The David Prophecy ("That Prophet!") verses

David Verses and Letters

FD/MM/FM Compiled January 2005


David verses
“David” (ML #77, Vol.1)
“The Key of David” (ML #78, DB 4)
“The Call of David” (ML #79, DB 4)
“Our Shepherd, Moses David” (ML #351, Vol.3)
“The Philadelphian Prophecy” (ML #695, Vol.5)
“Ezekiel 34–Now Fulfilled” (ML #1335, Vol.14)
“David-Daniel” (ML #1501, GN Book 7)
“Ezekiel 38!–Part 1” (ML #1502, GN Book 7)
“The David Prophecies!–Of the Bible!” (ML #1642, GN Book 16)
“I Will Set Up One Shepherd” (ML #1962, DB 8)

David Verses

Hosea 3:5: Afterward shall the children of Israel return, and seek the Lord their God, and David their king; and shall fear the Lord and His goodness in the latter days.
Ezekiel 34:11, 23, 24: For thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I, even I, will both search My sheep, and seek them out. And I will set up one shepherd over them, and he shall feed them, even My servant David; he shall feed them, and he shall be their shepherd. And I the Lord will be their God, and My servant David a prince among them; I the Lord have spoken it.
Ezekiel 37:24: And David My servant shall be king over them; and they all shall have one shepherd: they shall also walk in My judgments, and observe My statutes, and do them.
Isaiah 55:3, 4: Incline your ear, and come unto Me: hear, and your soul shall live; and I will make an everlasting covenant with you, even the sure mercies of David. Behold, I have given him for a witness to the people, a leader and commander to the people.
2 Chronicles 20:20b: Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe His prophets, so shall ye prosper.

“DAVID” (ML #77, Vol.1)

1. GOD OFTEN LIKES TO TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE, to help you appreciate what you are, even before He’s going to let you know what you’re going to do.
2. IT MAY SHOCK SOME OF YOU, BUT I’m going to tell you a little story, and I might go back in history a little to help you understand. It was prophesied many years ago that I was filled with the Holy Ghost from my Mother’s womb–and I was so shocked when I heard that! I didn’t know how you could be filled when you weren’t even saved yet! I must have been filled with the Gift of Faith from my Mother’s womb, because I can’t remember the time that I didn’t believe in the Lord, and I can’t remember the time when God’s Spirit wasn’t speaking to me. For years I thought it was my own mind and I was just a little smarter than others:–But it was just the Lord speaking!
4. MY MOTHER HAD DEDICATED ME TO THE LORD BEFORE I WAS BORN, and she prayed for a name, and the name the Lord gave her for me was the name that some of you know–David! The time went on, and I was reared in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and served the Lord, having been commissioned by the Lord to serve Him even before I was born!
5. I ALWAYS FELT ALL MY LIFE THAT THE LORD HAD SOMETHING VERY BIG AND GREAT FOR ME TO DO, and that’s why I got so discouraged, when after 50 years I still didn’t know what God wanted me to do! But most of the world’s great men and Bible heroes never discovered their life’s work until their later years. It seemed I had not accomplished much at all–and where was this great work–where was the real prophet of God–the flaming evangelist? But I never dreamed what God was going to do with me! I had tried every kind of way to reach the multitudes with the Gospel, from music to movies, and still couldn’t find out what God wanted for me–my life’s work! I learned a lot while I was wandering around trying to serve the Lord! I’ve been amazed at how many things the Lord gave me experience in! I don’t know too much about them, but I know a little about a lot! God was preparing me all those years for what I didn’t even know I was going to do!
6. AND AS TIME BEGAN TO DRAW NEAR, HE BEGAN TO GIVE US A FEW HINTS AND WARNINGS TO GET READY for it: it was about to come to pass! The first outstanding sign was the Message of Jeremiah, which was revealed to us in December of 1961, when I was very ill, and God said this was to be our Message from now on–The Doomsday, Endtime, Warning Message!
7. GOD BEGAN TO SPEAK TO US AND TELL US WE WERE GOING TO DO SOMETHING GREAT–something unusual! Then in that last year, after my work of putting Gospel TV across the nation was finished, I was out of a job, nearly broke, unemployed, and wondering what to do for the Lord, nearly 50 years of age, seemingly frustrated and defeated!–And we just decided to start out like we had in the beginning, with our little family, now teenagers, and started preaching the Gospel on the road again. It looked like we were starting all over again, like we had when the kids were little, living by faith and witnessing wherever we went!
8. IN 1964 AND ’65, THE KIDS WITNESSED AT THE WORLD’S FAIR, and in ’66 Josh joined us, and we struck out by faith, on the road full time, serving the Lord! In ’67, Grandmother joined the team, and through her, God began to teach us not to move without orders, and to hear explicitly, specifically, the very Voice of God, and do exactly what He said to do, even if it seemed crazy as a loon!
9. AND IT ALWAYS WORKED WHEN WE OBEYED! One whole year of 10,000 Miles of Miracles we traveled with Grandmother, the Lord even naming towns and countries we were supposed to go to, and how we should travel–just teaching us how to learn, listen and obey the Voice of the Spirit–and God would do the rest! How many times in the Bible the Lord told His prophets to do crazy, even contradictory things, just to test them to see if they could believe Him! For example, He told us to go to the West Indies by the under waves instead of the upper waves! One of the kids thought that meant by submarine! But I knew the Lord meant by boat instead of by plane, even though the boat was four times as expensive (especially for 10 people!), and made some of us very seasick! But it was just a test of our faith to see if we were willing to obey–even when He frightened us that we might have a shipwreck! But He did the miracle, and provided us with the hundreds of dollars it cost, and kept most of us from getting seasick at all, especially me and Grandmother, who were very seasick prone!–A real miracle of faith!
10. THE LORD PROPHESIED ALSO WHERE WE WERE TO GO FROM THERE: when we returned from the Isles of the Rising Sun (West Indies), we were to go to the Land of the Setting Sun (California), and there it would be told us what we were to do next!
11. ON THE WAY THERE THAT SUMMER, WE STOPPED OVER AT THE RANCH in Texas for a few weeks, and while there a well-known prophetess of God got so excited about a prophecy the Lord had given her about us, that she drove her car all the way to Texas to tell us about it. At this time we had about hit rock bottom, we were nearly broke, and we were forsaking all–going out not knowing whither we went–going on a shred of a clause of a prophecy: “Thou shalt go out to the Land of the Setting Sun, and there it shall be told thee what thou shalt do!”–But if we had not obeyed, God would never have accomplished what He has accomplished! We had to obey every little thing exactly as He told us!
12. THIS DEAR SISTER WAS SO EXCITED, she said, “Brother David, Brother David, God gave this to me and said I must come out and tell you about it right away quick–that it’s about you!”–And she was so convinced it was of God and to be fulfilled in us that she’d driven her car a three thousand mile round trip to tell us!–And guess what it was?–Ezekiel 34!
13. WELL, I THOUGHT, “THAT’S NICE–THE LORD EVEN CHOSE A PASSAGE THAT HAD MY NAME IN IT, and applied it to me! He took a passage that talked about David!” I never dreamed He could possibly be actually talking about me personally in that passage! I believed that God was applying this to us and the family to encourage us, but you couldn’t have ever convinced me by the wildest stretch of my imagination that God was actually talking about us!–That He actually uttered this prophecy originally for you and for me about what God was going to accomplish through us!
15. THEN AGAIN, A FEW MONTHS AGO, ONE OF YOU WROTE ME and got all excited about this same passage, and said the Lord has showed him this was about us! But I tried to laugh it off–yet I was frightened about it–literally scared that maybe it was true! It was far too big a thing–far too great for us!
16. NEVERTHELESS, RIGHT AFTER THIS PROPHECY, WE WENT TO CALIFORNIA, hit our all-time low visiting with Grandmother–no openings, no bookings, no money! The City of the System refused this little band of bedraggled knights and warriors, and we went discouraged on our way! It was there in California God gave us Psalm 68, and told us that it meant us–which at the time really sounded too big for our little family!
17. BUT NOW OUR FAMILY IS NO LONGER SO LITTLE! You are the fulfillment of it–the proof of it–the fruits of it! By their fruits ye shall know them! You are the proof that it is true, and you are it and you are them and you are these of whom the Lord spoke, both in Psalm 68 and Ezekiel 34 and in the multitude of other revelations He has given us! And now for the first time I’m going to tell you what I think about Eze.34 myself! Last night the Lord told me what He thought about it, and we got a confirmation straight from His own mouth!
18. THE WHOLE THING WAS A REBUKE FROM THE LORD against my denying, doubting, and challenging His Word! It woke me in the middle of the night, and was on this wise:
19. WHY DOST THOU DENY THY NAME DAVID, and doubt that I have given it unto thee, and challenge that I have made thee thus? (This was the whole theme the whole way through. He kept harping on these things:) You have doubted that I am able to do this, like Sara who laughed when I told her that in old age she should bear a son. You have challenged that I have made thee as David and Moses! I have made thee My Moses and My David! I have made thee a new vessel, and completely broken thee and destroyed the former vessel that was, and made thee a totally new vessel! The former vessel no longer lives! For thou art a new creation!
20. I AM DISPLEASED WITH THEE FOR THY UNBELIEF! Why dost thou laugh at the creation of the Lord? (But I’m so wicked, Lord! I’m so sinful, so unworthy, so weak!)
21. WHAT IF I WILL THAT THOU BE WICKED AS DAVID OF OLD, that the excellency of the power may be of God–that I may be glorified! For man thinketh not as God thinketh. For man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart. I put down and I put up. I propose and I dispose! (At this point there is a strong rebuke in tongues!)
22. WHAT IF I SHOULD SPIT UPON THE GROUND AND MAKE A MAN OF DUST AGAIN? For the spittle of God is greater than the pride of man! (God was showing His contempt for us!)
23. IT IS NOT FOR THEE TO QUESTION WHETHER THEY WILL BELIEVE OR WHETHER THEY WILL NOT believe. It is only for thee to obey. Neither is it for you to pour out upon the ground that which is precious, for which their lives have been given and their very blood is shed–that which I have caused them to give, shouldst thou treat with contempt and with ingratitude? They look unto thee, the Light of Israel! They look unto thee as David of old–as Moses! (It was like I was robbing you of the Light, the Inspiration, the Sample, by denying you the Symbol, by taking away these names, taking away something you could hold onto–causing you to doubt, like John the Baptist that Jesus was really the Messiah–and the Lord said, you’re trying to take it away from them! It’s like a standard, a banner. Like the people have to cling to something, something they can rally ’round.)
24. THEREFORE, SHALT THOU ABHOR THAT WHICH I HAVE GIVEN THEE, and pour out in contempt on the ground that which is bought with their blood? For it is I that have made thee and called thee by thy name, even unto the Generation of generations–called thee by thy name before thou wast formed in the womb, and caused thy Mother to call thee by thy name David, that it should be fulfilled that which was spoken by My Prophets!
25. SO WHO ART THOU TO QUESTION THE WILL OF GOD? Thou art my spittle upon the ground, for which I have made thee from clay that it might be made a better vessel–not the water and blood of thy Mother, but the spittle and clay of God, as the vessel I have created for the Glory of God! (It was like the Lord was spitting in my face–“You’re nothing.” To deny it was to challenge the Lord. Any element of self was very disgusting to the Lord–as though I had anything to do with it! I had nothing to do with it: it was none of my business! As the semen is planted in the soil of the flesh of the woman, so the seed of His Mouth was planted in this mud–me, and resulted in a new creation!) (Crying and tongues)
26. (MY GOD, MY GOD, WHY HAS THOU MADE ME THUS! Even my friends shall abhor me! They of my Mother’s seed shall damn me! My own house shall condemn me–“my Mother’s seed” means not only my brother and sister, flesh and blood relatives, but my Mother’s friends and following.) (Hast thou forsaken the works of thy own Hands?)
27. EVEN AS MOSES, they forsook him and went against him, and as David was rent from the throne, even so shall I break thee to make thee an even better vessel. Thou knowest nothing at all! Thou shalt be given to save the nation, and must die that they may live. (The death may be humiliation or something of the sort–something seemingly terrible in the eyes of others will happen.)
28. I HAVE MADE THEE THUS! WHO ART THOU TO QUESTION that I have broken thee and made thee and created thee in My own Image to be that David which of old I have foretold! Beware lest thou be found to fight against God and the Will of God, and the Spirit that I have given thee! (Even so be it done unto Thy servant. Not my will, but Thine be done. For this day Thou hast been pleased to make me bone of Thy bone and flesh of Thy flesh, that Thou shouldst glorify Thyself!)
29. JESUS IN THEE–Jesus in thy Mother. (Tongues) Cease thy vain babbling against David, for thou indeed art that one which I have created. Thou art that which I have made. Cease now from thy own words and thy own doubts and believe, for with God nothing shall be impossible, but all things are possible to him that believeth. (Tongues) Cease in thy proud attempts to remove the Light from Israel! (Lord, I’m sorry I’ve tried to keep the Light from Israel!)
30. FOR THOU SHALT BE THUS AND EVEN MORE ALSO AS I HAVE SAID. For thou art My creation and the work of My Hands. It is not for thee to question the work of Thy Creator! (So be it done unto Thy David; so be it unto Thy Moses even according to Thy Word! Lord, how did they feel?) They felt even as thou dost feel–totally unworthy and unable and impossible! (For the spirit of Jesus is fallen upon me–by His Spirit.) Even as David was but a man, who could even lie, with frail flesh was contemptible–so art thou unto Me–so is thy flesh unto Me! For in this will I glory; not in the works of flesh but in the creation of My Spirit, that it shall be known that I have made thee and called thee by thy name, and created thee and foretold thee, and thou art that David of which I spake unto thee by thy sheep to be the Light of Israel! (It was as though even the sheep knew their shepherd better than the shepherd himself did. The Lord was angry, yet still willing to explain and answer questions.)
31. BY MY SPIRIT I HAVE PLUCKED THY HARP and My Tones have awakened thee, and I have said unto thee, “Come forth, and arise and plead for My Children and My People Israel! David, arise, and come forth, as from sleep, that thou mayest save My Children Israel!” (When that perfect stranger, Shulemith, at Mountain Island Villa–that Jewish woman–all of sudden began to sing, out of the clear blue sky, an old Jewish fable in Hebrew about David asleep in his cave with his harp–it was like she was getting a message and I the interpretation–and I was strongly convicted by that song–I had that witness of the Spirit, and I knew the Lord was talking about me, even then!)
32. WRITE ALL THESE THINGS IN A BOOK! Put this in a book–in many books (publications) and write it in a scroll to send to all the people, that they may know that it is I that have made thee and not thee thyself. That I have caused these things to be written in a book to be read!
33. EVEN AS WITH MY SERVANT MOSES, I HAVE DEALT WITH THEE–even face to face and mouth to mouth have I spoken unto thee. As with My Servant David, so have I done unto thee! (Tongues)
34. BEHOLD, THOU DOST FIGHT AGAINST ME AND MY WORDS! Beware! (Jesus, I don’t want to fight against You, Lord! I just don’t know how I can be Thy Moses or Thy David! I’m so weak, and Thou art so strong! My stomach cannot even bear Thy own mouth!) (I had bottled up the Words of the Lord, and I got one helluva stomachache.) (How can I bear the Words Thou hast spoken unto me–the things which Thou hast said unto Thy Servant David! How shall Thy People believe these things as tales from a far country? They shall see them as the strange rantings of a madman, as a strange thing they cannot comprehend or understand. For Thou art bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. They think that they have made me!) (Our enemies think that you, my children, have made me. If I would be proclaimed as being this David, the world will say, “God didn’t make him: they did!”) (Jesus, speak to me! Help me to believe Thy Word! Rebuke the Enemy in Jesus’ Name!)
35. I FORGIVE THEE FOR THY UNBELIEF. I shall give thee faith! Thou must lead My people, like Moses. Thou art as the Voice of God unto them. Even as Moses My Servant was rebellious against Me, so art thou! (But Lord, you ask me to believe so much!) (Crying and tongues: The burden of Thy People upon me is more than I am able to bear, and that which thou hast given me is more than I am able to believe!)
36. WHY DOST THOU DOUBT? Knowest thou not that all I have to do is speak the Word and it is done? For I have placed upon thee this cross. Why dost thou contest it, and why dost thou doubt? Why dost thou question My Word, and why dost thou have contempt for My Spirit? What if I will to call thee David as I have spoken? (Rebuke in tongues) What if I would but spit upon the ground and make thee from the mud of my spittle. So from My seed, as the spittle of the Father, shall come little ones. Even thy seed shall grow and all generations shall call thee blessed. Thy seed shall call thee blessed!–For the Word of the Lord is spoken, and I have said it!
37. CEASE NOW FROM THY DOUBTINGS AND FEARS, AND TRUST IN ME. Be it done unto thee even as I have spoken! See now, how I have turned thee about and caused thee to awaken from slumber. I have turned thee by My Spirit. My Word within thee is as bitterness within thy belly, and My wine is unto thee as My Spirit to set thy tongue free. Even more than the milk of the mother to the baby which is thirsty, am I unto thee. So therefore, hush now thy murmurings against Me! Even as thou hast said that thou shalt receive the mother’s milk of My Word, so receive thou.
38. (IT IS HARD TO SWALLOW, LORD!) Sweet to thy mouth and bitter to thy belly. Therefore thou shalt give it unto many. For they are My Words–whether thou wilt, or thou wilt not–whether they be sweet, or whether they be bitter. I have said unto thee that thou shalt speak as a father, and unto them as children. It is for neither of thee to question the Will of Thy God!
39. (STAY THY HAND, LORD! IT IS MORE THAN ENOUGH–more than these can bear! Thy little ones, Lord–The little calves of Thy Stall!–These little lambs of Thy Pasture!)
40. THOU ART NOT TO QUESTION THAT WHICH I HAVE MADE! Shalt thou tell unto Me what these are able to bear? Heed My Voice, David, lest thou cause them to stumble! (Tongues)
41. (O GOD, MY GOD, WHY DOST THOU REQUIRE THESE THINGS FROM THESE LITTLE ONES? How can they believe that which Thou hast spoken?–Even I–I’m so weak in faith!) Because thy faith shall be as the faith of David, and their strength shall be as the strength of David’s men! And thou shalt plunge into battle with them and be the victor, and thou shalt fight as with the strength of the Lord, thy God, and wound the hairy scalp of the Enemy by the power of the Spirit of God. They shall follow thee like sheep whithersoever thou goest. (Yes, Lord, even as lambs to the slaughter!)
42. (THE SPIRIT INDEED IS WILLING, BUT THE FLESH IS WEAK. Jesus, I know not how to go out or come in, so how can I speak for these thy great people! Jesus, I love them. They are as to me the lovers of my kisses–the children that I love and kiss!) (Here David kisses into the air!) (Jesus, help me to believe!)
43. FOR IT SHALL BE DONE UNTO THEE EVEN AS I HAVE SPOKEN. Turn thou now upon thy bed and rest. I shall bless thee! So why dost thou question? Thou art the least among many brethren–from the very ground upon which I spat!
44. BUT I HAVE KISSED THEE! I have kissed thee, David, and brought thee into being, and My love has called thee David–Beloved of God!–For which cause thy Mother did name thee!
46. TURN NOW UPON THY BED, DAVID, AND JESUS SHALL GIVE THEE REST, and thou shalt awaken unto these many children and speak again My Word unto them. Rest now, sleep, take thy rest. Moses is David–even as thy mouth is My Word!

