My schedule permits me to do an awful lot of research, and by research I mean of course listening in on what the coolest possible things going on on this planet right now are – and by cool I do not mean climate change, but I mean wonderful . . .   the BEST possible thing, and unfortunately sometimes it takes a bit of peering into the Enemy’s camp to see what he’s up to.  It was around Summer of 2011 that I became interested in ‘Tolec’ – a New Age Alien Contactee in touch with the “Andromeda Council” (the AC- anyone recognize the insidious combo of letters there?)  which was on a very important mission to blow up bad evil Reptilian Underground Bases in the Earth, all around the World.  The “A.C.” had come to Earth in the wake of Comet Elenin (that much over-hyped event!) and was now positioned in Space around the Earth in a number of large biospheres equipped with Sound Weapons that were able to dismantle a great number of “Fear Factories” (Transmitters of negative Spiritual Energy) and other dark operations by the Black Governments and Reptilians around the World.
The reason I listened to him?  There were 3.
#1: The GOOD  witness I got off him was  his sincerity and belief, and humility (despite his arrogant way of speaking) in presenting so many facts.  In other words, even if it was all made up, it would still make a great novel thanks to the amount of raw detail presented, in such a sincere attitude.
#2: The Elenin Factor. (This should be the title for this Essay, since People have been disillusioned about the Great No-Show that was Comet Elenin.)  Well, Elenin comes in here as a significant factor for 2 reasons in my mind.  The first is that Elenin did indeed align with the Earth on the dates of the significant earthquakes of 2010-2011, including the ones in Chile, Haiti, and Japan, as well as other locations.  And, the very name ELENIN coincided with a certain ‘Heaven’s Fiction’ story I became obsessed with writing during my Fall of 2010.  In this story, I tied personal prophecies I had recieved of a city cut from the New Jerusalem which had the name “Eleneth.”  That city of Eleneth became fused to a space ship which had visited Earth and Mars and was still on active duty throughout the Solar System picking up lost souls and waging a gigantic spiritual war versus Satan’s Kingdom.
Imagine my surprise to find all the top news “Elenin this, Elenin that” when my life was completely absorbed in “Eleneth this, Eleneth that,” and that teh story supported by Tolec so paralleled my own, even to the point of dates he would mention also being the same as dates I would spend in Prayer and Prophecy with visions of tremendous Space Battles conducted by the Lord’s Fleets vs. the Enemy’s.
So needless to say I was interested in whatever Tolec would report on next.
#3: I was also amazed to find him rightly predicting Earthquakes in correct locations – such as the Gulf of Aden or the Straits of Taiwan, and seeing him say weeks and even days prior “this will be the destruction of a reptilian Illuminati-Cabal’s secret underground base done by the A.C.’s Sound Weapons.  So, after a few more months of this, as well as my own continuation in the Spirit with Eleneth (fused with the Heavenly Space City’s Fully weaponized and battle-ready ship, ‘The StarLion,’ I at last decided to actually ask the Lord about this Tolec and the A.C. and found I could go there myself.
I went with my own team of angels, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, to see exactly what was up!  Guess what I found?
I became close to a servant girl on board, who was somewhat of a house keeper for one of the nobility.  Don’t ask me the details, I was just grasping at visions and conversations here and there.  She became saved and wanted to join with the Lord.  I am certain it was a genuine experience, and we even managed to smuggle her out of there!  She helped me to locate a secret place where the A.C. met on board their main craft that was not known to most people, and this was a kind of Satanic ritual involving child sacrifice, and their real god “Pindar.”
I gathered that they who were on board these craft were not at all aware of their captains and leader’s true motives, except for a few of their elites.  As a “Galactic U.N.” it seemed entirely possible that a great number of race’s peoples had been tricked much in the same way that our Earth’s nations have also been tricked by our Earthly United Nations!
Anyway, that was the gist of what I was able to get on them.  I’m still exploring the whole A.C. thing, and their friends “The Legion” or something or other.  They are inviting people to go visit them and join them!  So I figured, why not go in the Name of the Lord?  They couldn’t refuse us!  However it reminds me a lot of DisneyWorld, all artificial and flaky on the outside, but the real stuff goes on in secret.  I recorded the whole thing and typed it out, and will edit it for later posting.  But the cool thing about this trip to the A.C. was finding that the very next broadcast of one of these Psychic channelers from ‘The Legion’ or whatever their friend’s group was called, was that they said they were attacked brutally on that very same day I took a trip there!  Who knows what was really going on!  But the dates lined up perfectly with my own trip, so what can i say?  Maybe the Lord had His own beef with these A.C.’s!  Prayer changes things, and God is still on the Throne!
Believe me, this is hard even for me to swallow, but all I can say is that continuing on in research and keeping tabs on Tolec, more strange things started happening.
Oh yes, her name was Tanaath and the Silver Legion. . .   her story’s dates were not the only ones to line up with my own.  When I first began my own serious tripping into the Spirit Realm with the Lord, and finding out about ships and fleets and all of this, I found later that this was the very time Tolec mentioned that the A.C. had been completely exhausted in space wars and battles for the exact same dates I had spent in meditation and prayer, away from my normal busy schedule.   COOOOOOL!!!!!
So what can I say?  I’m just a weak, helpless saved sinner who probably loves scifi stories too much to stay out of this kind of stuff.  But all I can tell you is what the Lord has done for me.  If He’ll do this for me, what do you think He’ll do for YOU, who have so much more potential than silly little distracted, disorganized and incapable me?  Go for it!  Join the Spiritual Star Wars NOW – and Join the Lord’s Side!  He’s surely got an adventure waiting for you!  Forget the Silver Legion and the Andromeda Council, they’re nothing compared to what Heaven’s got waiting!

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