The AI Grid Awakening Dream


First I dreamt very intensely about situations going on in the Whitehouse and I was talking with Donald Trump and encouraging him, although I cannot remember the details.

Then I was with my family driving around the countryside putting together some goofy movie projects and they turned into some really high quality films, although my style was more rough and spontaneous, I noticed they had planned everything out with storyboards and cool effects and angles.   We were just goofing off driving around enjoying ourselves when my cousin Stephen who I know was a Hillary supporter showed up and we walked around talking just like old times.  At some point we sat down in this big shed and I had two newspapers on my lap in Chinese, talking about the president and as I was folding these and telling him “He came out of nowhere, this Trump guy and started destroying so many of the lies of the enemy.  Remember when we used to listen to Rush Limbaugh and he would take apart the liberal agenda?   That’s basically it. . . “    and then suddenly I was siting with Arnold Schwarzenegger and he was friendly but there was this robotic arm that reached down and started to try and grab your head.   It kept vehemently doing this until suddenly it popped out a little gun and started firing blank rounds.   Suddenly though I noticed there were real shells coming out, empty bullet shells and Arnold ducked to avoid sudden attack as it seemed it was starting to fire real bullets,  and I ran out of there.

As I was running there were all these red laser guns shooting and I realised we were in the heart of an AI awakening, with all these machines wired into Google and the smart grid coming to life and killing people.   you just knew there was virtually no escape from this army that was rising.

I had to face all these machines but the biggest enemy and threat was the people who had given themselves over to the system.  A long line of people who were wired into the matrix produced various weapons and began to face me and I had to start physically fighting them to survive.  It was interesting how easy it was to knock them unconscious, though.

Everywhere you went there were robots that would spy on you and alert the authorities if you were caught or actual menacing terminator style hunter killer robots waiting to slaughter you.   The sense I had gotten was that they were already building these robot armies for a long time and when everything came online or was initiated they were programmed to kill you. I heard a voice like Alex Jones or someone broadcasting and saying this was the Enemy’s plan to get us out of their cities, so that people would be isolated and separated and not stand their ground here anymore.  I found some other fighters who were on the same team helping to destroy the little spy robots.  Some of the robots were these cute little stuffed animal teddy bear looking things. 

Presently I am staying in Taichung at my friend Natalia’s house with her dad.  We both slept past the designated time to start the mission trip to the mountain but equally had a very intense spiritual warfare related dream.  In my case, the interesting part was the 3 parts:  1.) Seeing and participating in some action at the Trump White House.  2.) Discussing with people who are sort of on the fence with what’s happening  3.) the final war began.



The dream Natalia had and a fellow missionary’s wife who is going with us on the road as I write this had the EXACT SAME DREAM:   It was an end-time apocalyptic scenario, and there was a tremendously huge object coming from the sky.   Both ladies mentioned feeling a sense of supernatural peace even though this event was happening.

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