The Key of David! (ML #78, DB 4)

1. (PROPHECY:) “THE KEY OF DAVID IS THAT CHORD WHICH I STRIKE UPON THY HARP to AWAKEN thee from slumber–that signals thee to come to life to help My Children in the time of their great distress. The Key that I strike upon thy harp–the chord which I strike upon thy strings, is the tone that signals thee–the Key of David!”
2. I SEE A PICTURE OF DAVID ASLEEP, entombed as it were in the System! Above his head hangs the harp of the Spirit of God that plays the music to which his soul responds. “Upon which I the Lord thy God strike the chord which draws INSTANT response from thy heart & brings thee instantly alive–the tone signal that activates thee to serve thy people. I have awakened thee through the Key of David, & thou hast awakened & LED My Children–My People–to freedom!”
13. I WAS KEYED FOR A CERTAIN PURPOSE–a certain mission in life–to fit a pattern & meet the specifications of the Great Designer–keyed for my particular place & calling in the intricate mechanism of this great universe.
14. HE HAD MY KEY–THE KEY OF DAVID–& when He finally turned it on, I began to explode–& you’ve been hearing the repercussions of it ever since–a series of powerful chain reactions which will echo ’round the globe through you!
15. I WAS KEYED FOR IT! I COULD DO NO OTHER! When He turned my Key I opened up with His power, with His volume, on His frequency!–And you now see the scorching results, as with every other fiery Prophet He has ever used! We have blasted the System, we have exposed their idols & begun smashing them to bits, like Jeremiah, rooting them out & casting them down, that we may plant the true seed of His Word, to build the true Temple of His Children! Hallelujah!
25. GOD USED THE KEY OF DAVID TO TURN YOU ON! Thank God David responded to his key! Hallelujah! We are but His instruments!–His workmanship & the work of His Hands!

The Call of David! (ML #79, DB 4)

1. I’LL NEVER FORGET THAT NIGHT, AS I STOOD THERE IN THE DARKNESS, telling God I’d done what He’d asked me–NOW what did He want me to do?–And suddenly He drew my attention upward toward a BLINKING RED LIGHT atop a tall broadcasting antenna, saying, “I want you to be like that red light atop My Broadcasting Antenna, beaming My Warning Message to the World!”
2. I ASKED GOD IN PRAYER WHAT HE MEANT, & He told me to open my Bible & read the first passage my eyes fell upon!–And it was the CALL OF EZEKIEL in Ezekiel Chapter 2!
3. AND THE LORD TOLD ME THIS WAS TO BE MY MESSAGE ALSO–our Message against the so-called Christians of today! “I send you to the Children of Israel”–the people of God, those who were supposed to be His Church, God’s Israel of Yesterday, the old bottles, impudent & hard-hearted & rebellious against the Lord!
4. WHETHER THEY WILL LISTEN OR NOT NOW, SOME DAY THEY’LL REMEMBER that we warned them of their fate! We’re NOT TO BE AFRAID of them, even if they’re like thorns & scorpions that prick & sting us & persecute us, as they did Him!
5. BUT DON’T YOU BE REBELLIOUS LIKE THEM! YOU obey the Lord & tell’m the Truth, even if it hurts! The Message was of warning & woe, & like many prophecies, it was sweet to the taste, but not always easy to digest!
6. HE HAS MADE US WATCHMEN UNTO THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL–therefore we’re to hear His Words & give them warning from the Lord! If we give them warning, we will have delivered our souls–but if we warn them NOT of their wicked way, their blood will be upon our hands! This last is GOD’S WARNING TO US, His Prophets, that we’d better not fail Him–we’d better get the job done or else we ourselves will feel guilty of their destruction when He destroys them!
7. WE WERE TO BECOME AS THAT RED FLASHING LIGHT TO THE WORLD–not just a decoration to some temple, but a somber warning of serious danger ahead! This was GOD’S CALLING TO ME PERSONALLY, & YOU after me! This we were to be & to do!–And thank God by His Grace we have been & are doing! We have obeyed His Call & He has fulfilled it through us! PTL!


33. SOME HAVE SAID THAT OUR MINISTRY WOULD BE A FULFILLMENT OF THE PREDICTIONS of Deuteronomy 18:15-18; Psalm 68; Psalm 89; Psalm 132; Isaiah 55; Jeremiah 1, 30, 33; Ezekiel 2, 3, 34 and 37; Daniel 9 and 10; Hosea 3; Zechariah 8 and Revelation 3:7-13. Some of these prophecies were pronounced over me identically, word for word, by different prophets in different places at different times who did not even know me or my name. Many of these are already being fulfilled.

III. Bible predictions fulfilled in Moses David.

51. Scriptures to show that Moses David is the “Prophet” and the “David” that the Bible prophets foretold. (All statements in quotes that are not otherwise noted are by Moses David).
from among their brethren, like unto thee, and put My Words in his mouth, and he shall speak unto them all that I command him.” (Deut.18:15,18) Peter said that this prophecy was fulfilled in Jesus (Acts 3:22-26). However, Moses David has said “our ministry would be a fulfillment of the predictions of Deuteronomy 18:15-18” (ML #172:59). And the Lord said, “My Words I have spoken through My Prophet David. For this is he that was for to come–the Prophet which I shall raise up from among thy brethren. (ML #94:20)
53. HOW DO WE RECONCILE THESE SEEMING CONTRADICTIONS? Was this prophecy about Jesus or Moses David?
54. WE BELIEVE IT IS FULFILLED IN BOTH OF THEM, because this prophecy, like many of the prophecies of God, has had many fulfillments in many different individuals. The following are a few examples:
1) JOSHUA was a Prophet like Moses; “The Lord said unto Joshua, This day will I begin to magnify thee (raise thee up) in the sight of all Israel, that they may know that, as (or like) I was with Moses, so will I be with thee. And Joshua said unto the children of Israel, Come hither, and hear the words of the Lord your God.” (Jos.3:7,9)
2) DAVID said he was “raised up” and that “the Spirit of the Lord spake by me, and His Word was in my tongue.” (2Sam.23:1,2)
3) JEREMIAH. God told him, “I ordained thee to be a Prophet (and) I have put my words in thy mouth.” (Jer.1:5-10)
4) JESUS CHRIST, God’s only begotten Son, definitely fulfilled the Deuteronomy prophecy, as Peter acknowledged. But Jesus also said “He that believeth on me (as we and Moses David do) the works that I do shall he do also (like fulfilling Deut.18); and greater works than these shall he do. (Including greater fulfillments of this and other prophecies!)” (Jn.14:12)
55. “HOWEVER, THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT WE ARE GREATER THAN CHRIST, but it is Christ that worketh in you and He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and has only promised to do greater works in these last days through us because they will be needed to stem the tide of iniquity which is rising against His Children.”
56. BECAUSE THESE ARE THE LAST DAYS, WE BELIEVE JESUS IS USING MOSES DAVID TO BE A GREATER AND FINAL FULFILLMENT OF DEUT.18:15-18. As MO clearly explained, “Many of the prophecies of God have intermediate fulfillments but they also have ultimate fulfillments, and I really believe with all my heart that we’re the ultimate fulfillment of many of these prophecies; there’s no time for any other!”
57. THE FACT THAT JESUS WAS NOT THE LAST OF THE PROPHETS CAME FROM HIS OWN MOUTH when He promised, “Behold, I send unto you prophets.” (Mt.23:34) This included men like Paul, who said his Apostolic or Prophetic authority was a result of “Christ speaking in me.” (2Cor.13:3) Paul also predicted the continuation of “Prophets … for the perfecting of the saints … till we all come in the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.” (Eph.4:11-13) So, as anyone can see (except some church people) this hasn’t happened yet; therefore Jesus is still sending Prophets.
58. CHRIST WAS SPEAKING THROUGH THE OLD TESTAMENT PROPHETS “the Prophets … the Spirit of Christ which was in them … testified beforehand.” (1Pet.1:10,11) And He is still speaking through New Testament Prophets like Moses David, the Prophet for today. Is this strange?
59. JESUS SAID THAT YE SHALL KNOW TRUE PROPHETS “BY THEIR FRUITS.” And Moses has the fruits: thousands of full time disciples who are wildly willing workers for Jesus–hear ye him! For “whosoever shall not hearken to my words which he shall speak in my name, I will require it of him.” (Deut.18:19)

he didn’t even seriously consider that it was literally referring to him when it talked of David. “I thought, that’s nice–the Lord even chose a passage that had my name in it and applied it to me. … I never dreamed He could be talking about me personally in that passage.”
61. THEN LATER, AFTER THE REVOLUTION WAS IN FULL SWING, one of the brothers got a revelation that this same passage was about MO and he wrote and told him. “I tried to laugh it off–yet I was frightened about it–literally scared that maybe it was true! … I tried to brush it off. But God dealt with me about it afterwards, and I prayed about it and was, for the first time (June 1971) willing to consider the possibility that this could be a direct prophecy regarding our present work! It certainly had some amazing parallels! I asked the Lord if this was true–and we got a confirmation straight from His own mouth!”
62. PROPHECY: “I HAVE MADE THEE THUS! Who art thou to question, that I have broken thee and made thee and created thee in My own Image to be that David which of old I have foretold! I have kissed thee, David, and brought thee into being, and my love has called thee David–Beloved of God! For which cause thy Mother did name thee!”
63. THE FOLLOWING ARE THE PROPHECIES ABOUT DAVID found in the Old Testament with explanations to show fulfillment in Moses David:

65. THE PROPHET OF THESE PROPHECIES WAS ALSO TO BE CALLED DAVID–which is the given first name that God inspired MO’s mother, a true prophetess, to choose for him before birth!
a. “They shall serve the Lord their God, and DAVID their king whom I will raise up unto them … in the LATTER DAYS ye shall consider it.” (Jer.30:9,24)
b. “DAVID my servant” is spoken of in Ezekiel 37:24 just prior to the famous battle of Armageddon in chapter 38 that takes place “in the LATTER YEARS … in the LATTER DAYS.” (Ezk.38:8,16)
c. “Afterwards shall the children of Israel return, and seek the Lord their God and DAVID their king; and shall fear the Lord and His goodness in the LATTER DAYS.” (Hos.3:5)


66. In Ezekiel 34 the Lord says:
a. “I … will both SEARCH my SHEEP and SEEK them out.” (Ezk.34:11,12)
b. “I will SEEK that which was lost …” (Ezk.34:16)
c. “Therefore will I SAVE my FLOCK …” (Ezk.34:22)
d. “I will … FEED them …” (Ezk.34:13-15)
67. THE WAY JESUS IS SEEKING SAVING AND FEEDING HIS SHEEP IS THROUGH DAVID. In a prophecy the Lord said, “I have had mercy on this generation and I have had this mercy through thee, My David, sending out searchers–hunting them out of the hills and the rocks and the crags and the dens and the caves of the earth.” (Jer.16:16)
a. “And I will set up one shepherd over them and he shall feed them, even my servant David; he shall FEED them, and he shall be their shepherd.” (Ezk.34:23)
b. I will SAVE them out of all their dwelling places, wherein they have sinned … and David my servant shall be KING (or leader) over them.” (Ezk.37:23, 24)
68. “I HAVE HAD COMPASSION UPON THEM AND SENT UNTO THEM ONE SHEPHERD, that they may know Me whom to know is life Eternal. I have given them a shepherd that shall guide them into the fold of the True Shepherd. My Voice shall they heed through My Servant David.”


