The Family International: Death of a Movement or Graduation?

From my own personal experience, and cult experience in The Shepherding Movement (a “good” cult!)

I have seen that at the end of the whole structured, training period came a time of great scattering, and freedom and virtual dissappearance of the group from any physical radar.  But I wonder if this is how the Lord looks at things.  Honestly, those people who went through the whole discipleship program and survived went on to be some of Satan’s most mortal enemies. . .  (take for example Steve Quayle!) and I believe the same goes for the Family International’s people today.  Whereas many have lost their faith or are on shaky ground, I see people finally starting to make choices about what they personally believe, and going out into new territory that was never before discovered.

Personally, I would never have had the faith or the time to go and research a whole host of new things which even confirmed my original faith, and faith in the family and MO Letters, unless things had virtually disintegrated the way they did in TFI, where now it’s a gigantic free-for-all. 

I know that ‘blessed are ye who have not seen, yet have believed, but honestly now today I have way more substance and evidence to back up the various claims made by the Family, whereas, it used to be a very big thing to take by faith.  I don’t have enough time in the day or space to write all the info in here, but you can see Justin Spirit’s blog- – –  yes, THE Justin Spirit— and find out for yourself the whole host of info that is hot off the Net Press, pertaining to recent End Time Events!

Info like The AntiChrist, 2012, Aliens being demons and the Great Deception, and many more!  Spend a few days on there, reading the different articles he has spent precious time posting, and you will get a mindful of things that ought to wake you up a bit!

I believe the Offensive really was meant to be this:  the REBOOT, the Graduation, and the Next Level of Discipleship, which has no group to speak of supporting its faith anymore.   Do you wanna be a disciple?  Now’s the best time.  See where you can grow in your faith, and work on that.  You don’t have to go back to a watered-down, churchy religion.  There is MUCH MORE TRUTH out there, which if anything, only serves to underline every MO letter with a red pen!

This is Good News for the Endtime, because if you are going to be dealing with the kinds of devils mentioned by nearly every researcher of underground Government Mind Control, Super Soldier Programs, and secret Satanic weaponry that they are pushing nowadays, you are Most Definately going to be needing the Keys of the Kingdom, and a strong group of Angels protecting you.  Why not learn how to tap into the Spirit more directly today with your own personal gift of prophecy?  Have a trip to Heaven and see what Jesus can do for you there!  And start a more intimate relationship with Him as His bride!  Go all the way in Spirit, even taking baby steps, and i promise you He will go all the way for you, and take 100 steps for your every one.


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