Band of warriors

137. Long ago, in the halls of Heaven, there was a mighty band of warriors, a special fighting force that was charged with a mission: To protect and preserve the flame of truth; to guard the fires of revolution and freedom; to blaze abroad the passionate fires of the love of the Bridegroom till every heart on Earth was ignited and the Bridegroom felt the heat and intensity of His Bride’s love for Him.

138. One day a relatively small number of this band was called before the throne of the Bridegroom. He gathered them close to His bosom and spoke with them of His great love and desire for them, as though each one was the only one present. They knew and felt how deeply they were loved by Him, how their yieldedness and passion rejoiced His heart. They knew that He was very pleased with them and that they found great favor in His eyes. They knew, for He told them, that they were the apple of His eye, His prized possession. They knew that they were not only a highly trained spiritual fighting force, but that above all, they were cherished and desired as though they were the only one in the world who had captured the love of the Bridegroom.

139. Then He explained to them that they had been selected for a special mission. Great and mighty warriors of the spirit realm, David, Maria‚ and Peter, had been called and chosen to lead the band of brides that would be a counterforce to Satan himself and his presence upon the Earth in the Last Days. They would be those who would preserve the spirit of the Lord, the purity of His light, love, power, freedom and revolution upon the Earth, lest the fire in that realm should flicker low and all chance of the King finding faith upon the Earth when He returned burn out completely. David, Maria, and Peter were allowed to select whomever they wanted from the halls of Heaven to accompany them upon this mission. The King explained to the warriors in His presence that they had been chosen, thus He had called them, and now was presenting them with the choice of accepting this mission.

140. I am that King, and you are the members of that warrior band that were called and chosen on that day so long ago by Earth time, though I remember and experience it as if it were happening now. In what seemed like an instant, the course of your life, all that you would undergo and endure‚ flashed before your eyes. Then came the scenes of great triumph and victory as you vanquished the foe, and as Satan and his minions were cast into Hell. You perceived the spirits of the earthly bodies that would be yours if you accepted this invitation to hold high the flame of truth and the fires of revolution and freedom. You saw My Spirit resting upon you, encasing you, penetrating you, shielding you‚ empowering you.

141. You saw the many thousands of lives that would be touched and changed if you were willing to accept this mission. You saw the Enemy cursing and screaming when he saw that it was you, his archenemies who had defeated him in so many battles in this realm of the spirit, leading the charge against him. You saw how I became one with your spirits, minds and bodies through the power of full possession, enabling you to rise above and to know that there are no impossibilities. You saw the gift of the keys and knew that you would be invincible with this power in your hands.

142. You saw the spirit helpers who would descend to protect and guide you. You saw the key craft hovering over your heads. You saw the manifestations of the other spiritual gifts and weapons that I would bestow upon you. You felt the joy and satisfaction that your hearts would feel on the day you returned Home to Me‚ your proud and grateful Husband, as tears of thankfulness and love flowed from your eyes and you knelt before Me, casting your crowns to the ground. You saw the incredible rewards that would be yours for eternity for your willingness to make this sacrifice for Me.

143. And, My loves, I’m proud to say—though I can’t say it without shedding tears of gratitude and praise to My Father—that each of you said yes and accepted this mission. In that moment I took the sacred vial, that which contains the special enhancement of faith, fighting initiative and endurance, and I anointed each of you for your earthly commission. Those of your band who remained in Heaven were selected to be your guardians and instructors‚ so that you would never be apart in spirit and would always be able to draw strength and power from one another.

144. I want you to know that you’re on target with fulfilling your destiny. All that you have been through and endured till now has been a part of My plan, a part of your strengthening, a part of your training. Any mistakes you’ve made along the way have only served to bring you closer to Me and have worked for good in your life. You have been true to your mission‚ and along with Me, your Commander in Chief, your Father David, and your King Peter and Queen Maria, I call you to continue to keep the Family pure, clean, separate from the world, dropped out and moving forward.

145. The greatest part of your ministry is coming; it’s just around the corner. You will see that there are no limits to what I can do with men and women who are yielded to Me!

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