69. PERHAPS ONE OF THE GREATEST PROOFS THAT MOSES DAVID IS THE DAVID OF THE OLD TESTAMENT PROPHECIES is that God has used him to finally compel God’s people to come out of “Babylon, which is the anti-God, anti-Christ Systems of this world, whether Godless education, Christless religions, vicious economics, or hellish wars.” As John said, it is “that great city that ruleth over the kings of the earth.” (Rev.17:18)
70. THIS LIBERATION FROM BABYLON (OR THE SYSTEM) WAS PREDICTED TO COINCIDE WITH THE ARRIVAL OF DAVID. In Jeremiah the prophecy says, “It shall come to pass in that day that I will break his yoke (Babylon) from off thy neck and strangers (or Gentiles) shall no more serve themselves of him (God’s people), but they shall serve the Lord their God and David their king … in the Latter Days ye shall consider it.” (Jer.30:8,9)
71. GOD’S PEOPLE WENT UNDER THE “YOKE OF BABYLON” OR BONDAGE TO THE SYSTEM IN 586 BC (see Jeremiah chapter 27), and though the physical captivity of God’s people in literal Babylon only lasted from 586 to 516 BC, they have remained captives in spiritual Babylon (the System), serving its idols instead of serving God and His Kingdom. Except in the cases of a few rare individuals like St. Paul, St. Francis, etc., God’s children as a whole have never really come out of Babylon. “Although the Early Church came close to it, they never made the total break. Some of them were still hanging onto their synagogues and old concision doctrines instead of the new way: totally by grace.”
72. “THE REIGN OF NEBUCHADNEZZAR ACTUALLY SIGNIFIED ONLY THE BEGINNING OF THE TIMES THE GENTILES (dominance of Babylon over God’s people), with the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC, the end of the Jews as a nation, a people and a power. These ‘Times of the Gentiles’ didn’t end until the year of Our Lord 1969–the very year that God’s New Latter Day Jews (The Children of God) arose in a worldwide spiritual Revolution to claim the Kingdom of God in these Last Days.”
73. UNTIL US THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A GROUP THAT HAS TRULY BROKEN THIS YOKE OF BABYLON, because until us no one was willing to drop all the way out of the System.
74. “THAT’S WHY EVERY MODERN REVIVAL MOVEMENT HAS EVENTUALLY FAILED: Because though they thought they were breaking away from the system of the denomination or the thing they came out of, they never actually broke with the System, never really broke with the churchianity system for one thing, or the worldly System for another. They were just a new group following the same plan, the same procedure, the same System, still dependent upon the worldly System, and developing their own new churchy system. They never really dropped out!”
75. “BUT WE HAVE DROPPED OUT OF THE SYSTEM! We only use it for the glory of God! You’ve got the Kingdom of God within you, as Jesus said. (Luk.17:21) You no longer belong to the same System, you no longer are part of the damnable, fiendish, satanic, whorish world System of idolatry, including churchianity, and education, their damned propaganda set-up, or their damned commercial system!” (The following scriptures make this point clear.)
a. “Judah (God’s people) … Bring your necks under the yoke of the king of Babylon.” (Jer.27:12–586 BC)
b. “It shall come to pass in that day … that I will break his (Babylon’s) yoke from off they neck … they shall serve … God, and David …” instead of the System. (Jer.30:8.9–started in 1969)
c. “I will set up one shepherd … even my servant David … when I have broken the bands of their yoke and delivered them out of the hand of those that served themselves of them,” those false shepherds of the System. (Ezk.34:23,27)
d. “Neither shall they defile themselves any more with their idols. I will save them … and will cleanse them: so shall they be my people, and I will be their God. And David my servant shall be King over them.” (Ezk.37:23,24)
76. “THERE IS A PURGING IN THIS LAST DAY” and according to Isaiah chapter 4 there’s going to be a “Holy church which is purified and purged and the filth is washed away.” God is going to cleanse the Church of “that God-damned self-righteous hypocrisy, because that is what is filthy in God’s eyes!”
77. IT’S GOD’S WORDS THROUGH MOSES that are destroying the idols of Babylon and liberating us to serve God instead of the System! PTL! “The yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing”–the Spirit! (Isa.10:27) “The Words that I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are Life.” (Jn.6:63)
78. “EACH NEW BLAST OF THE POWER OF GOD AND HIS WORDS HAVE BROKEN THE CHAINS that bound them; shattered the locks of their prison doors; destroyed the walls that surrounded them and set them free.” They “take away from the midst of thee (from your heart) the YOKE”! (Isa.58:9)

is another event that is to happen at the time of David’s appearance. This return is seen in each of the main “David chapters”: Jeremiah 30, Ezekiel 34 and Ezekiel 37.
a. “I will cause them to return to the land that I gave their fathers, and they shall possess it.” (Jer.30:3)
b. “I will bring them out from the people, and gather them from the countries, and will bring them into their own land … upon the mountains of Israel!” (Ezk.34:13,14)
c. “I will take the children of Israel from among the heathen, whither they be gone, and will gather them � and bring them into their own land � the land I have given unto Jacob my servant, wherein your fathers have dwelt: and they shall dwell therein � forever.” (Ezk.37:21,23,25)
80. MOSES SAID THIS LAND WE ARE GOING TO POSSESS IS SPIRITUAL, NOT PHYSICAL! “Anyone looking for any more literal Promised Land, or Kingdom of Heaven on earth, will have to await the Millennial Kingdom of Jesus Christ! I didn’t find it when I visited Israel, I’ll assure you! If anything, it was a poor substitute, a counterfeit and a delusion!”
81. ISRAEL IS NOT THE PROMISED LAND, BUT A STRANGE OR FOREIGN LAND to God’s children who are seeking the spiritual promised land! “For ‘By faith Abraham, when he was called to go out into a place which should after receive for an inheritance, obeyed. … By faith he sojourned in the land of promise, as in a strange country … with Isaac and Jacob.’ In other words, even though he got to the earthly promised land, he never found the place he was looking for, because it wasn’t there. ‘For he looked for a city which hath foundations whose builder and maker is God!’ The New and Heavenly Jerusalem built of living stones–you and I!”
82. “AS JESUS SAID, ‘IF MY KINGDOM WERE OF THIS WORLD, THEN WOULD MY SERVANTS FIGHT, … but now is my kingdom not from hence.’ (Jn18:36) ‘For behold, the kingdom of God is within you.’ (Luk.17:21) Not a materialistic, fleshly little kingdom like ridiculous Israel, but the mighty all-powerful Kingdom of God throughout the world in the hearts of those who will receive it, if you take it to them. You must obey, for this is the will of God: that ye enter in and possess the Kingdom!”
83. “THESE ALL (SAINTS WHO’VE GONE BEFORE US) DIED IN FAITH, NOT HAVING RECEIVED THE PROMISES‘ (Heb.11:13) but it is given unto you, my children, to enter into this final and glorious Promised Land of spiritual victory over the world, and the possessing of the total Kingdom–the final Kingdom … even unto the uttermost parts of the earth. You are going to finish the job. For thou art My people for this Last day, and I am with thee, even as I was with My servant Moses to separate My children from Egypt and to lead them into the Promised Land–My Kingdom which is not of this earth–but is Heavenly!”

Jesus said, “He that keepeth My commandments shall be loved of My Father” (Jn.14:21), or beloved of God: therefore all who have obeyed Jesus have been “David” to some extent.
85. THEY WERE LIKE INTERMEDIATE FULFILLMENTS OF DAVID. This includes the likes of such men as Peter, Paul, St. Francis, Martin Luther, etc. … They were the David or Prophet for their day and those that received them received a Prophet’s reward, and became part of the Bride of Christ, of David for that day. (See Jn.13:20; Mt.10:14)
86. THE LORD HAS SAID IN PROPHECY, “FOR TRULY THERE ARE MANY DAVIDS but this one have I chosen! And this one have I anointed that it might fulfill all of that which was written of him.”
87. MOSES DAVID IS THE LAST AND FINAL “DAVID”, and as we receive and obey his Words we receive his reward and we also become David, the “Bride of Brides” and these prophecies are also fulfilled in us. Moses has said, “It’s like I’m a symbol unto them, like all our Children are David, God’s voice to the world.” And in prophecy the Lord said, “My David” is the “New church, My Queen … The Children of God.”


1. THE FIRST TIME I EVER RECEIVED THE PHILADELPHIA PROPHECY I was lying on my face on the floor in an old theater building where the Latter Rain people were having a meeting. Everybody was prophesying, and I had just told the Lord I’d drop out and turn in my denominational pastor’s credentials.
2. AS SOON AS I TOLD THE LORD THAT I WOULD DROP OUT OF THE CHURCH SYSTEM–I didn’t realize it meant forever!–A young man walked over, knelt down beside me and laid his hands on my head and I woke up to what was going on. With his hand on my head he prophesied the passage to the Philadelphia Church in the third chapter of Revelation.
3. THIS IS THE PROPHECY WHICH WAS PROPHESIED OVER ME THREE DIFFERENT TIMES BY THREE TOTALLY DIFFERENT PROPHETS in three different places, all of which I was just visiting! They’d never seen me before, didn’t know who I was, didn’t know anything about me, didn’t even know my name, nothing! And every one of them prophesied the same prophecy over me!
4. THAT WAS REALLY ENCOURAGING AND I KNEW THE LORD WAS GOING TO DO SOMETHING GREAT and I figured He’d do it soon. I was still young, [about] 30, I didn’t know I was going to have to wait another 20 years! But praise God!
5. THE OTHER DAY I WAS REREADING IT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS AND DISCOVERED SEVERAL THINGS WHICH I HADN’T REALIZED BEFORE, since they have so recently been fulfilled. Then I didn’t know what the Lord was saying. It goes “he that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.
6. AND TO THE ANGEL OF THE CHURCH IN PHILADELPHIA”–THE CITY OF BROTHERLY LOVE.–What do we preach? What do we say our religion is?–Love! The Family of Love!
7. IF THERE’S ANYTHING THEY SAY ABOUT US WHEN THEY MEET US, IT’S ABOUT OUR LOVE. � See, everything in this prophecy was significant. The City of Brotherly Love, a city.
8. THE LORD TYPIFIES HIS PEOPLE AS A CITY. And here He calls them Philadelphia, which means brotherly Love. Later he called them New Jerusalem, which was a sign of a new church, not old Jerusalem, not the old Jews, but the new Jews.
9. I’VE ALWAYS SAID HE WAS WRITING SPECIFICALLY TO LITERAL CHURCHES at the time, in literal cities, and of course He was. But why would He be prophesying this to me nearly 2000 years after that church was long gone?
10. THE LORD CERTAINLY DID SPECIFICALLY SPEAK TO ME AND SAID HE WAS SPEAKING TO THE CHURCH OF PHILADELPHIA, the Church of Brotherly Love. So there is some other significance to those church names and they don’t just apply to just those particular churches. � Think of it! Calling us Philadelphia!–Church of Love!
11. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW I WAS GOING TO START A CHURCH THEN or a religious movement. I hadn’t the faintest idea I was going to start some new religious group. I was trying to find my little niche in the bottom of the totem pole in somebody else’s movement and never made it. They didn’t even want me at the bottom!
12. GOD WAS PREPARING ALL THE TIME TO START A NEW CHURCH OF BROTHERLY LOVE! Isn’t that something? We’ve only come into that recently really! Although we’ve always stressed love and shown a lot of love and we’ve always been a new church, the Church of Love!
13. THE CHURCH OF BROTHERLY LOVE.–THAT’S GOOD THAT HE PUT IN THAT WORD “BROTHERLY,” Philadelphian. That includes much more than just sexual love. That’s the side phase that the newspapers love to play up, but what is our greatest love, sex? No, it’s our brotherly love that they admire! And meaning sisterly love too, of course.
14. THE CHURCH OF LOVE! THAT MUST BE GOD’S NAME FOR US! That’s what God called us! A newspaper reporter was the one that first called us the Children of God. But the Lord was naming us specifically and what we were going to be like years before it was ever going to happen! Now we are world famous as the Family of Love!–Then we didn’t even exist!
15. TO THE ANGEL OF THE CHURCH IN PHILADELPHIA–you know how scholars are always interpreting things, you know what they usually interpret this word “angel” here to mean? They say, “John wouldn’t need to write a letter to an angel when the angels know all these things already.” So they say what he meant by that was the pastor.
16. THE WORD “ANGEL” IN THE ORIGINAL GREEK MEANS “A MESSENGER.” It could be either a spiritual messenger or it could be a natural human messenger or Pastor.
17. WELL, WHO WAS TO BECOME THE PASTOR OF THE CHURCH OF LOVE? (You.) So what did the Lord say as he came and put his hands on my head? “And to the Pastor of the Church of Brotherly Love!” How about that!
18. HE WAS SPEAKING TO ME PERSONALLY, and it was almost like it was written for me personally. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! It was written for me personally.–
19. TO THE PASTOR OF THE CHURCH OF BROTHERLY LOVE… how about that! Isn’t that something? See, there have been things hidden in this prophecy that I never saw before and never dreamed!
20. THAT’S HOW THE LORD HAS LOOKED ON US EVER SINCE THE BEGINNING. He knew I was going to become the Pastor of the Church of Brotherly Love, and the messenger. I’m not very angelic, but in a way I am your angel!
21. THERE WAS NO ONE AT THE CHURCH TO RECORD this accurate prophecy, but the Lord wanted to make sure I got it, so it was already in the Bible! Hallelujah! Isn’t that amazing? Thank you Lord!
22. THESE THINGS SAITH HE THAT IS HOLY–that means He’s pure, perfect. “He that is true.” He’s emphasizing the absolute veracity of the statement that he’s going to make. He’s holy and He’s absolutely true, it couldn’t possibly be a lie, it’s going to happen!
23.HE THAT HATH THE KEY OF DAVID.”–Imagine, this is the passage that even gives my name! This boy had never seen me before, I had never seen him, but he came right over to me and started prophesying this passage!
24. HE THAT OPENETH, AND NO MAN SHUTTETH.”–(Laughs loudly!) When he turned my key he really did open up something, didn’t he! They haven’t been able to shut me up yet!–Ha! “And shutteth and no man openeth.”–Well, one day He’s going to shut me up and nobody’s going to be able to open me!
25. I KNOW THY WORKS.”–Well, it didn’t seem like we’d done many by that time. It was in 1952 and I was 33!–33, how about that! That’s the age when the Lord finished His ministry and the age when I was only getting started, getting this Call of David!
26. IT’S ALMOST LIKE WE PICKED UP WHERE THE LORD LEFT OFF, because there hasn’t been any church like us since the Early Church, really.–Nothing like this! If that is true, this was written about us, the whole thing was designed for us! Think of it!
27. I KNOW THY WORKS.”–WELL, THERE HADN’T BEEN MANY by that time, I’d been in evangelistic and pastoral work all my life and done the best I could, but I had no idea I was going to do so much more.
28. BEHOLD, I HAVE SET BEFORE THEE AN OPEN DOOR, AND NO MAN CAN SHUT IT.” I’ll tell you, I hung on to this Scripture for years. It seemed like I went everywhere and never found that door He was talking about.
29. I SEARCHED FOR THAT OPEN DOOR FOR 16 YEARS! In a way, God was gradually opening the door all the time but I didn’t really realize what my future ministry was going to be until God asked me if I was willing to become the Shepherd of the Hippies, the King of the Beggars, in 1968.
30. HE SAID, “NO MAN CAN SHUT IT.” No man on this Earth could have shut it. Isn’t that wonderful? Remember “They Can’t Stop Our Rain”? (See No.128.) What a fulfillment there has been to that prophecy!
32. FOR THOU HAST A LITTLE STRENGTH.”–The Lord knew I never did have too much strength. At that time especially I was worn out and half-sick. I mean I have never been as physically strong in my whole life as I have been these past few years!
33. I WAS PRETTY SPIRITUALLY WEAK THEN TOO. I’ve never been as strong spiritually as I have been since the Lord has really poured out and poured in since the beginning of the Revolution.
34. AND HAS KEPT MY WORD.”–Boy, now that’s a compliment! Thank You Lord! In other words, I obeyed the Lord no matter what man said, even if it went against the whole church and everything.
35. “AND HAST NOT DENIED MY NAME.” Now that’s significant too, because when the Lord first called our little team to go and hit the road, He said, “Obey Me and say that you have come only in the Name of the Lord!” That was the toughest job Moses had! He said, “But who shall I say sent me?” “Just say, I Am hath sent thee!” What an answer!–Ha! People laughed in our faces sometimes when we told them that. We came along and said, “The Lord sent us!”–We were just to represent the Lord, isn’t that wonderful? (Exodus 3:14.)
36. BEHOLD, I WILL MAKE THEM OF THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN–Jesus himself called � them the Synagogue of Satan! Boy that’s sure laying it out like it is, huh?
37. WHICH SAY THEY ARE JEWS AND ARE NOT, BUT DO LIE!” As far as God’s concerned, all the Jews in the world who hate their Messiah are not Jews, they’re lying! We are the Jews of today!
38. BEHOLD, I WILL MAKE THEM TO COME AND WORSHIP BEFORE THY FEET and to know that I have loved thee!” Our enemies, the Synagogue of Satan, one of these days are going to be bowing down before us at our feet, and know that God has loved us! Boy, we don’t know the fullness of what that means! Maybe it won’t happen till the Millennium, I don’t know, but according to God’s Word it’s going to happen!
39. BECAUSE THOU HAST KEPT THE WORD OF MY PATIENCE…”–What is required to have patience? (Faith.) And how do you get faith? (The Word.) “The Word of My patience”–God’s patience. Thank You Lord! In other Words, if you keep the Word you’ll have patience. I don’t think it’s very human to have much patience. It’s natural to be impatient unless you have the patience of God which comes through faith in His Word.
40. I ALSO WILL KEEP THEE FROM THE HOUR OF TEMPTATION which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the Earth.”–And all Bible authorities say this of course means the Great Tribulation. So the Lord showed us through this and other prophecies that I was going to be spared from having to go through the Tribulation, but He’s also talking to you, my church. The point is, even if you have to go through it, in some way He’s going to keep you.
41. THE CHURCH, HE SAID, IS GOING TO BE HIDDEN IN THE WILDERNESS for 3� years during the Tribulation. (Rev.12:6,14.) So the promise is He’s going to keep us, one way or the other.
45. BEHOLD, I COME QUICKLY!” Now He couldn’t possibly have been talking to any church in that day, because it’s been 2000 years since then, so who’s He talking to? He’s talking to us!
46. HE’S GOING TO COME TO US SOON! It’s not long now, is it?
49. HOLD THAT FAST WHICH THOU HAST.”–Well, it didn’t seem to me at that time that I had very much. I had the Lord of course, and He’s everything, and His love and His Spirit and a few gifts which weren’t being much used. But I figured I’d take what little I had and do the best I could with it.
50. THAT NO MAN TAKE THY CROWN!” What has the Lord called me? A king! I never thought about that when I was first given this prophecy. I knew when the Millennium came we’d be kings and priests with the Lord, but I never figured I’d be a king this soon!
51. IT SEEMED LIKE THE LORD JUMPED THE GUN a little bit! But the Lord was really trying to show me He’d given me quite a bit that I didn’t know of, and was going to give me more.
52. HIM THAT OVERCOMETH–Well, have we overcome a lot? We sure have! We’ve overcome the whole world just about, we’ve come over it all! We’ve been in over 100 countries, we’re right now still in over 70.
54. HAVE WE OVERCOME? WE’VE HAD SO FAR OVER TWO MILLION CONVERTS! And we have over 600 million readers a year–at least that’s how many pieces of lit we get out–somebody must be reading them! Praise God! We have certainly overcome.
55. HIM THAT OVERCOMETH WILL I MAKE A PILLAR IN THE TEMPLE OF MY GOD!”–Do you remember that dream, “The Crystal Pyramid,” in which I’m a pillar in a temple and all of you are wound around me and decorating me? I couldn’t ask for any better decorations than you, thank the Lord! You are going to be the Jewels in my crown! Thank you. (See No.214.)
56. “AND HE SHALL GO NO MORE OUT,” Praise God! I won’t have to go out anymore. We’re always moving to get away from our enemies, but we won’t have to anymore. It says “he,” I guess that means me and all of you overcomers.
57. WE’LL JUST CONTINUALLY BE WORSHIPPING HIM all the time, praise the Lord? Thank You Lord!
59. I WILL WRITE UPON HIM THE NAME OF MY GOD–Write upon whom? Well, He’s talking to me particularly, but it includes all you overcomers. Well, what is our name? The Children of God! God’s a part of our name! How about that! Every little bit of this is being fulfilled!
60. AND THE NAME OF THE CITY OF MY GOD, WHICH IS NEW JERUSALEM–Now what does the Bible very definitely show is the City of God? He speaks of His Church as being His City. He speaks of it in a spiritual sense talking about the Church of God. Well, notice what He says?
61. HE DOESN’T SAY OLD JERUSALEM, HE SAYS NEW JERUSALEM! Are we a new church? Boy, we sure are new! A hot one too! “Which is new Jerusalem.” Well, the Lord had to have a sexy church for a sexy age! We have gotten so many testimonies from men who said they never ever would have been saved or come to know the Lord if it hadn’t been for the FFing, never!
62. SO WE’RE A PRETTY NEW CHURCH! A lot of things we teach are pretty new, although not altogether new, but new to this generation. New Jerusalem, we’re His new church, PG? Hallelujah!
63. WHICH COMETH DOWN OUT OF HEAVEN FROM MY GOD–Now if we carry through the same spiritual interpretation we’ve just been following , is there going to be a day when we’re going to come down out of Heaven from God? Have you been studying Bible prophecy lately?
64. OUT OF HEAVEN COME THE GREAT HOSTS OF HEAVEN WITH JESUS IN THE LEAD on a white horse to destroy the Antichrist and his kingdom in that great battle (Rev.19), and we take over the Earth!
65. AND I WILL WRITE UPON HIM MY NEW NAME.” He’s got something new for us!–“My new Name!” We’ve already had His Name, God, upon us, now we’re going to have a new name. (Alfred: God is Love! It’s His Name!) Of course, “My new Name”–Love! Ha, ha!
68. LOVE IS THE NAME OF GOD BECAUSE HE IS LOVE! That’s His new Name, the one we’ve called Him, which He called Himself long ago. Dear John taught that in one of his epistles, “God is Love!” (1John 4:8). He was really on the ball, he knew what God was going to be called when we came along–Love!
71. HE THAT HATH AN EAR LET HIM HEAR WHAT THE SPIRIT SAITH unto the churches.” Well, He’s sure been saying a lot to them through us, the Lord’s telling them they better listen! Well, that’s it, from the beginning to the end of the story.
72. ISN’T THAT A BEAUTIFUL PROPHECY? I never in this world realized there was so much in it that applies and fits us so perfectly. I knew this prophecy was to me, and I told you in the David series that it was fulfilled in me, but I didn’t realize how much! So praise God, He’s done it again!
82. DO YOU BELIEVE IT? You better believe it! A lot of it’s already happened!–And the rest will too!–If you “hold fast“! God bless you! He never fails! Hallelujah!–Don’t you fail Him! I love you! PTL! GBY! Keep going!

