The Deep Dark Caves of Treasures Dream!

I awoke this morning with an incredible feeling of exileration, Praise God, as I had had an amazing dream. . .
There were these tremendous caves under an old mansion which I had gone through before, and I was once more looking for the entrances to.  The caves were massive and full of treasures, but very deep and perhaps dangerous.  I was thrilling to the idea of going back down there, and I needed some supplies, so I was prepping to go.  Then a man invited me to his church, but I felt i’d rather go in the caves!  I went to different wings of the castle, trying to recollect which area the entrances had been located.
Finally I did end up at the guy’s church, because there were some supplies there I needed. I tried to discreetly slip by their meeting, and they were talking about a pastor who had recently been found to be gay, and how they had found out and fired him.  The church was inside of a mall strip.  I went off to one store where there were supplies stored, apparently some guns and other things in a safe which was designed to protect them even in the event of a massive flood, and I think it was Ian Clayton’s storage shed although it seemed like it was also my fathers.
I woke up, realizing I had a huge treasure trove of Ian Clayton podcasts to listen to (which I had put on my desktop last night, finding them at this website:
I believe the caves were going into the Spiritual dimension and that the treasures were the Word.  The distinct impression I also got was that of researching the Ancient Lost books of the Bible, like the Book of Enoch and the Book of Jasher and the Cave of Treasures.  These books are absolutely essential for a true spiritual adventure!  The Bible is enhanced, magnified, and glorified when these other books are read.  Can’t wait to start a new journey!

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