The Family (Children of God) Was An Exo-Political Phenomenon in Earth's History

Exopolitics is a word you hear more and more these days, and I believe the Family fits into that category.  It means politics that range outside the normal system of Earth’s Government, reaching into Super Spiritual/Extra-Terrestrial/Paranormal areas, and their influence which progresses daily.
I cooked some delicious eggs this morning, and put on some music, and had a retrogression into a huge “Family Home” Commune which I had originally dropped out from University to join back in Miami in 2005.  After wandering the globe for a few years on my own, and feeling the emptiness everywhere in our modern system of education and decrepid church-stuffy religion, I had stumbled into one of these Family Homes in Japan, and felt something akin to my own house’s Christian Love and homeschooling-communal atmosphere, say, on a Thanksgiving when all my cousins were over.
It took me 1 year to drop out, and experience enough miracles to know that This Was For Real, and I never regret doing so, although it did destroy my career in this world.
However that fact was a kind of trophy among Family Members, and even before God as I knew “I was burning all my bridges” and only He was going to be able to protect me now.
The love I felt and others felt and told me about in such an environment reached back to how I believe the Early Church must have been:  On the Run, trying to survive, and praying and receiving miracles daily for their most basic needs.  No one was poor, although no one seemed to have any money.  There were laptops and PDA’s (this was before smart phones) abounding, and huge feasts for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  There were children everywhere, and you really felt you were in another world or time.
The Exo-Political side of things starts here:  The entire group was founded on nothing but publications.  There was no ‘Home Base’ to refer back to in America.  Each team was a roving band of gypsies, with alternating home members across the globe.  People would always ask the question: “how do you guys eat and pay your rent?”  and the answer was truly: “God takes care of us.”
The spiritual/paranormal side was this:   Each day people would directly contact the Spirit World and have very close personal communication with Jesus and/or their spirit helpers.  There was a high focus on spiritual warfare and on rooting out dark spirits from any land to which we traveled.  Indeed, the Crash was going to start soon and the AntiChrist would soon arise, so this was an offensive attack to prepare the way of the Lord!  And battles they did have, as it seemed there were more trials than the average human ever had to face.  To quote Kung Pow:  “He lived under constant attack!”
Now of course, with the REBOOT and the dissolution of all communal homes worldwide, it seems no one talks about these subjects any more among family people. . .  but still the fact remains, the very existence of such a group for 40 years living that way is a miracle.  Even though people don’t like to talk about the more out-there sounding material the Family was touching on, nowadays the ExoPolitical side of things is the hottest thing when it comes to aware and awake people who are searching for truth.
I have made it my ‘Offensive Goal’ to continue this process and link the two together.  I believe that all the things people are getting into today are already written in the fantastic ‘MO-Letters’ and people will find a lot of answers there to today’s issues if they only checked.
Nowadays people are spending way too much time researching what the Illuminati has been doing this past several decades and millenia.  How about what God has been doing?  For surely there has been a prophet (or 10,000) among you, though you didn’t know it.
Want to join the Spiritual Revolution for Jesus?  Get on board with the New Weapons and New Wine, and see God do crazy stuff in your own life today!

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