EZEKIEL 34!“–Now Fulfilled! (ML #1335, Vol.14)

1. THIS PASSAGE AND OUR STUDY OF IT WILL PROBABLY BE ANOTHER IN THE SERIES THAT WE HAVE NOW CALLED “DAVID,” in which the Lord revealed to us that this passage is for us, and confirmed it definitely by His Spirit, by direct revelation. (No.77.)
2. UP TO THAT TIME I WAS NOT WILLING TO RECEIVE IT or believe that it was for us personally, actually, literally. Another one in the series is called “The Key of David,” which is another revelation the Lord gave us of what that means, really amazing!–Very amazing what the “Key of David” is!–And then yet another somewhat historical one on this passage, and that one is called “The Call of David.”
3. SO I THOUGHT IT WOULD HELP YOU UNDERSTAND AND EVEN ENCOURAGE YOUR FAITH in what the Lord showed us, because this is quite, as they say, “a heavy one,” and may be difficult for some to believe! So we’re giving you confirmation, we’re giving you additional testimony to show you that it can be true because the history of it goes a long way back. (Nos.351, 695.)
4. THE ACTUAL TEXT OF THIS PARTICULAR PASSAGE really begins with the 30th verse of the 33rd chapter: Ezekiel 33:30. Now, as we read it, I want you to think about it, and then ask the Holy Spirit to give you thoughts on it and confirmation in your own heart that His Spirit will bear witness with your spirit whether these things be so: Are these things true of us? Does this passage fit us?–Not only me but you. Is that clear? Does it resemble our situation and our message? Does it fit, in other words? Do we fit it? Does it fit us?
5. THE FIRST TIME WE RECEIVED THIS PASSAGE was when a dear sister in the Lord, who knew us and loved us, got it from the Lord, and the Lord told her it was for us, and that it applied to us personally and our future ministry. She was to drive her car all the way from Florida to Texas, over a thousand miles to tell us about it! She got so excited and so enthused about it that she actually did that!
7. JUST BEFORE WE LEFT TEXAS, THIS DEAR WOMAN RACED A THOUSAND MILES, over a two-thousand-mile roundtrip in her car, to deliver us this message from the Lord!–And she was absolutely positive it was for us! You don’t go driving over two thousand miles roundtrip from Florida in the heat of the summer clear to Texas and back just to give something like this to somebody that you hardly even know, unless you’re pretty convinced it was from the Lord, and it was important and urgent!
9. AT THAT TIME WE DIDN’T REALLY UNDERSTAND IT! We understood it partially, and we saw how it could apply to us and somewhat fit our situation, and it was certainly largely true; because at that particular time we were in almost identically the same spot that David was in with King Saul, only a little more advanced. We were leaving our King Saul’s service. So it had to do with him also.
10. I TOOK IT VERY PERSONALLY AT THAT TIME AS APPLYING TO OUR IMMEDIATE SITUATION regarding our being delivered from his service, the service of King Saul, delivered from that bondage, and now free to serve the Lord as the Lord saw fit. Praise the Lord!
11. BUT LITTLE DID I DREAM WHAT DEEPER, GREATER, MUCH MORE FAR-REACHING MEANING IT HAD!–That it was really predicting the ministry which we were to have in the future in a much wider sense than we had ever dreamed, and that it was literally for us personally, and a literal, predictive prophecy of what GOD was going to do with you in these last days, this last great and important generation of your people!
54. “THOU SON OF MAN, THE CHILDREN OF THE PEOPLE STILL ARE TALKING AGAINST THEE by the walls and in the doors of the houses.” Are they? “And speak one to another, every one to his brother, saying, Come, I pray you and hear what is the word that cometh forth from the Lord!” (Ezek.33:30.)
55. THEY’RE SAYING THIS IN DERISION, scoffing, making fun, you understand. Because this is obviously talking against the Prophet–right? Are they talking against us? Yes! So when these 10:36ers and these Systemites come to see us it’s only to find fault and an occasion against us.
57. “COME, I PRAY YOU, AND HEAR WHAT IS THE WORD that cometh forth from the Lord. And they come unto thee as the people cometh, and they sit before thee as My people, and they hear thy words, but they will not do them: for with their mouth they show much love.”–Vs.31.
58. “WELL, WE REALIZE YOU’RE SINCERE, AND YOU’RE TRYING TO DO SOMETHING GOOD, but we don’t like what you’re doing to out children and the way you’re doing it!–Well, we realize you probably think you’re Christians, but we don’t think that’s the way Jesus would do it,” they say.
59. “BUT THEIR HEART GOETH AFTER THEIR COVETOUSNESS.” What’s the thing they hate us the most for?–Forsaking all! Why won’t the church go out and do what Jesus said, forsake all and follow Him? They don’t want to forsake all!
60. “AND, LO, THOU ART UNTO THEM AS A VERY LOVELY SONG of one that hath a pleasant voice, and can play well on an instrument.” They’ll come to hear your music, “Well, it sounds pretty, isn’t that nice!” But they’ll go away just as much of an enemy as ever! “Oh, we still don’t approve.” “For they hear thy words, but they do them not.”
64. “AND WHEN THIS COMETH TO PASS, (LO, IT WILL COME,) THEN SHALL THEY KNOW that a prophet hath been among them!” What does he mean? Was this of which he was just talking, about to come to pass? No.
65. HE’S TALKING ABOUT THE THINGS YOU HAVE PROPHESIED and predicted are going to come to pass!–The judgments of God that this whole book is about, when they begin to fall, then they’re going to know you were right, and that you were truly a prophet of God, but it will be too late!
66. “AND THE WORD OF THE LORD CAME UNTO ME, SAYING, SON OF MAN, PROPHESY AGAINST THE SHEPHERDS OF ISRAEL, prophesy, and say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God unto the shepherds, Woe be to the shepherds of Israel that do feed themselves!–Should not the shepherds feed the flocks?”
87. “YE EAT THE FAT, AND YE CLOTHE YOU WITH THE WOOL.” Does this sound like Fred [Jordan] and Willy [his wife] and their little devils? “Ye kill them that are fed: but ye feed not the flock.”
93. “BUT YE FEED NOT THE FLOCK. The diseased have ye not strengthened.” Don’t just apply it to Willie and Fred now, but think of all the preachers and all the God-damned churchianity! What did they do for the poor hippies and the poor kids and the poor young people? Huh? Did they heal them?
94. “THE DISEASED HAVE YE NOT STRENGTHENED, NEITHER HAVE YE HEALED THAT WHICH WAS SICK, neither have ye bound up that which was broken.” They couldn’t even deliver them from anything, much less from drugs! They didn’t even try to deliver them from the God-damned educational System! They compromise with it and let them kick out the Bible and God, prayer & Christmas, and make it a crime to even talk about Jesus!
95. “NEITHER HAVE YE BOUND UP THAT WHICH WAS BROKEN.” These broken hearts, these poor kids! What have they done to help them?–Nothing! “Neither have ye brought again that which was driven away.” Who drove the kids out of the churches? � Those God-damned preachers!
96. YOU DON’T LIKE “GOD-DAMNED,” BROTHER? I am not using God’s name in vain! I am saying it with authority, cursing them as Jesus did, and as David did, and as others did in the Bible! “Cursed be they!” May God, and I mean God, and I say it with all due respect to His Name, not in vain: May God Himself damn them, judge them, give them what they deserve! Amen?
97. WHO DROVE THE KIDS AWAY? All that pusillanimous drivel, sickening drivel they were drooling from the pulpits! What kid would that ever appeal to? What kid would ever go for that kind of hypocrisy?–Huh?–A bunch of stupid idiots sitting like bumps on a polished log, all those nice little zombies that get lulled to sleep by all that lullaby music!
98. “NEITHER HAVE YE BROUGHT AGAIN THAT WHICH WAS DRIVEN AWAY.” They drove them out of their churches, they didn’t want the long-hairs with bare feet and funny clothes, even when they wanted to come, did they? “Get out of here!” “No bare feet,” say the signs in the foyer! They threw 75 of us out of one church because, they said, “We don’t like the way you’re dressed!”–Drove us away!
99. “NEITHER HAVE YE SOUGHT THAT WHICH WAS LOST: but with force and with cruelty have ye ruled them.” Right? The pastors and the preachers!
101. “AND THEY WERE SCATTERED, BECAUSE THERE IS NO SHEPHERD!” That was one of the problems with the poor hippies, the poor youth of America who were trying to find the truth but couldn’t find it. They sure couldn’t find it in the church; they didn’t find it in education; they didn’t find it in the System; they didn’t find it in drugs!
109. “THEY WERE SCATTERED, BECAUSE THERE IS NO SHEPHERD!”–Wandering around as sheep! You know the Scripture the Lord gave me?–I’ll never forget that night! (Tongues and weeping)
110. AS I WANDERED THOSE STREETS OF HUNTINGTON BEACH, disguised like I was a superannuated hippie or an over-aged beatnik, to see what was going on, my heart broke, and I wept for those kids!
111. I CAME BACK AND REPORTED THAT THEY WERE WANDERING AROUND LIKE SHEEP HAVING NO SHEPHERD! Seeking, seeking, seeking!–But like sheep with nobody to lend them!
112. YOU KNOW, SOMETIMES I TRY TO DENY IT. I thought then God had been calling me, to make me sit up and confess it, and believe it, what the Lord meant when He said it in this passage. And the Lord spoke to me again in the club one night, and called again: “They have no shepherd!”–Scared me half to death!
113. I SAID, “GOD, I’M AN OLD MAN! How are they going to follow an old man like me?” I didn’t even want to go down to the club, I was afraid to go down there, that I’d scare the kids away.
114. BUT SOME OF THEM BEGGED ME TO COME DOWN AND TEACH THEM Bible prophecy classes. The Lord gave me that conviction, and as a matter of fact I was thinking of that Scripture. But I said, Oh, no, Lord, too many of those other people could do it, somebody else!–“No, you’re the one!”
115. DID IT HAPPEN? THE LORD KNEW! � “And they were scattered because there is no shepherd!” Here the Lord was building His case against the false shepherds, and He’s going to tell what He’s going to do about it–what He has now done about it!
116. “AND THEY BECAME MEAT TO ALL THE BEASTS OF THE FIELD, when they were scattered.” The beasts of the field … what are the beasts? Look at their damn System!–Know what its beasts are like? “My sheep wandered through all the mountains, and upon every high hill, yea, My flock was scattered upon all the face of the Earth, and none did search or seek after them.” That is the picture of the poor kids today!
118. “THEREFORE, YE SHEPHERDS, HEAR THE WORD OF THE LORD! As I live, saith the Lord God, surely because My flock became a prey, and My flock became meat to every beast of the field, because there was no shepherd, neither did my shepherds search for my flock, but the shepherds fed themselves, and fed not My flock.” Isn’t that a picture of those God-damned preachers and religious racketeers!
119. “THEREFORE, O YE SHEPHERDS, HEAR THE WORD OF THE LORD!” Now God’s going to tell them what He’s going to do about it! Amen?–And what He has done about it, thank God!
120. “THUS SAITH THE LORD GOD; BEHOLD I AM AGAINST THE SHEPHERDS, and I will require My flock at their hand!” I’m going to hold them responsible for these poor scattered sheep that are wandering across the face of the Earth!
121. “AND I WILL REQUIRE MY FLOCK AT THEIR HAND, and cause them to cease from feeding the flock.” He’s going to remove those false shepherds to where they’re not even going to be able to feed them anymore! “Neither shall the shepherds feed themselves anymore!” They won’t be around anymore! “For I will deliver My flock from their mouth, that they may not be meat for them.”
122. THE CHURCHES HAVE DEVOURED THEM; the beasts of education have devoured them; the beasts of commercialism have devoured them! The dogs of war have devoured their very flesh! It makes me so mad! If it makes me mad, think how angry it makes God!
124. “FOR THUS SAITH THE LORD GOD: BEHOLD I, EVEN I, WILL BOTH SEARCH MY SHEEP, AND SEEK THEM OUT.” Hallelujah! I know another passage somewhere where He says, “I’ll send out searchers. I’ll send out searchers to find My sheep!” Do you realize what that means? That’s us! Isn’t that beautiful?–All our kids that are searchers, that are out there feeding the sheep! “I will send out searchers,” not these God-damned preachers, who sit around on their fat fannies feeding themselves–and let the poor kids go to hell!–But we have sent out searchers seeking where they are. I will search them out! (Jer.16:16)
126. “I, EVEN I, WILL BOTH SEARCH MY SHEEP, AND SEEK THEM OUT. As a shepherd seeketh out his flock in the day that he is among his sheep that are scattered, so will I seek out My sheep, and will deliver them out of all places where they have been scattered in the cloudy and dark day.
127. “AND I WILL BRING THEM OUT FROM THE PEOPLE, and gather them from the countries!” What has He done? He brought us out of the System, out of the evil way and out of the countries of this world! Amen?
128. “AND I WILL BRING THEM TO THEIR OWN LAND.” God told us we were going to be a New Nation, not a physical land, but a new land, a spiritual land. Oh may God forgive us for thinking physical Israel was going to be it!
