–John Paul Jackson (or was it Ian Clayton?)
“Be clothed with Christ!  make no provision for the flesh and the lusts thereof!”
<me> Lord, take me and use me!  Use me for battle!  I want to live in the real world!  Punish the Enemy, Lord!  Make us to live in Your Spirit, and in Your Reality!  I want to engage the Enemy on missions, Lord!  Let’s go giant hunting!  Let’s annihilate those vicious fiends who are coming through the Stargates!  Let’s hinder their plans for world takeover!  Find cures for radiation – photo deactivation!  And Your Keys to accomplish it all, Lord!  Let’s chart new courses, and use the Power of the Keys to the full!  You must feel disappointing to have supplied us with the most powerful technology in creation – The Keys of the Kingdom and not see them get utilized!  Well, utilize them in my life, Lord!
<Jesus> I will take you at your word!  Isn’t there anything else?
<me> Oh, yes! Realization of Your Word, Jesus!  The Base, Salem, Star Lion, Cloud, Dallas, Phoenix, and all they include! Everything, Lord!
<Jesus>  When you are not in one of those places (and My Heavenly Space City New Jerusalem) You are on the battlefield!  So return to these, My Bride, and do not be subject to a yolk of bondage.
Hmm, what else to add to all this?  Oh yeah!  Cool StarCraft Pictures!



Starcraft II Wings Of Liberty - Medic Unit Desktop Wallpaper


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