The Case for the Loving Jesus Revelation

Remember this Revelation?  Anyone out there still practicing it?  If you do not know what it is, it’s a very graphic, very intimate way of becoming one with Jesus.  The whole manual on how to do it is miles long and posted on this site under “Loving Jesus” but it is for those who are not uncomfortable saying sexy words to the Lord — it should give you faith to do it knowing He desires people to do it. . .   On to a prophecy that hit me pretty deeply this morning!

(Notes on “How to Love Me More Part 3:)
117. Just as the communion ceremony repre­sented the price that I paid to ransom you as My servants and friends, so this little ceremony‚ this little skit I give you to act out with each other, serves as a picture of how I have taken each of you and made you My brides in the Spirit. I have set you free to enjoy the passions of love and ecstasy, both with each other, and above all, with Me.
118. Is this so hard to understand or grasp? Is it not something you can do, and even find great pleasure in, simply by yielding‚ by accepting this by faith, by trusting Me for those things you may still not understand about it, knowing that all shall be made known and be made clear in times to come?
119. Oh, please, My love, come to Me and bare yourself before Me in this way, that you may show the world that you are Mine, that you belong to Me, that I have not only ransomed you from the jaws of the death of sin, but that I have chosen you to be My bride, My lover. Such is My desire for you. Such is My love. And this is one of the most beautiful ways that we can share it. Would you withhold this from Me? Would you withhold this gift from yourself?
120. Open your arms and embrace it. Open your heart and accept it. Then bare your flesh and receive it. It is a gift that will be humbling‚ but its price is greater than rubies, and its rewards above what your heart could dream. Can you not do this for Me, knowing that it brings Me the greatest pleasure to see you humbly and meekly seeking to bring Me joy‚ when I know it is difficult for you?
(NOTE: Here is where the churches and the Family do not meet, and probobly never will meet.  Sex is a good thing, though, and there is probobly no greater humbling factor for a church christian than to become sexy.  Not as in, ‘raunchy’ but . . . well, yes maybe even a little bit of that sometimes.  Extreme cases of spiritual pride may need some extreme humblers, and how often has God used sex to bring people down (humility wise)?  He even had Hosea marry a prostitute, and he called sexy King David “A man after my own heart.”  To know that Jesus made sex, likes sex, and even wants sex from His bride should be a shocking enough revelation to make anyone stop and take stock of what the heck reality might actually be.  Seek the Lord on this, because it’s really a precious and great weapon and will change your life.  There are a few people out there who are going to accept this, and use it and it’s going to change them.  I think it’s a thrill that we know so little about what the truth actually is, and that Jesus is going to teach us!  I myself know nothing, actually except for this:  I don’t know, but God knows.  And by the way I have seen blessing through this Loving Jesus Revelation, so get going with God!)
121. But I know more—that it is good for you, and that these are the steps you will have to take to find the confidence you will need as My wife, in My power, in My love for you, and in the very real way that I am with you. It is this confidence, this strength‚ this maturity and freedom in the Spirit that will bring you the strength, conviction and power that will need to be pulsing through you in the day when Satan seeks to cast his snares upon those of this world.
122. In that day you will be thankful that I asked these seemingly difficult things of you, for they will have helped you to grow up in the Spirit, no longer a child, but full-grown and seasoned in strength and battle, strong in the assurance of My love and care for you, and the devotion with which I look upon you as My beloved wife. (End of message from Jesus)
123. (Mama: ) I pray that the Lord and Dad’s words on this subject have inspired and encouraged you to keep loving Jesus intimately. For those of you who haven’t started yet, now’s the time to begin! Your loving Husband will gently lead you along one step at a time as He showers you with blessings and the benefits of yielding and obeying by faith. Thank you for being willing to be His yielded, tender, receptive and sexy Bride!
(NOTE: Even Ian Clayton when brushing up against this topic just says “I’m not sure about this ‘becoming the Lord’s Bride’ thingie, but i’m working on it!  What a humble thing for such a man of God to say!  Well Ian, here is the revelation if you have the guts to stomach it.  You talk a lot about spiritual authority and maturity, and no longer being a child in Spirit, but this will still be a big humbler.  And thank you, too, for giving me the guts to want to embrace these prophecies and revelations afresh.  What is God saying about all this stuff today?
Where is the LJ Revelation in 2012?  Who is carrying this torch?  As with the prophecies about the Keys and Spirit Helpers, it’s a question worth pursuing and finding out about.  Let’s follow God on this and be counted a part of the End Time Church of Sexy Key Wielding Brides of Jesus!

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    1. Exciting! I’m a “Jesus Lover” still, regardless of the way my friends think of all this stuff. I think the sex part just scares most people, even those who had faith in it before. I’m glad you still kept the faith in this, though! Bless you and thank you for writing in!


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