130. THESE STINKING LITTLE EARTHLY KINGDOMS ARE NOTHING compared to what God is going to give us! “I will gather them from the countries, and will bring them to their own land, and feed them upon them mountains of Israel by the rivers”–Mountain Men!–Amen? “And in all the inhabited places of the country.”
131. “I WILL FEED THEM IN A GOOD PASTURE,” not only spiritually, but even physically, praise the Lord! Of course He’s especially speaking of feeding them spiritually, right?–“And upon the high mountains of Israel shall their fold be.”
132. THEY’RE NOT GOING TO BE VALLEY PEOPLE, BUT MOUNTAIN MEN!–Amen? Dwelling on mountaintops, spiritually speaking, not down in those valleys with those sickening Flatlanders, but on the mountaintops with the people who can really see a distance away and see what’s coming!
133. “THERE SHALL THEY LIE IN A GOOD FOLD, and in a fat pasture shall they feed upon the mountains of Israel. I will feed My flock and I will cause them to lie down, saith the Lord God. I will seek that which was lost, and bring again that which was driven away.”
134. “AND WILL BIND UP THAT WHICH WAS BROKEN, and will strengthen that which was sick: but I will destroy the fat and the strong”: The System-addict churchianity Christians and their false shepherds! “I will feed them with judgment!”
135. HE’S GOING TO FEED THE FALSE CHURCH WITH JUDGMENT one of these days, and the false System. That damned Godless educational System, the selfish capitalistic System and all the rest–they’re going to get it!
136. “AS FOR YOU, O MY FLOCK, THUS SAITH THE LORD GOD: BEHOLD, I JUDGE BETWEEN CATTLE AND CATTLE, between the rams and the he goats.’ In other words, “I know the difference between sheep and goats. Not all that call themselves Christians or by My name are My people. “Not all that say “Lord, Lord,” are saved.
137. “SEEMETH IT A SMALL THING UNTO YOU TO HAVE EATEN UP THE GOOD PASTURE?”–Oh, you church people!–“But ye must tread down with your feet the residue of your pastures?” Don’t you churchy people realize what you’ve done? You have not only eaten and eaten and made yourselves fat, with your kind of food, but you destroyed the food that My little ones could have eaten! You stole it away from them!
138. “AND TO HAVE DRUNK OF THE DEEP WATERS, BUT YE MUST FOUL THE RESIDUE WITH YOUR FEET?” Aren’t you satisfied to have made yourselves so God-damned fat, and so full and drunken on these waters. But you weren’t satisfied just getting it for yourself, you destroyed it and fouled it so they couldn’t even drink it! The waters that they teach in the churches. The food that they serve up on church offering plates.
139. THE KIDS COULDN’T EVEN STOMACH IT! It poisoned them, killed them, drove them away. It’s made them sick! Right? “As for My flock, they eat that which ye have trodden with your feet; and they drink that which ye have fouled with your feet.”
143. “THEREFORE THUS SAITH THE LORD GOD UNTO THEM, BEHOLD, I EVEN I, WILL JUDGE between the fat cattle and between the lean cattle.” Who are the fat cattle? those God-damned preachers and � the religious System and all the damn man-made Devil-inspired Systems! Who are the lean cattle? Well, we have been, and the poor kids have been. Right? They’ve been starving to death spiritually, and some even starving to death physically! Now He’s talking to the damn, fat cattle:
144. “BECAUSE YE HAVE THRUST WITH SIDE AND WITH SHOULDER and pushed all the diseased with your horns, till ye have scattered them abroad: Therefore will I save My flock.”
145. BOY, LOOK AT THE WAY THE CHURCHES PUSHED THE HIPPIES AROUND, before the Jesus Revolution in southern California. Right? Beat us up, threw us out, arrested us and tossed us in jail. That’s the way they used to treat us. Think of it!
146. “TILL YE HAVE SCATTERED THEM ABROAD: Therefore will I save My flock and they shall no more be a prey.” A very fitting passage right now, isn’t it? A picture of what God has done with us already and what He is doing.
148. “THEY SHALL NO MORE BE A PREY.” [Fred Jordan is] using us as his prey, devouring the flock, and their wool and their meat to fatten himself and his own pockets and his own Willie the Witch. “And I will judge between cattle and cattle.” His judgment’s coming!
149. “AND I WILL SET UP ONE SHEPHERD OVER THEM, AND HE SHALL FEED THEM, EVEN MY SERVANT DAVID.” How about that! Wow! Isn’t that something! I didn’t dream that this could possibly mean me! Well, at the time I got it and when out dear sister brought it, I said, “Well, yes. Here’s my little family and brother Josh, and yes, I am the pastor of this little flock that’s getting kicked around by Willie and Fred, and I will have the faith the Lord will use me to help feed them.”
150. I NEVER DREAMED IT WAS GOING TO BE SUCH A BIG FLOCK! But He meant a lot more than just my little family. “Even My servant David, he shall feed them and he shall be their Shepherd.”
151. “AND I THE LORD WILL BE THEIR GOD, AND MY SERVANT DAVID A PRINCE AMONG THEM; I the Lord have spoken it. And I will make with them a covenant of peace, and will cause the evil beasts to cease out of the land.”
152. “AND THEY SHALL DWELL SAFELY IN THE WILDERNESS and sleep in the woods.”
153. “AND I WILL MAKE THEM AND THE PLACES ROUND ABOUT MY HILL A BLESSING.” He’s going to make us a blessing! “Round about my hill,” this is symbolic of a power or a nation. Hills and mountains are almost always nations in prophecy. We’re just a little hill, but He’s going to make all around us a blessing.
154. “I WILL CAUSE THE SHOWER TO COME DOWN IN HIS SEASON; there shall be showers of blessing.” Praise the Lord! We’ve already been enjoying them, amen?–Spiritual blessings, material blessings, happiness blessings!
155. “AND THE TREE OF THE FIELD SHALL YIELD HER FRUIT, and the Earth shall yield her increase and they shall be safe in their land.”
156. “AND SHALL KNOW THAT I AM THE LORD, WHEN I HAVE BROKEN THE BANDS OF THEIR YOKE.” These God-damned persecutors and oppressors have yoked you and placed on you heavy burdens, almost more than you can bear! But God’s going to break the bands of that yoke!
157. “AND DELIVER THEM OUT OF THE HAND OF THOSE THAT SERVED THEMSELVES OF THEM.” Who have these people been serving with us? Themselves, right? Who have these God-damned preachers in churches and so-called Christians been serving with the poor kids, using them as pawns? Educational System, commercial System, using the kids, serving themselves of them? Ah, but the time’s coming!
158. “THEY SHALL NO MORE BE A PREY to the heathen, neither shall the beast of the land devour them, but they shall dwell safely, and none shall make them afraid.” Praise God! Hallelujah!
159. “AND I WILL RAISE UP FOR THEM A PLANT OF RENOWN,” you know what that means, don’t you? Well, this always means a symbolism for a ruler, a leader, “And they shall no more be consumed with hunger in the land, neither bear the shame of the heathen any more.” Praise the Lord! Amen!
160. “THUS SHALL THEY KNOW,” YOU CHILDREN ARE GOING TO KNOW, “THAT I THE LORD THEIR GOD AM WITH THEM, and that they, even the house of Israel” the true house, you, “are My people, saith the Lord God! And ye My flock, the flock of My pasture, are men, and I am your god, saith the Lord God.” Praise the Lord? Hallelujah! Amen, thank You Lord! Do you believe it? Thank you Jesus! But why don’t you get excited? Think what the Lord’s told you!
161. (TONGUES AND PROPHECY:) “EVEN AS JOHN THE BAPTIST CAME IN THE SPIRIT AND POWER OF ELIJAH, even as I said, ‘Behold I send Elijah the prophet before the coming of the day of the Lord,’ even as I said I would send David in the spirit and power of David My servant: Even so have I done it, saith the Lord!” (Mal. 4:5.)

David-Daniel! (ML #1501, GN Book 7)

1. WELL, HERE WE ARE BACK AGAIN, SAME TIME, SAME STATION! Well, it’s a different time, but same station! But we’re continuing our study of Daniel, & we thought it would be of interest to you to hear some of the prophecies regarding Daniel, & a modern-day Daniel today, your David-Daniel, that the Lord has given in some quite old prophecies which were given a long time ago by Grandmother referring to this day, & to why the Lord has given us such a vision for these prophecies & such a knowledge of them & understanding of the prophecies of Daniel & Revelation & all the rest, which I think might encourage your faith & help you to believe that we know what we’re talking about!
24. I WAS A CHRISTIAN ALL MY LIFE, ALMOST EVER SINCE I WAS BORN, EVER SINCE I COULD REMEMBER! My mother dedicated me to the Lord before I was born, while I was still in her womb! The Lord Himself through her named me David, because I was going to be that David that God had promised would come in the Latter Days to shepherd you, His Endtime sheep, His little sheep that were so lost & so wandering about, dazed & lost upon the mountain, scattered by the evil ones, that I was to gather you together again, as He prophesied in Ezekiel 34 & many other places. Praise God! TYJ!
25. IT WASN’T MY IDEA, I NEVER EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT IT! In fact, I never even believed it until finally God had to convince me through the mouth of His prophets & prophetesses & the Word of God here, the recorded Word itself, that this could be no other David than the one you’re looking at right now, believe it or not! Because those passages were not speaking about the Jesus-David, the son (descendant) of ancient King David, Jesus Christ, but they were speaking about another David after King David, much later than Moses, but one like unto Moses, God’s Word says. “I will raise up one of thy brethren like unto thee, who shall lead My people.” (De.18:15.) He told that to Moses way back in the Books of Moses!
26. OF COURSE, SOME PEOPLE SAY, “WELL THAT MEANS JESUS!”–NO, JESUS WAS THE SON OF GOD! He was not just a prophet like Moses. Moses was a mere man, he was not the Son of God. He was a son of God, in that sense of belief, having faith, being born again, having the Lord in your heart, knowing you’re saved. Every one of you who is born again of the Spirit of God & loves the Lord & is saved is a son of God, but not the only begotten Son of God! Begotten not only by God, but by the flesh of dear Mary, His mother.
53. God said I was going to be that David spoken of in the Bible, a new David long after Moses, like Moses. That’s why they used to call me MO, Moses, & how I got the name Moses David! Because I’m in a sense like Moses, & I’m the David of Ezekiel 34, that final Prophet of God that God was to send in these Last Days to get this Last Generation rolling for Him till Jesus comes very soon!
61. [The Lord] GAVE SOME MARVELOUS WONDERFUL PROPHECIES THROUGH MY MOTHER! Mind you, way back in 1966 before this present Family was ever born. Our present Family of Love or Children of Love or Children of God, whatever you want to call us, began long before you hippies back in ’68 & ’69.
62. EVEN LONG BEFORE THAT, BACK IN THE SUMMER OF ’66 ON THAT TSC RANCH my Mother was there visiting us one day, one month in fact, & she began suddenly in one of our prayer meetings to prophesy! These prophecies are already in our first book, Volume 1, in the Letter of “The Prophecies of Saul & Michael.” (No.115.) That Letter called “Saul & Michael” in a way was really two Letters, it should have also been called “Daniel & David”, because the most important prophecies in that Letter were about Daniel & David, in fact the Daniel-David, which I am today! The Lord said that I would also be the Daniel of this last day as well, like Daniel! Listen, maybe I have time to read it rapidly to you:
63. “AND TO THE ONE CALLED DAVID BY DIVINE ANOINTING!” My Mother was speaking by the Spirit of God, prophesying in the Spirit. God was speaking! I have to believe it, because it’s happened! “It has been given to thee, David, to perceive the number of the years which according to the Prophet Jeremiah will pass before the End of Desolations.” (See Daniel 9:2; Jer.25:11.) How do I know? Because God has showed me! Because God promised He would show me! He said so!
64. “I HAVE ALSO GIVEN HIM THE POWER NOW TO PERCEIVE THE MEANING OF THESE THINGS!” You want to know why I know so much about Daniel, Revelation, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah & all these things? God gave me the power! It’s not of myself, I don’t know anything. I’m nobody, except I’m God’s Prophet, & that makes me somebody in the Lord’s eyes & yours, because it’s important for me to give you God’s Word.
65. “THEREFORE” HE TOLD ME TO “SPEEDILY PRAY THE PRAYER OF DANIEL.” And He tells us to pray throughout all the rest of this prophecy sometimes, well, you can look it up in the book & read it for yourself. “And thou shalt read all the Words of the Book wherein lie these words.” That’s why we’re studying Daniel. “For the pain of uncertainty shall be relieved, & thy ways shall become settled as never before! There will no longer be delays, for the iron bands of the Persian kingdom”–the kingdom of Satan–“shall be broken! Humble thyself. Deal with Me now & wait not for man’s word”–just God’s Word! And then He tells me to pray again.
66. BUT THAT’S WHY WE KNOW, THAT’S WHY WE UNDERSTAND THESE THINGS, BECAUSE GOD GAVE US THE UNDERSTANDING & HELPS US KNOW! He said, “The one called David by divine anointing.” There’s another proof that I was named David by the Lord, “It is given to thee to perceive the number of years which according to the Prophet Jeremiah will pass before the End of Desolations.” Think of that! He has given to us even to understand how many years it’s going to be!

