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6-9-11 3 AM  

<me> Just listened to ‘Fallen Angels’ – The Chronicle Project! [available on, FallenAngelstv] What an amazing thing to hear the raw version of Genesis, from a guy who’s read the Book fo Enoch and seems to also actually believe it!

<Jesus>  Yes- it is a revolution!  But you have hardly seen the tip of the iceberg.  This will cause a renewed interest in My Words – both new and old, and you will see a new harvest of believers hungry for the truth and searching and needing an updated version of the Truth – one that understands modern man.  You will see that the truth is actually a whole lot more “sci-fi” than was previously believed!  Indeed I worked with many ‘Elohim’ to create the Earth as you live on it otday.  And indeed Azazel rebelled, as you knew.  What you DIDN’T know was that the Abomination of Desolation is actually the revived (and re-imbodied) Azazel – or as you are more used to calling “Pan.”  Have great faith to believe the great truths of My WOrd in this age when all seek their own, and few are interested in teh things of God!  I will lead and guide you as you continually seek Me, and PRAY.  You will see it all happen, but according to your faith will it be done unto you.  Call on the keys of the kingdom and wage spiritual warfare- and mind those things which are above more than those which are beneath.  Be My Bondservant – My Wife, in My House – and though you are homeless on the Earth, always remember that so was I.  I send you forth in the highest office which I ordained – “The Servant of All.”

<me> Amen!  In You I find rest – I love you!



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