The Bruce Collins Show – 12/11/15- Guests: Private Investigator Will Z. and Actor Steve Rowland

Actor Steve Rowland

Steve Rowland appeared in 35 TV shows like “Bonanza”, “Wanted Dead Or Alive” and a two year role in “The Legend of Wyatt Earp”. Feature films included co-starring roles in “The Battle of the Bulge” with Henry Fonda, “Gun Glory” with Stuart Granger, “Crime in the Streets” with John Cassavetes and Sal Mineo, and the original “The Thin Red Line” with Keir Dullea and Jack Warden.

Private Investigator Will Z.

Private Investigator Will Z. tells us about the world of private investigations. What does Hollywood get right and what does it get wrong? Behind the scenes on the world of investigations.

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