EZEKIEL 38!–Part 1 (ML #1502, GN Book 7)

11. AND THE PASSAGE WHICH WE HAVE TO DEAL WITH TONIGHT IS EZEKIEL 38 & 39 in which [the AC] becomes so angry that he completely invades Israel & conquers the whole Mideast & sets up his palace in Jerusalem, sets up his Image in the Temple area & commands all the World to worship him as God.
13. THE PASSAGE JUST BEFORE THE DESCRIPTION OF THIS GREAT ANTI-CHRIST ANTI-GOD ATHEISTIC COUNTRY & KINGDOM WHICH INVADES ISRAEL, the passage just before these events of the Antichrist kingdom & his invasion of Israel is a passage predicting the rise of a king of God named David! You can believe it or not, you don’t have to believe it, but it’s there just the same & I’ll read it to you & you can take it for what it’s worth & see what you think. We begin with the 21st verse of the 37th Chapter of Ezekiel. The church has usually interpreted this as saying, “Well, this David means Jesus.” Well, then what is he doing here before the Antichrist instead of after the Antichrist?
14. 21ST VERSE: “AND SAY UNTO THEM, “THUS SAITH THE LORD GOD; BEHOLD I WILL TAKE THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL FROM AMONG THE HEATHEN, whither they be gone, & will gather them on every side & bring them into their own land.” Now the church, of course, has always interpreted this as being the Jews & this land being the literal land of Israel. Well, it’s true that God in fulfilling Bible prophecy has permitted the Jews to be gathered out of all the World & every nation on the face of the Earth to which they have been scattered & gathered back into the land of Israel, & they have proclaimed it again their own land, Israel, a Jewish homeland.
15. BUT SINCE � THEY REJECTED JESUS THEIR MESSIAH, therefore in a sense they no longer have a homeland because they no longer are a people as far as God’s concerned.
16. � So who is this talking about, this Israel & their own land & so on?
17. GOD OF COURSE IS TALKING ABOUT SPIRITUAL ISRAEL, the children of Abraham by faith which He has told you through His Own Word & through the mouth of His Apostles of the Early Church, means you! Whether you be Jew or Gentile or Greek or Black or White or male or female, it no longer makes any difference. There’s now no longer any Jew nor Gentile in Christ Jesus. No male or female, no Black or White, for all are one in Christ Jesus. We are all of just one nation now, the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. (Ga.3:28)
18. AND WHAT IS OUR LAND? IT’S THE KINGDOM OF GOD! WHERE IS IT? IT’S IN YOUR HEART! “The Kingdom of God,” Jesus Himself said, “cometh not with observation.” You can’t see it! He said, “For the kingdom of God is within you!” (Lk.17:20,21)
39. SO WHO ARE ISRAEL? WHO IS ISRAEL? � It’s no longer the Jews, it’s no longer the land of Israel!–You are Israel! You are the Children of God today who are believers in Jesus & have Jesus in your heart & are saved! And you are His land today! You are His kingdom! You are the Kingdom of God, for the Kingdom of God is within you! Jesus Himself said! Look it up in the Book of Luke. (Lk.17:21.) Amen?
44. We are really the Israel of God today, we are the only true Children of God today! Every Christian is a Child of God, the Children of God, the Israel of God, & ye are the land of God! You are the land of the dream!–The dream of every prophet of God!–The dream of every child of God. You are the land of Israel! You are the Kingdom of God!
45. THE NATURAL LAND OF ISRAEL IS MERELY A HISTORICAL PIECE OF PROPERTY STOLEN AWAY NOW BY THE UNBELIEVING [ISRAELIS] FROM THE CHRISTIAN ARABS to whom it belonged, to whom God had rightfully given it. Stolen away by force & violence & at the point of guns!
51. “BEHOLD I WILL TAKE THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL FROM AMONG THE HEATHEN!” Hallelujah! He’s done it already! All of us hippies & Children of God, Family of Love & disciples of Christ! He’s taken us out “from among the heathen whither they be gone, & will gather them on every side, & will bring them into their own land.”
53. “I WILL GATHER THEM ON EVERY SIDE & BRING THEM TO THEIR OWN LAND; & I will make them one nation in the land upon the mountains of Israel, & one king shall be king to them all: And they shall be no more two nations, neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms any more at all.”–Not going to let us be divided into two kingdoms. We kicked out the people who were bringing all the division, kicked out 300 leaders at one time along with Jethro & Deborah & Rachel & their whole Chain!
55. 23RD VERSE: “NEITHER SHALL THEY DEFILE THEMSELVES ANY MORE WITH THEIR IDOLS, nor with their detestable things, nor with any of their transgressions.” Oh my, what detestable things you hippies had when we first found you, all those drugs & filthiness! “But I will save them out of all their dwelling places”–all those dirty hippie communes you used to live in–“wherein they have sinned, & I will cleanse them: so shall they be My people, & I will be their God.” Hallelujah? Isn’t that what happened to you?
56. “AND DAVID MY SERVANT SHALL BE KING OVER THEM; & THEY ALL SHALL HAVE ONE SHEPHERD: they shall also walk in My judgments, & observe My statutes & do them.” And what are those? The Bible & the MO Letters, the Word of God! We’re going to have just one kingdom–we’ve got it! We’re in it! And here are the statutes! (Holds up Bible.) Praise God? Here are His judgments. Observe them!
57. 25TH VERSE: “AND THEY SHALL DWELL IN THE LAND THAT I HAVE GIVEN UNTO JACOB My servant wherein your fathers have dwelt; & they shall dwell therein, even they & their children, & their children’s children for ever.” The Jews are not going to dwell in Israel forever, let me tell you, but we’re going to dwell in the Kingdom of God forever!
58. “AND MY SERVANT DAVID SHALL BE THEIR PRINCE FOREVER!” Praise God! Jesus is going to be our King, King of Kings! I’ll only be a Prince, but I’ll still be there! PTL! “Moreover I will make a covenant of peace with them; it shall be an everlasting covenant with them: & I will set My sanctuary in the midst of them for evermore.” Hallelujah! In that Holy City there will be the sanctuary of God.
59. WE WILL BE THE SANCTUARY OF GOD, WE WILL BE HIS HOLY TEMPLE! Praise God? We already are! “Ye are the Temple of the Holy Ghost!” (1Co.6:19.) You are the temple of God already! There’s no more old Jewish Temple any more, & God’s even displeased with all these Christian temples! They’re not houses of God! God doesn’t dwell in houses built with hands, He says so! (Ac.7:48,49.)
60. HE SAYS, “MY TABERNACLE ALSO SHALL BE WITH THEM: YEA, I WILL BE THEIR GOD, & THEY SHALL BE MY PEOPLE. And the heathen shall know that I the Lord do sanctify Israel”–purify, set them apart–“when my sanctuary shall be in the midst of them for evermore.” What sanctuary? What is His sanctuary? What did the Temple represent? What did that holy place represent? What did the Holy of Holies represent? What did the Ark of the Covenant represent which was within the Holy of Holies? It represented the presence of God, right? And then it was called the Temple of God because He was supposed to dwell there.
61. IT’S NO LONGER THE TEMPLE OF GOD, IN FACT, THE TEMPLE IS GONE & THE ARK IS GONE! God already caught it up to Heaven! You know where the Ark is today? It’s been a great mystery. Well, you just read the Bible & you’ll find out it’s already in Heaven! Praise God! (Re.11:19.) � “My sanctuary shall be in the midst of them”–My people–“for evermore.” Where is His temple today? What is His temple today? You’re His temple! Where is His sanctuary today? Where does He dwell today?–In you & me! We’re His temple! We’re His sanctuary! He’s in our midst, within us!
62. WELL, ALL OF THAT TO SHOW YOU THAT HERE GOD AGAIN MENTIONS ABOUT ALL THIS JUST BEFORE HE STARTS TELLING ABOUT THE ANTICHRIST, so I feel it has a definite relationship. The Lord was literally telling you that this had something to do with what’s to follow, that these are events immediately preceding events to follow in the 38th & 39th Chapters.–That before the 38th & 39th Chapters began, before this anti-Christ, anti-God, anti-religious Red Beast arose, Red government & anti-God Antichrist leader arose to make war upon His Saints, there had to be some Saints!–And we’re it! Praise God! Hallelujah! And every Christian who really loves Jesus.

The David Prophecies!–Of the Bible! (ML #1642, GN Book 16)

1. VERY FEW PROPHETS IN THE BIBLE HAD THEIR COMING PREDICTED. In a way, the Patriarchs were predicted. Of course, from beginning to end Jesus was predicted, but He’s in a class all by Himself. But of the Men of God who were coming, how many of them were foretold beforehand? Of course a number of children like Isaac, Samuel & John the Baptist were predicted.
2. I CAN’T RECALL WHETHER MOSES WAS PREDICTED, I presume he was or at least by inference, but John the Baptist was predicted as “Elijah which was for to come” (Mt.11:14), that he would have the spirit & power of Elijah, & now we understand that he actually had the spirit & power of Elijah himself! In other words, in a sense he was possessed by Elijah, that was exactly the effect of what Jesus said. I’ve about run out of predicted Prophets already, except for the David that was promised to come, so he must be pretty important, huh? (Maria: Amen!) The Lord didn’t foretell the coming of very many Prophets, so the ones that He did forecast must have been pretty important. Praise the Lord!–Also I think to encourage the people during very trying times.
3. IN SOME OF THE PROPHETIC VERSES ABOUT DAVID HE COULD HAVE BEEN SPEAKING OF THE OLD KING DAVID, but of course they’re just as applicable to a latter day King David as well. (Maria: Just like we rightly take the Scriptures that were written for their comfort & encouragement also for our comfort & encouragement.) Exactly! And just as Scriptures which were spoken to people in ancient times were also spoken to include us today. That should be easy enough to understand, that a prophecy could fit more than one person.
4. BUT I REALLY THINK HE MUST HAVE HAD ME IN MIND IN A LOT OF THESE, & I think in many of them He was specifically speaking of me, because they couldn’t possibly have been applied to old King David & neither could they be applied to Jesus, which is the way the church tries to interpret them all. You know how the churches are & the preachers, they don’t like to confess that there’s anything they don’t know. So this David was a real mystery for thousands of years & they really couldn’t explain it so they tried to apply it so that it either meant old King David or it meant Jesus, because they couldn’t possibly foresee a future King David in the Last Days. But the Lord Himself spoke it & applied it & in such ways in certain prophecies that it couldn’t possibly refer to old King David or Jesus because some of them were made long after old King David died, about a coming David which couldn’t possibly have meant him because he was already long gone.
5. SOME ALSO COULDN’T POSSIBLY HAVE APPLIED TO JESUS because He was not David in any sense of the word, He was a descendant of David & He was Jesus, & only He was Jesus! So He had an absolutely unique place as the only begotten Son of God, the Savior, the Messiah & the Son of God, & there is no reason why God should have spoken of Him as being David when there was already a David, the old King David, & there was a coming King David. So I’m now convinced that these prophecies which they have a hard time twisting & fitting to Jesus did not apply to Jesus at all, but actually apply to us today, that’s the simplest interpretation of all. We don’t have to twist or wrest the Scriptures to make it fit Jesus because they really don’t. The Scriptures speak expressly of David in the Latter Days, in the Last Days, in the Latter Day He would raise up this king. (Ho.3:5)
6. SO THAT’S ALWAYS BEEN A MYSTERY TO THE CHURCH, but of course they always brushed it aside & said, well, that’s Jesus. But even as a lad I wondered how that could apply to Jesus because it just didn’t seem to fit. (Maria: It’s a little bit disrespectful & demeaning & degrading to make it try to fit that way, make Jesus try to be like David!) Yes. Why should Jesus be called David? Now He’s called a Branch of David & He’s called the descendant of the old King David etc., & there are many prophecies along that line about Jesus being the Heir of David in the sense of the Throne of Israel, King of Israel etc. & those are perfectly simple, understandable prophecies that are obvious.
7. BUT THESE VAGUE MYSTERIOUS PROPHECIES OF A LATTER-DAY KING DAVID in the Latter Time in the Last Days, the Latter Days King David that is going to gather his scattered sheep & search them out & all of these things, well, I mean there just is no way to interpret them as being Jesus, much less the old King David. So since the Lord Himself named me from my Mother’s womb, filled me with the Spirit from my Mother’s womb & confirmed it by those three different prophets in three different places, men who didn’t even know who I was, who laid their hands on me & prophesied that prophecy of the David of the Church of Philadelphia, & if the prophecy of Philadelphia is not only symbolic of that kind of church but also of a Latter Day church, then it would have to be an Endtime David. (Rev.3:7-13).
8. I CERTAINLY FELT I WAS CERTAINLY ANOINTED OF THE LORD, CONFIRMED BY THE MOUTH OF THREE WITNESSES, when I received that same prophecy from three prophets in three different cities who didn’t even know my name or that they were praying for a man who actually had the name David! Think of that! I mean, that was a marvelous thing to me. And at the time of course I never really realized the significance of it, except that I felt the Lord was being very encouraging by calling me by name & giving me a prophecy right out of the Bible which I took to be applied at the time directly to me, not realizing that it was an actual prophecy about me personally, originally.
9. IMAGINE! THAT WAS A PROPHECY GIVEN AFTER JESUS HAD COME & GONE & THE OLD KING DAVID HAD LONG AGO COME & GONE! So how could it apply to either one of them?–The Philadelphia Prophecy. I mean that was an outright absolute direct prophecy to me given on three different occasions by people who didn’t even know my name, & in fact, not one of them had ever seen me before but were just drawn to me in those prayer meetings to lay hands on me & prophesy. Think of that!
10. AND THEN MRS. GUNN WHO CAME FROM FLORIDA, just think, she was a marvelous Prophetess of God, really anointed & inspired & gave beautiful prophecy! She was so convinced that this David she was reading about in Ezekiel was me long after I had left there, months after we had left her home in Florida, that she drove all the way to Texas, 1500 miles, a 3,000 mile round-trip just to tell me that the Lord told her, she said, that I was that David of Ezekiel 37! Think of that!
11. WHAT OTHER CONFIRMATION DO WE NEED? I mean, it took me awhile to grasp the enormity of the thing because it was almost hard to believe, but there was such a series of miracles of confirmations & prophecy. Oh, another thing, it also came from my own Mother in all her prophecies about me being the David & the Daniel in the Last Days etc.–And from Mrs. Gunn & all the Prophets in between.
12. I WAS FINALLY CONVINCED, I was finally practically forced to believe that the Lord was talking about me, & since then in reading those prophecies they make so much sense because they’re all about the Last Days.–A David of the Last Days. And there was no reason in the World for thinking it was Jesus & that God was calling Jesus “David”, & the very first one by Moses in Deuteronomy didn’t say it was Jesus or the Messiah nor the Son of God, but he said, “I will raise up a Prophet from amongst thy brethren like unto you“, he said, in other words, like Moses, an ordinary man & not the Son of God, not Jesus, but He would raise up a Prophet like Moses from amongst his brethren, the Jews. (Deut.18:15,18)
13. HE DIDN’T RAISE UP JESUS AS A PROPHET LIKE MOSES. Jesus was very little like Moses. I’m a lot more like Moses than Jesus was. I don’t have the patience or the tenderness & meekness that Jesus had. I’m more impatient & violent & bombastic like Moses was & a lot more human than Jesus, just like Moses. (Maria: Then this Verse wasn’t talking about the old King David–because it’s in the Latter Days, right?) This Verse points out about the Latter Days, so it couldn’t have been old King David because he didn’t live in the Latter Days.
14. GOOD NIGHT!–NOT IN ANY SENSE OF THE WORD DID OLD KING DAVID LIVE IN THE LATTER DAYS! If anything, you’d call it the Middle Ages of World History in which David lived, a thousand years before Christ, 3,000 years ago & only 3,000 years after the Creation, right smack in the middle of World History!–So old King David didn’t live in the Latter Days in any sense of the word whatsoever. He lived in the Mediaeval ancient times of World History, so it couldn’t possibly have been that King David, & Jesus Himself was not born until after 4,000 years of World History & 2,000 years ago, so how could He be the David of the Last Days?
15. AND YOU KNOW IT’S FUNNY THAT ALTHOUGH MEN OF GOD IN RECENT TIMES HAVE CLAIMED TO BE EVERYBODY FROM ELIJAH TO JOHN THE BAPTIST REINCARNATED, AS FAR AS I KNOW NONE OF THEM HAVE EVER CLAIMED TO BE DAVID NOR MOSES! HOW COME? WHY NOT? Why does no one else ever claim to be this mysterious David? Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Because He reserved that for us! Just think of that! He reserved that name & its fulfillment for us. Now that is just absolutely amazing! Nobody ever claimed that before, & apparently the church did their very best to make sure nobody ever did by insisting that was Jesus, when most of those prophecies don’t fit Jesus at all!
16. SO PRAISE THE LORD! HE FINALLY CONVINCED ME, BUT NOT BY JUST A PROPHECY. They were hard to believe when I first got’m before I saw any signs of any fulfillment, but now we know, we have seen the fulfillment before our very eyes, of how much the Lord has done through us & that we’ve fulfilled those prophecies to the very letter in gathering His scattered sheep, searching them out & bringing them together & making me a king–Prophet, Priest & King to them like Moses was. No other Prophet before & no Prophet since Moses, except old King David himself, were both Prophet, Priest & King to their people!
17. MOSES & DAVID WERE THE ONLY MEN OF GOD IN HISTORY WHO WERE BOTH PROPHET, PRIEST & KING–all three to their people, & that’s exactly what the Lord called me, by both of their names, Moses David! How about that? Isn’t that something? Only three of us in History were a prophet & a priest & a king to our people! Of course Jesus was, but He was the only begotten Son of God, the unique Messiah, the Savior, so He is not even in our class, He is far above us. We’re talking about ordinary men born of natural fathers & mothers, ordinary brethren, ordinary men of God.–Well, the three of us were a bit extraordinary–Moses & old King David & me, so we have a rather limited fraternity amongst the three of us, but we’re the only men of God that I can recall at this moment in all history who were all three to their people–Prophet, Priest & King!
18. MOST OF THE KINGS HAD PROPHETS & HAD PRIESTS, BUT THEY DIDN’T TRY TO DO ALL THREE JOBS because they weren’t called to do all three jobs. The only ones I can remember who had to handle all three jobs, & tough jobs at that, the only ones I can remember who ever had to be Prophet, Priest & King to their people were Moses, old King David & me–nobody else of any other ordinary natural men of God with normal human parents.
19. JESUS HIMSELF OF COURSE WAS ALSO A PROPHET & A PRIEST & A KING, BUT HE WAS ALSO THE UNIQUE SON OF GOD, Messiah & Savior, which none of us were nor ever claimed to be, although in the Last Days some will claim to be Christ. In fact, He predicted that many would claim to be Christ, but I never heard of anyone else claiming to be David, even though a David was predicted so many times in the Bible. Neither did anybody claim to be Moses or old King David because they were come & gone, & although some did try to claim to be Elijah because he was predicted to precede the Lord when he came, Jesus Himself said it was John the Baptist who was His literal forerunner at His first coming, but no one else has ever fulfilled these prophecies of a Latter Day David.
20. BUT I THINK ALL YOU HAVE TO DO NOW IS SIMPLY LOOK AROUND US & SEE WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE to know that He must have been talking about me, because here we are & here we’ve done it! So that’s it as far as I’m concerned. I’m convinced. I’m willing to accept it & believe it because the Lord has already done it & I’m already it! Ha! As the guy said, “And besides me there ain’t no itter!” So the Lord tagged me & I’m “it”!
21. LISTEN TO THIS! HERE’S A PSALM: (Ps.89:19-21) “Then Thou spakest in vision to Thy holy one”, & said–imagine now, this is old King David speaking, prophesying, & the Lord is telling him–“I have laid help on one that is mighty. I have exalted one chosen out of the people.”–Out of the people, not the only begotten unique virgin-born Son of God, Jesus! But “I have found David My Servant”, the Lord didn’t have to go around looking for Jesus & Jesus was not His servant, He was His Son! And “With My holy oil have I anointed him with whom My hand shall be established. My arm also shall strengthen him.” Think of that!
22. (MARIA: WAS THE LORD TALKING ABOUT THE OLD KING DAVID?) HERE HE WAS PROPHESYING OF THE FUTURE DAVID, old David was already there & he was an old man by this time. (Maria: Not when he was a young boy sitting & playing Psalms to his sheep, this was later after everything was pretty much over?) Nearly all these Psalms were written after he was an old man. (Maria: How do we know that? Are they dated? In one he did say, “I have been young & now am I old, & yet never have I seen the righteous forsaken.”) (Ps.37:25) There are quite a few indications. It is very unlikely that any of these were written when he was a boy. It’s possible, but they just don’t sound like it. (Maria: A lot of times he says how old he is & how he is almost ready to die.)–And after he is already king & everything. So he must have been speaking of a later David–Amen? PTL!
23. ANOTHER THING THAT STRUCK ME JUST NOW IN THE PHILADELPHIA PROPHECY IS THAT HE SAYS, “LET NO MAN STEAL THY CROWN” (V.11), AS THOUGH HE WERE SPEAKING TO A KING! Well, I’ve surely had to be a King to my people, to help manage their business & national affairs, even when I didn’t want to. (See Nos.51-53,55,129,155,164,253,310A-B & many more!) I always preferred to simply be your Prophet, to receive & pass on the Words of the Lord. But He also made me your King, whether I like it or not!–And nearly all these prophecies are already fulfilled, TTL! GBAKY & make you always a good & faithful & loyal citizen of His Kingdom!–In Jesus’ name, amen.–Amen?

