The Fighter's Creed of the Children of David


We are soldiers. We are conquerors. To fight in our Lord’s wars is our calling. This is our destiny: to set back, to defeat, to conquer, and to completely rout our adversary.

We are aggressors. We are attackers. We are overcomers. This is our calling and our commission.

We will take the initiative and get the upper hand.

We will fight this war to the best of our ability. We will give it all we’ve got. We will fight with heart, mind, body, and soul. We will win the war.

We will learn to enjoy stamping out the Enemy and rescuing ourselves‚ our brethren, and the lost from his clutches!

We will take over the world for our King and Husband and Commander in Chief! This is our goal and our focus, what we vow to live and breathe and fight for each day.

We will scare the Enemy back to Hell, because we are channels of the full power of God through our use of the undefeatable and invincible weapons of the spirit that He has entrusted to our hands.

Our attitude toward the Devil will be one of a seasoned veteran fighter who is not shocked or surprised or overwhelmed by the Enemy’s tactics, who has been through the worst and has won, and knows that with the power of the spiritual weapons‚ any attack will end in defeat for our adversary!

We will take active steps to grow in wielding our weapons of love and unity‚ which are some of the prime weapons that will help us to win disciples of all nations and win the world for Jesus.

We are an uncompromising threat to Satan’s realm.

We are an aggressive, invading force, conquering the Enemy’s territory.

We are tough and mighty in spirit because we have a tough and mighty God. We are strong in Him and in the power of His might.

We are the children of David and are destined to be shining lights in the deepest darkness, to endure to the End and receive the crown of life, to be men and women of faith who will do exploits, to help the Gospel be preached in every nation, before kings and governors, before hungry crowds and raging mobs, to bring many to our Husband, and our witness will be greater than any who have gone before.

In order to fulfill our mission on Earth:

• We commit ourselves to becoming proficient and expert in the art of spiritual warfare.

• We resolve to focus on becoming offensive fighters.

• We will anticipate the Devil’s next move and preempt it.

• We resolve to storm the gates of Satan’s strongholds.

• We dedicate ourselves to learn to fight effectively.

• We resolve not to be intimidated, or discouraged by the battles.

• We choose to love the fight and to relish the opportunity of hitting the Enemy where it hurts.

• We determine to go to bed at night and wake up in the morning with our weapons in our hands.

• We resolve to constantly look for the next way we can defeat, surprise, and devastate the Enemy.

• We will not waver in our knowledge that we are seasoned, veteran fighters, dangerous to the Enemy, and that we have the power to defeat him every time.

• We commit ourselves to engaging the Enemy.

• We resolve to focus on the victory.

• We determine to ambush‚ rout, massacre, obliterate, and slaughter the Devil.

• We determine to learn to anticipate the Enemy’s moves and preempt them.

• We commit ourselves to fighting and killing Satan’s minions wherever we find them.

• We resolve to use all the spiritual power available to us.

• We resolve to welcome the battles because they are our teachers and make us stronger, wiser, and more fearsome adversaries, more equipped to be effective soldiers.

• We commit ourselves to persevering with the key of determination.

• We resolve not to give up until we see victory, and not to rest until we have seen our Enemy slaughtered.

• We determine to fight him, heart, soul, body and strength.

• We determine that we will be moving targets.

• We commit ourselves to advancing on the Enemy’s territory, attacking him first, and not waiting for him to attack us.

• We will fight the Enemy with passion and fervor, and will not give up until we see victory.

• We will not rest until we have seen our Enemy defeated.

• We determine to wallop him, assault him, bombard him, combat him, blast him, confuse him, and finally obliterate him.

• We resolve to use all of our firepower and put down his forces completely.

• We will take up the undefeatable weapon of praise and use it in every situation, no matter how we feel.

• We will brandish our weapon of prophecy, and through it have foreknowledge of the Enemy’s attacks and chart the course to victory.

• We will skillfully use the weapon of loving our Husband intimately, till we are known as His intimate brides who are victorious in every battle!

• We will wield the weapon of humility, even at the times we least feel like it.

• We will diligently use the weapon of focusing on the power, and will put down all attempts by our adversary to distract and confuse us.

• We will charge with the weapon of the keys, knowing that their power is unequaled and victory is guaranteed.

• We will wield the weapon of love and unity, knowing that Satan is defeated by it.

• We will rely on the weapon of prayer, exercising and stretching our faith in this area as we claim the miracles promised to us.

• We will rely on full possession by our Husband, for though we are weak, He is strong in us.

• We will depend on the weapon of working with our spirit helpers, and through them be all that our Husband needs us to be.

• We will unleash the weapon of the Word on our adversary, and not rest until he is defeated.

• We choose to lead the way and be the attackers‚ the aggressors, the conquerors!

• We will persevere, endure, and triumph!

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