge eyes were red not black.
Eventually Jesus or my angels came to the rescue and I was freed from the attack. Not until recently have I been researching the Connection with Religion and UFOs and I have made up my mind that these UFOs and ET’s are real but totally evil. It is clear in my mind that they are hear to compensate the false Christ in days to come. These creatures will take credit for the rapture and convince the “left behind” that they are GOD and the Bible was miss interpreted. After all they have been here since day 1. Lets not argue the cave drawings, the Pyramids, and Crop circles. They will explain all religions and make Peace. As I type this , Israel is contemplating a 3rd temple and has had heavy UFO activity in the past 6 years…go figure.
I’m not sure what GOD and his Angels are. I don’t know if they too use technology which we call miracles. Maybe..Maybe Not. Maybe They are just as described in drawings with harps and Bird Wings…This I do not Know. But I do Know That Demons Travel By UFO.

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