(ML #1962, DB 8)
–“And he shall feed them, even My servant David!”
1. IT TOOK ME 49 YEARS (GOD’S NUMBER SEVEN TIMES SEVEN!) TO FIND MY LIFE’S WORK!–But in 1968 I found it, amongst the poorest of the poor of Huntington Beach, California, a youth capital in the richest county in the richest state in the richest country in the World, where the Lord called us to minister to the hippies!–The most hated, maligned, discriminated against, abused, harassed, persecuted & down-trodden element in all American society!
2. THIS YOUNGER GENERATION OF AMERICA WAS FED UP WITH ITS SYSTEM, fed up with its parents, fed up with its education, fed up with its empty religion & was seeking real reality & more lasting, eternal values to life! They had had everything & tried everything, but nothing had satisfied; so they were earnestly seeking the answers–the truth, love, peace & meaning to life which they knew must exist somewhere!
3. THEY WERE REFUSING TO BE DRAFTED INTO AMERICA’S MONSTROUS MILITARY MACHINE, they were refusing to serve America’s great god, Mammon, the worship of materialism, & they were refusing to any longer follow their Godless parents, choosing rather to seek more lasting values to life & something more than they had been given, truly seeking God, perhaps without even knowing it!
4. THEY HAD REJECTED THE CHURCHES & THEIR ANSWERS BECAUSE THE CHURCHES HAD REJECTED THEM! Besides, in the churches & even in their own church-going parents they had not found reality or truth, but only what they considered hypocrisy & vain show! In fact, to most conscientious young people today, the so-called church is nothing more than a little holier-than-thou, do-gooder social club & status symbol for self-righteous, sanctimonious, pharisaical hypocrites!–A useless, ineffective, weak & ludicrous, dead & dying, paganistic hangover from the superstitious past!
5. TO MOST OF THEM, CHURCH IS DISGUSTING & A BORE, & the sermons are as dead & monotonous as the preacher & members! Most youth would apply to today’s churches & self-righteous churchmen what Jesus said to the churchy religious leaders of His day: That they are “whited sepulchers full of dead men’s bones” & the only way they could reach Heaven is by their spiritual stench! (Mt.23:27) Therefore, being sick & fed up with the false Christianity–or Churchianity–of their parents, in their pursuit of real religion & genuine spirituality & the actual supernatural & miraculous, large numbers of America’s youth turned to psychedelic drugs, ancient mysticism & Eastern religions & philosophies, etc.
6. SO AS I WANDERED AMONGST THOSE HIPPIES ON THE STREETS OF HUNTINGTON BEACH, disguised like I myself was some kind of superannuated hippie or over-aged beatnik, my heart broke as I saw the pitiful condition of those poor young people of the richest place on Earth–hungry, empty & starving for the Truth, starving for reality, starving for Salvation, starving for the Words of God, starving for the Love of God Himself!
7. WHEN I SAW THOSE POOR HIPPIES, THOSE POOR WANDERING SHEEP WITHOUT A SHEPHERD, OH, THE LOVE GOD PUT IN MY HEART FOR THEM! How my heart went out to them! I saw them & I wept for them!–I couldn’t do anything else! I don’t think I could have helped but try to reach them, the burden was on me so strong, the anointing for it was so strong & the Lord gave me such love & compassion for them–those whom their own country & their own parents had despised & rejected!
8. THEN ONE DARK NIGHT, AS I WALKED THE STREETS WITH THOSE POOR DRUGGED & DESPAIRING HIPPIES, GOD SUDDENLY SPOKE TO MY HEART & SAID, “ART THOU WILLING TO GO TO THESE LOST SHEEP TO BECOME A KING OF THESE POOR LITTLE BEGGARS? They need a voice to speak for them, they need a shepherd to lead them & they need the Rod of My Word to guide them to the Light!” I burst into tears & I cried out to the Lord & I said, “Lord, I believe, help Thou mine unbelief!” And that night I promised God that I would try to lead them & do everything I could to save them & win them to the Lord & lead them into His service.
9. BUT I MUST CONFESS THAT I WAS STARTLED & MYSTIFIED BY THIS REVELATION & I wondered what it could mean, as I hadn’t the faintest idea of how to go about it! I really had no idea what it was leading to but I just knew that we had to somehow preach the Gospel to those hippies! They’d been churched to death & preached to death & hounded to death by the System & it hadn’t done any good, so we just had to get out there & somehow love’m back to life!
10. SO WE FOLLOWED THEM DOWN INTO THEIR GUTTERS & THEIR DIVES & THEIR DOPE-DENS & THEIR HARD-ROCK HELLS & we invited them–not to come to church, not to sit in fancy pews–but just to come to Jesus & He would solve all their problems, answer all their questions, satisfy all their longings & hungers & give them something wonderful to live for–the Truth of His marvelous Love!
11. THEY WERE NOT ONLY QUICK, BUT GLORIOUSLY ENTHUSIASTIC IN THEIR RECEPTION OF & THEIR RETURN TO GOD’S LOVE IN JESUS & the answers of His Word!–Which, after all, are the answer to all mankind’s problems, not only the hippies’! So when I & my own teenaged children came to them with the loving message of God in Jesus & His Words, & tuned to the language of their music, they were more than happy to receive it!
12. THEY FLOCKED TO THE LITTLE HIPPIE-TYPE OF CLUB THAT WE WERE GIVEN THE USE OF THERE IN HUNTINGTON BEACH, & AS THEY SAT THERE ON THE FLOOR, THEY LISTENED & THEY HEARD & THEY BELIEVED & THEY RECEIVED THE MESSAGE OF GOD’S LOVE! And with their instinctive premonition of the impending doom of God’s judgments on a wicked World, they were more than ready to eat up His predictions of the immediate future as I taught them the Endtime prophecies of the Bible! They were ripe & ready for revolution & had found its greatest fulfillment in our spiritual “Revolution for Jesus”!
13. I HAD TO TRUST THE LORD TO LEAD ME & TO HELP ME OBEY HIS COMMAND TO “FEED MY SHEEP” (Jn.21:15-17), & I just did the same thing with those kids as I’d been doing with my own kids for years–teaching–& mostly something they were very interested in & needed to know–Bible Prophecy! If they didn’t know that God had something better in store & a better future to offer, what was the use of learning about the present? So I socked it to’m first with God’s message of the Endtime!
14. AND AS I BEGAN TEACHING & FEEDING THEM, THE LORD BEGAN TO POUR IT ON & I BEGAN TO POUR IT OUT! And then the most wonderful thing happened!: Though old enough to be their father & of the already-hated generation of their parents, they opened their hearts to me & received me as their friend, & more, as their own beloved Father in the Lord, their Shepherd, whose voice they suddenly knew as theirs, & followed, for it was the Lord’s, through me! Hallelujah!
15. AS MORE & MORE OF THEM RECEIVED THE LORD & WERE FREED & DELIVERED FROM THEIR OLD LIVES of drugs, degradation & death, I knew that we couldn’t just turn them back to their former fearful haunts & dens.–We had to take them in as part of our own personal family! This was actually nothing new for us, as for years I had shown my own children how to love God & their fellowman by filling my house with the poor, the needy, the helpless & the unloved, restoring their faith in God & teaching them how to live for others. I shared what I had & I did what I could & I taught others to do the same–& it worked!
16. TRUE, VOLUNTARY, GENUINE, UNSELFISH SHARING REALLY WORKED ON A SMALL SCALE with charity beginning at home, so why not now on a larger scale with these dozens of converted hippies who were so earnestly desiring to serve the Lord with us? The godly communism of the Early Church was our ideal & example, where “all that believed were together & had all things common, & sold their possessions & goods & parted them to all men as every man had need.” (Acts 2:44,45)–And we soon found out that it worked for us just like it did for them! Praise God!
17. BY THIS TIME WE WERE SO BITTER AGAINST THE CHURCHES FOR THEIR HYPOCRITICAL DO-NOTHING RELIGION, their multi-million dollar so-called Gospel entertainment business & their multi-billion dollar fancy church buildings that were robbing the poor & the rest of the World of the Gospel & Salvation & sending millions of poor lost souls to Hell, that we were ready to declare war on the Church System!
18. OUR MILITANT ATTACKS ON SYSTEM-ADDICT RELIGION & THE EDUCATIONAL & COMMERCIAL SYSTEM in general with invasions, sit-ins, demonstrations, marches, picketing, beach baptisms, revolutionary shouts, wild worship & real, red-hot, subversive, radical Bible teaching with the bare & naked flashing Sword of the Word of God really turned the kids on!–The entire Hippie Generation was ready for the Jesus Revolution!
19. AND THE REVOLUTION FOR JESUS WAS ON ITS WAY! THE KIDS ATE IT UP & THE HIPPIES LOVED IT! We thumbed our noses at the churches & the Establishment & rolled on in a wild melee of fanatic witnessing & an orgy of the Love of God! The whole Hip Generation was going crazy–about Jesus! And it all started with a little flame of faith kindled in the hearts of a few little kids by their religiously weirdo Dad whom God & His Word had convinced that real Christians could still live like Jesus’ Disciples & those radical religious Revolutionaries of the Early Church!
20. IT WAS A REAL OUTPOURING OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD!–Scores & scores of kids were getting saved & filled with the Holy Ghost & were almost instantly manifesting gifts of the Spirit, talking in tongues & prophesying!–One of the greatest outpourings of the Spirit I’ve ever personally witnessed, really amazing! It was just like the Early Days of Pentecost! (Acts 2:17,18) And those kids knew more about the Lord than the people who’d been sitting in church all their lives–they were experiencing the Lord!
21. JUST IMAGINE!–ALL OF THOSE HIPPIES FRESH OFF THE STREETS, raw hippies, most of them hardly ever having seen the inside of a church & had been anti-religious & everything, & here they were being filled with the Spirit of God & manifesting all these marvelous gifts of the Spirit–visions, messages, prophecies & revelations!
22. AND THE THINGS THAT THE LORD SHOWED US WERE JUST ALMOST UNBELIEVABLE! God said that our little pebble would roll & gather momentum until it snow-balled into a mountain!–That our little flame would be fanned into a forest fire that would sweep the nations!–That our wave would wash the shores of the World!–Visions & messages about the things that we were going to do that were, at that time, really hard to believe! But that’s what encouraged us to obey the Lord & step out!
23. WE TOOK IT TO HEART THAT GOD MEANT WHAT HE SAID!–That if we would only do what He asked, He would do much more!–That if we would only start out & hit the road & go out through all the nation, it wouldn’t just be one fire in one little place, but there would be thousands of fires all over the nation & even all over the World! So we obeyed!
24. WE WENT OUT & DID WHAT GOD TOLD US TO DO! We were just dumb enough to believe that God meant it! Those kids were all new enough in the Spirit & new enough in the things of God that they didn’t know any better than to believe God! And as we obeyed, God did His part & blessed & multiplied & used us to reach the whole country with His message!
25. OUR “REVOLUTION FOR JESUS” WAS EXPLODING & MAKING HEADLINES THROUGHOUT THE U.S. & hundreds of new, on-fire, dedicated, full-time disciples began joining our ranks! So that by late Summer 1970, we decided it was time to obey Jesus’ command to “go ye into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature!” (Mk.16:15) So Maria & myself flew to Europe to survey the field, sound out the possibilities, prepare the way & make plans for the pioneering & opening of new Heavenly Homes of our Family around the World!
26. LITTLE DID WE REALIZE AT THAT TIME THAT THE LORD HAD SENT US FAR FROM OUR BELOVED FLOCKS & COMMUNITIES back in the U.S. not only for these reasons, but for an even more important purpose: To reveal & give to us an entirely new ministry!–A ministry that would prove to be more far-reaching, more lasting & more helpful to millions of God’s children than anything we’d ever done before in our many years in His service!
27. WHILE I WAS STILL WITH OUR HOMES THERE IN THE STATES I could only be in one place at a time, & I wound up spending most of my time ministering to that one Home while neglecting the others–so involved in the problems & needs of one that I was almost ignoring the others, too close to one & too far from the rest. But being suddenly far removed from the hubbub, busy activity & immediate personnel of the one community that I had been staying in, I found myself equidistant from all of our Homes & much closer to all of them in Spirit than ever before, with much more time to spend alone with the Lord than ever before, to get a good connection without so much static or distraction, interference or interruption.
28. ALONE WITH HIM, I FOUND OUT THAT I COULD REALLY TUNE IN & HEAR PLAINLY.–I could really turn on by His power & see clearly & so completely drop out of everything that for hours His Spirit could flow in a steady, heavy stream, rich, deep & wide–“waters to swim in”–pure & clear, under the ideal conditions of the Prophet on the mountaintop, alone with God!–A mountaintop of spiritual experience higher than I’d ever known before, in richness, fullness & clarity of view, with the best perspective I’d ever had of the whole picture, God’s picture, His plan, as well as our different communities & their needs.–The perfect situation to hear from Heaven, put it on paper & pass it on to our flocks everywhere!
