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I praise You, my sweet Lord, for Your unconditional Love! Where else could I ever find such Love? — Love that is always, Love never ending, Love without measure.
I can’t always understand with my finite mind or begin to fathom how You can love me so, but I know You do. I thank You that I don’t need to understand. I only have to reach out my hand and receive from You. You make everything so easy.
Sometimes when I feel so weak, so low, so muddled and lacking for words, not knowing how to express the innermost secrets of my heart, I stand in silent wonder, resting in the quiet assurance that only You can give, and I know You understand. You lift my would-be worries and fears, and You kiss away my tears with Your gentle caresses.
Jesus, thank You for choosing me, the most unworthy. I love You, my sweet Love. I bow before You now. I want to love You. Thank You for Your vibrant, ardent love, Your passion so wild and free! Thank You that You fill every longing, You complete every desire. I love You, Jesus.
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