TFI Reboot and Reboot the Movie Comparative Analysis!
With the Reboot going into its 3rd year now, and no  change in sight regarding the New Weapons, or a single word about the spiritual mantle of the Family, I found this movie to be a bit of an inspiration.
I realise again, that the Family is not for this present reality but for a time when the world will be so dark, that the light will shine even brighter.  The candle, as they say, is bright only in the dark, but you can’t see it in the middle of day.  The Reboot. . .   Could it be talking not about the Family rebooting but the World going into its chaotic Endtime State and then the Children of David arising?
If you are reading this, do not wait for this to happen.  Please take hold of the Sword of the Word of God, the Unique Words of David and start hacking away at the devils you find in your immediate vicinity, and you’ll see that it works frightfully well!  Use the New Weapons!  Take them!  They’re Yours!

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