29. SO I NEVER REALLY FOUND MY LIFE’S CALLING TILL WE WERE FAR AWAY FROM OUR PRECIOUS CHILDREN IN THE LORD & WE STARTED WRITING LETTERS! That was what was really my calling & what the Lord had designed me for & ordained me for from the very beginning!–To write Letters to feed & lead His Children!
30. THANK GOD DEAR MARIA WAS SUCH A DILIGENT, FAITHFUL, GOOD HANDMAIDEN who wanted to make sure she didn’t lose any of it & caught it all, that she jotted down every single Word the Lord gave us! Only God knew what He was going to do with me & us, & He alone knew what I needed. He not only made Maria to order, the way I wanted her, but also to His order–the way she needed to be for the work He wanted done!
31. IN THE EARLY DAYS BEFORE WE EVEN HAD TAPE RECORDERS, SHE WROTE DOWN ALL THE FIRST LETTERS IN SHORTHAND, particularly the revelations during the night, sometimes even writing it all down in the dark. It would always amaze me when I’d wake up in the morning & she’d say, “Remember what happened last night?” I’d say, “What?–Nothing happened, I had a good night’s sleep!” But I received some of the most beautiful prophecies I ever got in the middle of the night & wasn’t even aware of it! I was totally unconscious! I guess that’s the only way the Lord could get through to me like that–when I was unconscious!
32. AND IF DEAR FAITHFUL MARIA HADN’T PUT IT ALL DOWN ON PAPER YOU NEVER WOULD’VE GOTTEN IT & NONE OF US WOULD’VE EVER KNOWN! She reminds me of the Scripture, “She doesn’t let one word fall to the ground!” (1Sam.3:19) She’s as faithful as you can get with the words. And that’s why you’ve got me & the Lord’s Words & the Family, because of her. She’s the one behind it all, always inspiring & pushing me along! If I’m anything today, you can thank her for being the tool & the neck that turned the head–the power behind the throne!–Of course, it’s all the Lord, but He used her to bring it all to pass!
33. THERE IN EUROPE, AN OCEAN AWAY FROM THE REST OF THE FAMILY, I HAD SO MUCH TO SAY TO OUR LOVED ONES BACK HOME & so much on my heart, the Lord inspired me with so many things & gave me so much inspiration that I just opened my mouth & He kept filling it! It seemed like the cruise of oil that never ran dry! (Ps.81:10; 1Kng.17:14-16)
34. I GOT IT, I GAVE IT, SHE WROTE IT!–She’d first of all write it down in shorthand, laboriously as it was being given to make sure she didn’t lose a word, then she began to type it. And then we began to realize, “Why, this is good for the whole Family! This is Word for the Family, the Lord is talking to us all! We’ve got to pass it on!”
35. AND THOUGH IT HASN’T ALWAYS BEEN EASY NOT HAVING THAT PERSONAL TOUCH & CONTACT WITH ALL OF OUR DEAR CHILDREN & LOVED ONES, when I get inspired & into writing the Lord’s Letters I feel like I do have a personal, intimate, tangible touch with every human heart in our whole group, & a lot more besides! In fact, God said we would influence millions, & we have!
36. MIND YOU, PRIOR TO THIS TIME I HAD NEVER REALLY WRITTEN ANYTHING! I got out a couple of little leaflets to my first (& last) church pastorate, but that’s about all.–With the first thing I ever wrote, I was so afraid of writing anything myself that I made sure it was all Scripture!–It was just a little thing on Bible Prophecy, a little chart of the various kingdoms & visions of the Book of Daniel. Then later on when I felt a little tract was needed, again I printed up solid Scripture because I was so afraid to put down any words of my own!
37. SO I HAD TO NEARLY VIOLATE WHAT WAS ONCE ALMOST A VOW WITHIN ME: When I was a young man I was so crazy about the Bible that I said, “Everybody & every cult has always gone astray on somebody’s writings!–God forbid that I should ever write a book!” I was fanatical about that right up until Huntington Beach! But there I found that the kids really needed something to hold in their hands to help them grasp the Truth that was in the Bible, but which they couldn’t understand.
38. BUT I CERTAINLY NEVER EXPECTED TO BE A PROPHET–I NEVER PLANNED TO BE A PROPHET! I don’t think I even wanted to be a Prophet, I never wanted such responsibility. And I certainly didn’t ask for it! But God finally had to do it supernaturally by almost forcing prophecy through me to give me the true living water for today! He almost forced me to write what needed to be written & to show me that the Bible alone was not enough!
39. BESIDES, THE BIBLE TO MOST YOUNG PEOPLE TODAY IS AN ANCIENT BOOK & EVEN AN ANCIENT LANGUAGE, & they can’t even understand the old English & peculiar expressions. They don’t know anything about it or its history & they can’t understand it–but they can understand my Letters! So that’s what I’m here for: To speak the language of this modern generation & to reveal to them the Truth of God that they didn’t get out of the Bible because they didn’t believe it in the first place–or couldn’t understand even if they did read it! So God had to send them a modern Prophet to give them His modern Word that they could understand & they could believe.–To explain the Bible’s application to their lives today!
40. OF COURSE MOST OF THE CHURCHES TODAY TOTALLY REJECT ANY NEW PROPHECIES OR REVELATIONS FROM GOD! Because of a couple of verses in Revelation about not adding or taking from the word of “this prophecy”–the prophecy of John in the Book of Revelation–they misinterpret it & completely rule out all prophecy, all interpretation or any messages from God whatsoever, & they’ve pretty much sadly concluded that God doesn’t speak anymore. Well, such a God would be a dead God!
41. I CAN REMEMBER PEOPLE IN THE CHURCHES WHO SAID, “WELL, IF IT’S NOT IN THE BIBLE, I DON’T BELIEVE IT! You just can’t base things on dreams & visions & revelations, it’s gotta be the Scriptures!” Well, I wonder what they thought about all those dreams & visions & revelations & messages & angelic creatures & whatnot in the Bible? How do they think they got the Bible in the first place? It’s nothing but one revelation after another, one vision after another–dreams & visions & revelations!
42. BESIDES, WE ARE ORGANIZING A WHOLE NEW CULTURE!–And since we’re not just living in tents like Moses & the ancient children of Israel, I can’t tell you just to read about how they did it. I can’t hand you a Bible & say, “Here’s how to organize & run your Community!” I can’t hand you a Bible & say, “Here, read & understand all this Endtime prophecy!”–It would take a whole lifetime to study it, & you just don’t have time!
43. SO THANK GOD, HE IS ALIVE & WELL & SPEAKING TODAY!–And I’ve found that the Lord anoints & speaks according to what the need is. Throughout the years He has given us countless marvelous revelations, prophecies, poetry & all kinds of inspirational things to encourage us & feed us & keep us going. But at other times our Letters have been primarily practical instruction & teaching, especially at times when we needed reorganization or knowledge of administration or change of methods, etc.
44. ALL SCRIPTURE IS GIVEN BY INSPIRATION (2Tim.3:16) if it’s of the Lord & if it’s God’s man. And frequently, when I get to writing or dictating, I have gotten in the Spirit to where it just poured out very volubly with messages & pictures from the Lord–certainly much more inspired & directly from the Lord than the way I had originally started out on those particular talks or Letters!
45. MANY OF THE DEEPER REVELATIONS WHICH I HAVE RECEIVED WERE SO IN THE SPIRIT THAT I WAS NOT EVEN AWARE OF WHAT WAS HAPPENING & afterwards had to be told what had been said, which was often as much a wonder to me as anyone! Sometimes as I’m drifting off to sleep at night & talking to Maria about something, the last I remember is saying this or that, & then I thought I went to sleep.–But then, apparently drifting off into that dreamland in between Heaven & Earth which most psychics & mediums call a trance & which the Bible prophets called being “in the spirit”, I drifted off not even knowing it & went on then into some very outstanding revelations.–Sometimes I even answer questions in the Spirit & don’t know anything about it or & what’s happened until the next day!
46. THERE’S NO CREDIT TO ME AT ALL EXCEPT I’M JUST HERE TO OBEY & DO IT–& I don’t even really get any credit for that because I’m afraid not to! In fact, about all there is to being a Prophet is simply being the messenger boy & relaying what the Lord has said & shown. So sometimes I feel like mine is the easiest job in our whole Family!–All I have to do is sit & watch visions & pictures & dreams–God’s movies–& then tell you all about it!
47. I’M REALLY NOTHING BUT A TOOL, NOTHING BUT A CHANNEL, NOTHING BUT HIS VOICE, so I don’t have to worry about what I am or who I am or what people think I am or anything! God’s Man is nothing but a wire photo & teletype machine, like the news media use, on which they get the latest news in words & pictures! That’s all I am, God’s means of communication: He sends the pictures & the words by turning on my Key on my wavelength, & I, His little machine, simply rattle it off & pass it on to you! It’s just that simple & that easy, crazy as it may seem!
48. AND ALTHOUGH SOME OF THE THINGS GOD HAS GIVEN ME HAVE EVEN BEEN A LITTLE HARD FOR ME TO UNDERSTAND, & some of them have been obviously offensive to those who didn’t care to understand, I assure you they’re of the Lord, & as you can see, God has always fulfilled them, they’re bearing good fruit, & I have no reason to believe that He will not continue to fulfill them & continue to cause them to bear such good fruit. I’ll confess that some of the things which the Lord has said have amazed & nearly appalled us, but I have always immediately asked God for Scriptures to confirm their authenticity & He has never failed to help me find such confirmations in His Word.
49. SO I MUST SAY, ALONG WITH MARTIN LUTHER, “THEY ARE INDEED MY WRITINGS, I CANNOT DENY IT! SO HERE I STAND, BY THE GRACE OF GOD, I CAN DO NO OTHER!” I cannot deny that the Lord has spoken.–That would be to deny the Truth & to deny the Lord & to deny His Spirit. But it looks to me like our Words have worked & they’re still working, & I expect them to keep on working till Jesus comes! PTL!
50. JESUS SAID, “BY THEIR FRUITS YE SHALL KNOW THEM!” (Mt.7:20) And I certainly believe that our own children & our good fruit around the World are sufficient proof that we & our Words are of God & that we are a good tree bringing forth good fruit.–And our fruits are not only the billions that have been reached with the Gospel, nor even the many millions of souls that have been personally won to Jesus, but also the many thousands who have been changed, radically changed–their whole lifestyle changed, their whole lives completely different than they were before, 100% new creatures in Jesus Christ–who have forsaken everything to follow Jesus & reach others with His Love!
51. GOD HAS CALLED HIMSELF OUT A PEOPLE!–HE’S MADE HIMSELF A PEOPLE THAT WERE NO PEOPLE (1Pt.2:9,10), & He’s winning the World with those that were the scum of the Earth! We haven’t made ourselves great, we’re nothing!–But God has increased us & strengthened us & prospered us & given us many souls!
52. HIS WONDER WORKING WORDS HAVE WORKED WONDERS AROUND THE WORLD!–And we know that this work is of God, “For if it had been of man, it would have come to naught. But because it is of God, no man has been able to stand against it!” (Ac.5:38,39)–Till we are today the most radical, revolutionary, on-fire, fastest-growing, soul-saving missionary group in the World! Not mere church members, but on-fire missionaries & soul-winners for the Lord! Praise God!
53. WE ARE CONTINUING TO PRESS FORWARD TOWARD OUR GOAL OF REACHING THE ENTIRE EARTH WITH THE MESSAGE OF HIS LOVE, & we are coming closer to that goal daily!–Thanks be to God! We are one Family, one Kingdom & one fold with one Shepherd! And our tiny band of only a few thousand forsake-all, totally dedicated & wholeheartedly marching together soldiers have had & are having a greater impact on this World than all of the disunited, lukewarm, do-nothing churches put together!
54. WHY?–BECAUSE GOD HAS SO SEEN FIT TO CHOOSE A VOICE & A MAN THROUGH WHOM HE SPEAKS TO GIVE HIS SHEEP HIS MESSAGE, which gives them the vision, which creates the faith, which gives them the courage to take the initiative to attack & press on & progress & continue to grow!–And God’s sheep hear His Voice, the Prophet of God, & they follow Him! (Jn.10:27)–They are following God, not the man. The man is merely His Voice for the vision–His man of faith to send them forth–His Father-figure to symbolize His Own Presence with His people–A Guide & Shepherd for His sheep.
55. GOD HAS ALWAYS WORKED THROUGH SOME CHOSEN LEADER, ONE SHEPHERD, with one Fold, whenever He could possibly get all of His sheep together to obey & follow Him! All the successful moves of God throughout time & the Bible were led by God’s chosen man for that time & purpose. Do you believe that?–Well, just read your Bible & Church History & you’ll see that it’s so!
56. SO STUDY GOD’S LATEST NEWS IN OUR LETTERS!–And you’ll be well-informed & know exactly how to proceed in your wonderful tasks for Him of winning the World with His love & Wonder Working Words!–Following His Plans made plain by His pleasure! And it’ll be a pleasure because it’ll always work, if you do His Will according to the Voice of His Visionary! That’s just the way it is!–The way God made it! PTL! Are you with me?–Then c’mon!–Let’s take the World for Jesus! GBY! ILY!

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  1. Yes, our Endtime prophet David, many of the Words of the prophets were not fulfilled until years later, even after their death.


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